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About Me

  1. Hello My proposition is to add a rotating platform controlled with logic signal. It would allow to switch sections of storage or buildings presented to auto-arms, aim a printer or spotlight to a new spot, track the sun and wind direction, possibly even more. The ideas is inspired by true industrial devices, example : The platform could re-use the design of "wreck" planding pad, or introduce a new type of slot for platforms (curved ones would be perfect for this purpose) It could be controlled with automation signal to switch direction, it could rotate 90 deg with each pulse on input, or use more bits to fine - adjust direction for purposes such as sun-tracking. In my opinion two -bit combination would be perfect, user might ignore one of the inputs and proceed with two-position application. If a larger wind generator was added, it could be directional, thus requiring the user to track the wind direction with a turntable (and a sensor) Thank You for considering this proposition.
  2. I have an idea of an item that can be printed in players backpack and combines 2 combineable platforms together. For example you can combine Large Platform A and Large Curved Platform but you cannot combine Large Platform B and C because that is illegal. Crafting: x1 Titanium Alloy How to use: You have to craft 2 of these and fuel them both with Resin. Put those on the platforms that you want to combine, just like the Packager if they are combineable, green light will appear but if it is not, red light will appear. If it is green light hold F in computer (original settings) to make them combine.
  3. Slap a seat on a platform to give it the ability to walk around! Slowly. Uselessly slow. I was thinking it would be good for repositioning or aligning more precisely. It would work regardless of whether or not it was anchored by power cables.
  4. Ok so, a while ago I posted a thread about not being able to shred platforms and FlyingCrowbar came to the conclusion that only partially or fully damaged platforms can be shredded. I have a bunch of platforms I don't need or want right now so this is my solution: Instead of making all platforms shreddable(but that is welcome too), maybe we could blow up platforms with dynamite to damage them and that would automatically allow us to shred them
  5. Summary: Platforms printing without cable plugs Description: My platforms will occasionally print without the ability to plug in. There’s no plug. Nothing specific produces this, it just happens. I’m not sure what to do to replicate this. It’s a waste of resources… Platform: Steam Version / Build Number:
  6. There are a LOT of problems with Astroneer right now. Some of them aren't too major, like not seeing tether lines connect. Purely visual glitch, not really impacting gameplay, although it does make it hard to get out of caves. But then there are the major problems, like where you (the astroneer) falls through the ground, gets stuck under your beginning shelter, gets launched, glitches through the map and runs out of oxygen, so on and so forth. I have had the aforementioned bugs, sadly. The full list includes, in order of severity, tethers not being connected but still supplying me with oxygen, my astroneer seeming to shake violently as he harvests resources, my astroneer falling into the ground and dying of suffocation/fall damage, my astroneer getting stuck under the beginner shelter, losing platforms with medium storages (this lost me about a dozen pieces of ammonium, along with hard-earned hematite and wolframite, among others) and sometimes even shuttles. I even will sometimes find these underground, with no way to get them out. All in all, this is not a very good game at this current point in time. If the game is updated to fix them, then it may be much more enjoyable. I personally like it much better half a year ago, when it had none of the bugs I have now. If I had to, I would rate the game, as it is right now, at 4/10. It has decent potential, but it is really brought down by my inability to get resources in about four different saves. Would not recommend to friends as it is now, but if it is updated, then I might.
  7. Lately I have seen a lot of people mentioning they wanted a storage with a virtually unending amount of storage. And while I like the idea of minimizing the space for end-game bases, I feel like there definitely has to be limitations. So I'd like to put it out there that should this become a thing, it should require the XL platform in size. This prevents using it on shuttles and on rovers giving a little challenge rather than throwing it on one of those and taking it wherever you need to. If you want unlimited resources you should play in a creative mode, if you want a real challenge make the individual storages.
  8. Please make a feature / button for packing back modules and builds from vehicles and platforms! <3 Its needed for people who are bad in pre-planning, like me :D thank you!
  9. While I'm glad to see that they're narrowing down the crafting tools, I would like to see a re-work (and re-naming) for which prints what. Mostly just dependant on the size or necessity of the items in particular. Like maybe small should specifically be for platforms, not including the XL one. Medium for objects and first two tiers of vehicles, and the Large printer would print modules and XL objects like the XL platform and the XL rover. The Large printer should also still require being attached to a platform or vehicle but be crafted by the medium printer obviously, and be unlocked at the beginning same as research module but research module would need large printer to craft. Cost could be 4 compound, which would be double the cost of medium printer and follows with the current trend of increasing costs for increasing size.
  10. One thing that I would like to see in the game is the ability to separate modules from platforms and doesn't have to be free, maybe you need a special tool or new module to do it, but just having it in the game would be helpful. Even if you can only do it to platforms with broken modules on them that you find next to wrecks, it would still be great.
  11. it's all too easy to be overwhelmingly down about this game sometimes, because we all think we know what's best for the game (when in fact we don't). but occasionally, something just quietly shuffles into your gameplay, not widely heralded, not trumpeted like a messianic event (yes, i'm looking at you, small rover), it just quietly arrives, gets it's boots on and does it's job without fear or favor. and yet, somehow it's a thing of beauty. for me, that thing is this: ladies and gentlemen Astroneers, i give you Large Platform D. Oh, what a wonder. it's made me want to dump all my platforms (save the operational device ones that need to be flat) and just have these beauties, creating magnificent colonnades of resource access across my bases. So much handier than the weird Extra Large Platform (what's it for???) and the surreal Extra Large Storage ('the Hedgehog of Storage'), this sublime beauty makes racking up your power, resource, research pods and all those little bits you took from those dead Astroneer dudes a pleasure. angled for easy browsing, it's an A+ Platform for ther Astroneer of next wednesday!
  12. Summary: Cannot replace or move platforms and object on it Description: Today I started the game and this happened: I cannot replace most of my big A-Platforms and the small A-ones neither. Even the object on it like research or the melter cannot be removed or replaced. I can still interact with them, like research stuff or connect energycables but i cannot directly click on the platform for moving. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10
  13. Summary: 0.6.5 - XB1 - Half of planet is unusable (can't interact with items) Description: In half my world, I can't interact with items, items don't snap to other items like they do on the other half of the planet. Platform: XBox One Version / Build Number: 0.6.5 On the non-working half of my planet, interaction seems to work as it should. Move the same object (platform, rover, storage, etc) and the object doesn't operate properly. In this save, my hab just happened to land on the bad half of the planet. I believe this is why the hab in this save produces NO POWER as it has in other saves since patch. I tried generating power on a platform and feeding power TO the hab. But the other power ports on the hab don't exude that power and remain dark. This is a NEW SAVE after the 0.6.5 patch. So there is nothing from prior patches. Its a fresh clean new save. I spoke about a "meridian" on reddit that I discovered. I recorded some video explaining what I discovered. Its damn hard to describe the issue in words but once you view the videos, I think its fairly clear what the problem is that I am trying to describe. The basic gist is that half my world doesn't allow me to select items with the pointer. It doesn't matter whether I am underground or on the surface. Items do not snap to other objects such as storage, platforms and rovers. Power connectors don't snap properly either. I also found that I can literally push a large rover around by simply running into it. This only seems to happen on the bad half of the planet. The rover is immovable on the normal half of the planet and can't be pushed by the astroneer. I laid out beacons (colored green for reference) along the meridian that demarcates the working and non-working half. Here is a video showing my method of placing the beacons. Notice how the compass appears and disappears and interaction with items in the backpack works and then doesn't as I move into and out of the non-working zone. This video shows the established line of beacons and how the bisect the planet apparently from the north pole to the south, although I didn't go all the way south but the pattern is fairly obvious. I did go to the north pole to establish a power production facility and thats when I finally realized what was going on with the working-non-working areas. Also note that the one near the hab got accidentally moved so its out of line with the rest. That was my bad. When I recorded this following video I had not realized quite yet what was going on with the work/no-work zone. It shows how the rovers refuse to couple in the non-working zone. At first I thought the power coupling was broken. But I found out its not the coupling, its WHERE the rovers are thats the problem. Simply moving the rovers to the other side of this meridian I discovered allows you to snap things to them and allows them to couple together.
  14. While I do prefer the look and abilities of the new base building system, it also feels like it's more of a hassle to build your base, which kinda puts me off. Before building new platforms and printing base modules was really simple. Dragging out a conduit, dumping some resin, choosing the module and you're done. Now you have several more steps to go through. First you have to physically go to the new module printer, hold q to choose what to print, take what you print to the desired spot, fiddle around with the positioning, unpack both boxes (platform and module), and connect the power. The fiddling with placement might be resolved by having some sort of snapping, either by default or optional. Snapping platforms to certain alignments so that placing them in a row or grid becomes easier. Connecting the power conduits is also a bit fiddly. I would suggest that dragging a power conduit to the desired platform as a whole, instead of the precise placement of the power connector would make it less fiddly. Now the rest of my "complains" deal with the new system as a whole, so changing that would mean redoing the entire operational system of how you print your modules, which I think is unlikely...but I wanted to comment on it none the less...
  15. So, I started a new game and was attempting to set up my platforms in an organized manner. I wanted to keep them along the North and South directions on each side of my pod in lines. However, when clicking on the last placed platform starter to set a new one, it will come out to where I want it initially, but then it will move, either before I place the resin in it to build it, or as it's being built. Making building my base in an organized manner completely impossible. I am using mouse and keyboard and my game is through Steam. I am on Windows 10 with all latest updates installed. The game is up to date as well.
  16. I managed to land my spaceship on top of my shuttle and then get in the shuttle and take off (through the spaceship). I know, technically a bug. That gave me the idea though that it would be useful to have the ability to assign vehicles to specific platforms, especially space vehicles, as from orbit you can't tell which platform you've selected to land on. Even better might be larger custom platforms for spacecraft to use.
  17. Anyone have the box and steam version or have at least played both and have opinions on pros/cons ? I've compared my box to w10 and have to say that in many ways the pc version is just far superior. More than just UI. I'm curious if there is a notable difference between w10 and steam?
  18. So, I landed on Exotic for the first time, build a couple of platforms, turning one in to a module platform and then into a Trading Platform. The second platform I had to leave until I got some more Resin to turn it into. Module Platform. Saved the game, then quit. when I loaded up the saved game, I found a large green rock had appeared out of nowhere, merged with my second platform. The Rock is big enough that it sticks up above the platform as well as extending down into the group beneath it. As it is merged with the black ground that all base platforms have underneath them, I can't shift it. anyone know why this happened? And does anyone know a way of getting rid of it? Xbox One, Pre-Alpha build: 0.2.10119.0.
  19. New platforms like one for repair tools or special charging station that are available like a rover. i.e. Make a platform like a rover to be pulled by the truck. Thenyou can travel for longer distances, set up a station other than a habitat that can be placed and then moved again. The platform can have places for a battery, solar panel, etc. and have the ability to join with another platform for extra batteries for night time travel. A trade platform that moves resources from one settlement or remote platform to another. Ship blasts off and some time later returns having gone to those other areas. Maybe it needs hydrazine to get to where it needs to go. Limited distance, and takes longer for farther distance. Storage depot: stores things like a vending machine. You stock it and can access what's been stored. Landing platform: I've landed on my rover, truck, and shuttle before. Sometimes having a difficult time accessing my spaceship because it won't differenciate between the two when trying to board. It would be nice to have a landing platform that you could stock with hydrazine that would fill the spaceship automatically after you land. Maybe it could be linked with the fuel condenser or the fuel condenser could be loaded with hydrazine crystals that processes them like a smelter.
  20. My Idea is make a new printable item. Item: Conduit Cost: 2 Compound Function: to connect two platforms together for routing power and base connections. e.i.: you create a base from your Spaceship, but later one deploy a habitat nearby, but you can't connect them. Make a conduit and run it to the ports.
  21. I think probably what I want most from the game that isn't there already, is a platform type specifically made for storage. If trucks didn't have a tendency of sinking into the ground or (for some) flying out into space, or I'd be content with just those, but unfortunately that is still an issue. For me it is, at any rate. I'd like to have platforms dedicated to different types of items--say large batteries for instance, or displays for the different varieties of research items--without the risk of them disappearing randomly.
  22. When I want to build my power network up from, let's say a crater, adding platforms that automatically climb up slopes is very helpful. I don't understand, though when I make an underground base (on arid planets so I don't get killed all the time by spikey balls), I cannot extend the platforms as level. This occurs despite the floor being more or less level. This means you have a very dynamic and interesting stair-stepped base, but it is not practical for working. Is there a way to control this (up down platform effect)?
  23. I am currently playing on Xbox One and I wonder if PC has these issues because when I watch people stream on twitch and see they don't have the same issues I do I start to question. Can someone please work on the Xbox side of things? Is there not any money on the Xbox side? Is that why it feels we have been forgotten when it comes to fixing this game? I have left my starting planet now two times and both times I left, I returned only to find resources and vehicles that were not attached to my base were not saved and therefore, not there when I returned. So I grinded a bit got my resources and vehicles back and decided to leave again. Only this time I would attach everything to my base somehow. Well it worked for my storage and resources, not so much the vehicles. So now my current area is completely mined of compound, and guess what material I need to build a vehicle that will take me the distance I need to find more compound? But I'm trying to keep a open mind here. So I'm on a new planet trying to start something there only to find that wind turbines aren't working, power sources are only powering a single platform instead of providing power to all. It seemed the first platform I built would receive power no matter where the source originated. The rest of the platforms would only receive power if the source was directly on the platform. On the first arrival I placed tethers down to explore. When I came back they were black. I replaced them and they did light up but only the first section would provide oxygen. I tried to pick them back up and put them in my pack but they disappeared. Probably wouldn't be so bad except there is ZERO compound on Exotic so I have to travel back to my home planet and I already went on a rant in an early post about the orbiting system and how easy it is to line yourself up in the orbital pattern of the planet you are wanting. Every planet I go to has horrible landing zones. I've found myself perched atop some rock no wider than my ship and it caused physical pain to my character just to get out because of the fall and I had to build a bridge to get back up to it so my guy could board the ship. Since they are predetermined LZs sure would be nice if you would make them reasonable to land at. You tell us where we have to land, but then don't provide a clear picture of terrain and then stick us on top of a rock? I've also learned to not get out of my ship for about 10 sec. The planet doesn't render very well and if I get out too quickly I will fall through the planet. Also when I return to my home planet the surface has cracks all throughout that allow you to see through the map. I haven't fallen in one yet but the character does react to them as if they are slopes or slight drops and raises. I would like to see some changes coming our way. It doesn't make the game enjoyable to loose everything you worked the previous day.
  24. • a deconstruct platform • able to deconstruct your base if you don't like a platform location • set vehicle bay for spacecraft so they don't run into ground vehicles
  25. Storage Platform: Hey, no offense, but, how in the world you haven't added this yet? Storage is pretty needed on Astroneer, especially when you're making a living out of trading ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). There is all sorts of platforms, which in my opinion are great. A Storage platform would be more of a flat platform with 8 or 10 slots to place storage modules. Right now I don't have a Image I could share but if you guys show interest I might make one for your understanding. Thank you for your time! Also, when are Content updates going to drop?