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Found 3 results

  1. If you were watching Youtube videos for a very gender-neutral kind of video game, like Astroneer for instance. Would you care if: It was narrated by the voice of a young woman? Or, would you prefer that of a young man? Or it would not make a difference to you? Thanks in advance guys/galsDPC
  2. Maybe a moderator can tell me if this is possible or not. I was thinking that since a lot of ideas are suggested and there are members and moderators that dedicate time to seeing what has been suggested that they can maybe create a poll that runs for a week or something that members can cast votes to. This would allow the ideas that are more seriously taken to be sent to the developers to see if they can get something going to implement those ideas into the game. Let me know what you guys think.
  3. Well we have (for now) 4 different "Characters/suits" to choose from, but they are nameless, classless but so full of character that i think each one deserve a name. I hate calling my favorite character "the orange one" and i totally prefer to call it "Mike" or "Ace" ( because that kind of orange space suit its called Advanced Crew Escape Suit ACES). So lets all suggest names for the crew and maybe we can choose the winners and have some kind of callout for every character when we talk about them in the forums! List of characters (tell me if im wrong please!) and my name suggestions: Default one (the standard first one): Indie (he is an adventurer like Indiana Jones) Heavy Suit: Bob.. well it looks like a Boob to me. Orange suit: Ace (already explained) Slim suit: Flash (i know its bad.. but im in the office with little time to think something better). Please write your name suggestions and why (if there is a reason) you choose those names!! Sorry for bad english