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Found 5 results

  1. When playing multiplayer, and someone joins on you(a friend) the game plays flawlessly for about 5 mins, then massive frame lag happens for your friend and makes it where they can not do a single thing. Needs fixed asap, me and wife can no longer play together.
  2. Markku Mc Grath

    Xbox one crash

    Hello, I have been playing the game, basically since start, and it has been a lot of fun. Really like the game. But now the game crashes aloooot, like really a lot. I am able to play like 4-5 minutes and the it crashes, mostly when I enter a vehicle, but sometimes even when opening the backpack. I have visited all planets and fixed all gateways etc and there might be a lot of items spread around the world's. If that would be the problem? It might not crash if I created a new save but I don't want to start over again. Any fixes on this? Regards
  3. So I thought today I would hop onto Astroneer and play it for a bit, but when I got on, all my skins and colours were locked again, also, the hydrazine on my rocket is bugged, please fix! If I find a solution I will reply, thank you!
  4. Eamonn og McConnaghie


    I love Astroneer but it has a habit of making players fell through the world and their vehicles too, i had a incident when i landed on Arid and when i jump out i fell through the ground and dead in a cave. So can you please fix this problem for the next update thanks.
  5. My friends and I went off Planet, but when they re-join me, they spawn on our home planet (Terran) rather than the new one that I'm on. I tried building a Habitat which still didn't work (it only works for whoever is hosting the game). Please fix It's really annoying to pick up my friends everytime they die on another planet.