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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everybode & astroneer developers, first I ask for your understandig if my english is not that polished – it is not my mother tongue. But I hope you will understand what I mean. And possibly you could help me. My brothers and I are working on racetracks in astroneer. The racetrack you can see in the video is mine. I worked on it round about 400+ hours. The racetrack is as good as finished and I plan to share the map with the whole astroneer community when the racetrack is ready. But with the last patch (1.15.51) and „changed 3rd person
  2. I've run into an issue in a new game regarding a fully powered smelter not being usable. It's fully powered, but when ore (either laterite or malachite, I've tried them both) is placed on the smelter for refinement, there's no button above the smelter to prompt action. It does not matter the amount of ore or its placement on the smelter, it never prompts for use. I'll try a new game to see how isolated the issue is.
  3. I have the i7/16GB/940M Surface Book. I use to be able to play the game with a good stable fps, above 30. But now after the game updated to 117, I only get ~5 fps. I went in and changed some of the graphics settings in the game files but it didn't seem to help at all. I love this game and really want to play it!