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Found 8 results

  1. How many players will be able to play on a server? Thank You
  2. It may be old news to some but others will find this interesting. You get statistics of how many copies were sold, audience numbers, etc. Check if you want to know more about the survey method and how it cannot produce 100% accurate numbers. TL;DR: take the numbers with a pinch of salt.
  3. I would like the option of two players playing together.
  4. Hi there. im new here and i'd like to give a suggestion. Maybe if you can, expand tha capacitynof players. Make that the game can be played by more than four players. See ya! Great game
  5. Hello all! I made this thread for players to exchange ideas for other players to do! This thread isn't for coming up with and sharing gameplay ideas that you would wan't the devs to implement. This thread is so players will always have something to try when they load into the game. An example of the kind of ideas I'm speaking about is like the giant interplanetary bridge some people have created. The bridge is just a man made growth that extends into space that you can travel on. If the thread doesn't die, which it has a huge chance of doing, you can come here for fun gameplay idea
  6. Where other players could keep their inventory, after leaving/crashing, and rejoining another's game. So if each player had an individual save log when they joined a game(Kinda like Minecraft) Also... If the game could automatically save every 30 minutes or so, that would be pretty handy. Another thing about guests/ other players in ones' game; If guest players could spawn on the planet they died, it would improve the satisfaction the game puts out. My friends are tired of dying, and spawning at the first habitat, we believe that the game should spawn you at the nearest habita
  7. I noticed that when I leave a game with a friend and then rejoin, I lose all of the items I had with me when I left. Please make it so that returning players can keep their items.
  8. 1) To start I want to say,me do not like the suggestions from our players about adding an NPC (inhabitants,strangers,aliens) in particular, the ability to take quests,I would like that, would the game interact only with other players (or perhaps in the future a beefy multiplayer) Buying blueprints ,friendship,war,only the players, but I do not deny that I would like but the life of the planet ,like bugs and stuff,or evil creatures 2) want something in the game had AutoSave ,I sometimes leave the game but then I remember that it was necessary to continue