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Found 1 result

  1. Okay I saw this new format everyone's following ,I think they liked it so I'll do it the same way, so here goes nothing... 1.We need Map World Universe seeds for each universe so that we can play each others universe without having to download their original save file, also this would allow us customise options if I am not wrong. 2.We need customisable options for each universe like-, setting the difficulty level, it should also include some more customisable options like- Setting the terrain type ,like if we want it mostly flat or if we want to do really grind the game then make it rocky and mountainous etc. Setting the resource availability. Setting the destination so that we can choose which planet to start on and also choose the location of our choice. Achievement should be disabled on easy mode. We should get an achievement for completing the game in hardcore mode. Set the average length of day and night and wind speed(Or just set it only day or only night) Setting if the flora should be aggressive or friendly. Setting the byte count(meaning we have to travel to other planets to gain more bytes since the starting planet has very less byte availability(if in hardcore mode)) Set if friends can help you or not Setting the storms to on/off since some players have issues with storms(When they are added back) 3.We need more valuable achievements ,like- Collecting more than 50 different types of research pods ( @The Touch of Grey Gamer ) has currently 78 I believe. Successfully jumping from planet to planet without using the shuttle or any alien technology. Scraping RTGs or anything that is equally worthy of it. Shoot the beach ball into its goal from at least 5 large rovers distance. I guess thats it for now, you guys got any feedback or more ideas then feel free to comment down🔽