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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I made a video to illustrate a problem existing on barren moons. It can sometimes happen that the orange plant's mouth can be hidden between a thin layer behind the surface, and in combination with the very low visibility of gas it will put out in that occasion, you end up dying on spots where you don't see anything dangerous: skip until 5:45 to the moment where I realize where the problem is but this is just wet finger pointing. I was then surprised to see all along I was dying because of this sneaky guy:
  2. [] Dying to multiple poison clouds is not obvious enough So one cloud on you is damaging, but not terrible. Multiple clouds, however, can kill you quick and you don't really get a strong indication that it's going to kill you soon.
  3. So this suggestion is 2 in one as it was brought up when running into those flowers that spew green gas and me not dying on some occasions, but getting killed within seconds on others. 1st we need a health bar so we can see when the green gas is about to kill us. 2nd Why are we dying of poison gas? We are in a sealed space suit, and breathing a confined amount of oxygen. How is this getting in?