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Found 5 results

  1. What do you guys think if we have a name for each type of research pod after we research them for the first time? It would be easy to keep track of what we already have researched.
  2. Hello fellow astroneers! So my idea is to make more important research itens (Shuttle, Trading Station, Drill, etc) need more than one pod to complete. Like researching pieces of it, as an example: 1º research = You found Shuttle piece (1/3) or name it to Shuttle landers 2º research = You found Shuttle piece (2/3) or name it to Shuttle fuel tank 3º research = You found Shuttle piece (3/3) or name it to Shuttle engine And then a message "Shuttle unlocked" That way we will be more motivated to explore the planet and it will be more rewarding
  3. gamer3148

    Black Boxes

    Hi As i wait for more content i have decided to make more basses on each planet, it would be good if we could name our base so we don not land on the wrong one , anyway after going back to my original base i notice 2 black boxes in front of my base pod - can someone please tell me anything about them .
  4. For now, the only way to bring seed pods/pods is by clicking them one by one and drag them to the research module please make a way so that the pods can be carried more easily: like enabling them to be put on the backpack or maybe make an item that can drag all the selected pods or some other way Thank you
  5. Now, I know no-one would want to have their game be like an expansion dlc of Minecraft, but I really do think making assets to be able to live in a house or small cave would be a really good feature. Imagine the possibilities. Also, you could make a space-station later on in the game! using a tier 2 shuttle, and then building from there in space, and being able to craft elevators etc etc tec. This may seem all jumbled, but fear not, for I will be making assets for this idea anyway as part of my Games Design course active research