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Found 5 results

  1. Installed and synced from xbox1 to windows then back. Lost all earned achievements, hats, and suits (including retro) sort of what happens when theres an update with added skins.
  2. The game won't launch without a WiFi connection. Is there any fixing this? I can't find a solution anywhere.
  3. James Lyle

    PC vs Xbox

    Hey all, so I played Astroneer for like a week on my laptop, built two huge bases on my Terran and such. I come home to my xbox and load up the save there and it's insanely laggy. I'm not sure if this is just an issue of base complexity or something to do with the save being cross platform, because I went back on my laptop and flew to another planet (so there's no structures around) and it's still laggy as hell I know optimization isn't fully done yet of course, but I was wondering what's happening here because I can't really play my save on Xbox, had to start a new one (which runs perfectly I might add!)

    Play Anywhere Use Mouse?

    Maybe someone has already asked this, but my search has turned up nothing. So what I'm wondering is can you use a mouse and keyboard to play Astroneer on Windows 10 Play Anywhere while playing with someone on Xbox One?
  5. Matthew Bowker

    Xbox One Play Anywhere Title?

    HI everyone, I discovered this gorgeous game only a couple days ago and since discovering the game I have really wanted to get my hands on it. Since being on website I have discovered that it can be purchased on Xbox, Windows 10 Store or Steam, does this mean its a 'Xbox Play Anywhere' title similar to Gears of War 4, Forza and ReCore? Also, I was wondering whether this game will eventually get a physical copy game release? I am a bit of an old school type of gamer who likes to collect games in physical disc form and would love to have a copy of Astroneer. Thanks in advance. Matt