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  1. I think you should be able to order gases on the trade platform, but a different kind of trade platform that requires a lot of bytes to unlock in order to build. I'm talking like 15k bytes. I'm saying this because if it was too cheap to unlock or if you spawn in with it unlocked, then it would defeat the purpose of going to the other planets in order to get gases/materials. Hows it sound?
  2. Version: Platform: Steam Problem: Research chamber works without power, because it isnt on a platform Description: I took the research chamber off the designated platform to conserver power for other machines, but the chamber continued to process the item. Moving the chamber did not affect it. Even after having finished the item and another item being placed inside it, the chamber continued to work. Only fixed itself after reloading the save. Astroneer Bug.mp4
  3. Hello, I recently set up a platform to more easily extract soil from my medium canister that filled up while driving my rover. There were small canisters being emptied into on a medium storage on one side of the Large Platform B, and the medium canister on the other (see picture). I noticed accidentally that moving the medium storage also moved the small canister that was attached to the medium canister (see it floating just above the soil extractor). It must somehow still be "attached" to the medium storage even though it was pulled to the medium canister. It might be worth mentioning that I didn't place the small canister there myself, rather it moved as the medium canister emptied. Thank you. GPU: GeForce GTX 950 SSC Gaming, ACX 2.0 2GB PCI-E CPU: Intel Core i5-6400 Processor Motherboard: MSI B250M PRO-VDH Platform: Windows 10 (via Steam) Interface: XBOX-One controller
  4. So with not many objectives in the endgame except personal goals and/or working on the gateways, I thought of a new goal that would garner many players' attention. This goal is the construction of an ultimate space craft that can fly in atmosphere and travel to other planets. These space craft can have enormous storage space, be fueled by astronium or large amounts of hydrazine, and consume large amounts of resources and research to construct from start to finish. For the design of such impressive craft we could have the design (choice) of the US space shuttle orbiters or the russian buran because with their design a cargo bay is already in place with a cockpit. I'd like to know what other players or even the devs think of this sort of endgame concept. PS: This is a hint to you @SES_Adam
  5. I think Astroneer should have an RGB Lamp With normal Cables And a controller which controls the lightning of many RGB Lights/Floodlights. that you can pick any color you want an apply it to many lights . Make it that you can control the lights separate in the controller or the Light itself too. sorry for my small vocabulary.
  6. nothing to see here... just another automation idea Automation... the most original topic ever to be used on this forum...NOT I have an idea for yet another automated system that is to be used for the simple task of moving things around the base. (This is new...) I believe it would be a start to much better automation system in the game: Conveyors!! They are platforms that have, instead of feet, a sort of monorail system that brings them across a tethered network of rails placed like Extenders. The "Monorail Conveyor Shaft" as I call it is made separately from the "Monorail Conveyor Platform" and the Monorail Conveyor Platform is placed on to the Monorail Conveyor Shaft. Only one platform can be placed on a shaft. The Monorail Conveyor Shaft plugs in to one platform at one end another platform at the other making a nice little line... They move across this line to carry anything from one platform to another. For an example of how they are used, imagine 3 Medium Platform A; 1 has a source of power, 1 has a Medium Printer, and 1 has 2 Resin. The first and second are connected by cable and the second and third are connected by conveyor; there is a Medium Monorail Conveyor Platform on the conveyor. You start the Medium Printer printing a Medium Platform B. The Medium Monorail Conveyor Platform moves toward the third platform and the 2 Resin are placed onto the conveyor platform. The conveyor platform moves along the conveyor to touch the second platform transferring the Resin to the printer and starting the printing process. A new auto-use feature would be added to modules allowing repeated processes. Monorail Conveyor Shaft Bundle: Printed in Backpack Printer Size: Tier 1 Recipe: 1 Steel Research Cost: 2000 Bytes Contains 5 Monorail Conveyor Shaft Medium Monorail Conveyor Platform: Printed in Small Printer Slots: 1 Tier 2 Recipe: 1 Steel Research Cost: 2000 Bytes Large Monorail Conveyor Platform: Printed in Medium Printer Slots: 1 Tier 3 Recipe: 1 Steel, 1 Resin Research Cost: 3000 Bytes Extra Large Monorail Conveyor Platform: Printed in Large Printer Slots: 1 Tier 4 Recipe: 1 Titanium Alloy, 1 Steel, 2 Iron Research Cost: 4000 Bytes Please let me know what you think.
  7. Summary: - Steam - Can't print Medium Platform B when Small Printer is on a platform Description: The last update changed the orientation that platforms are printed at (Longways away from the printer). The offset the Medium Platform B uses to set itself away from the edge of a platform is not large enough and you can NOT print a Medium Platform B when the small printer is on a platform itself (for most orientations)... the silhouette shows a collision. Workaround: The small printer must be placed on the ground in order to not have a collision. Platform: Steam (and likely XBox One & Windows 10 Store) Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1803 | Build 17134.765 CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700X 3.90 GHz GPU: ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 O8GB RAM: Team T-Force DARK 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 3000 (PC4 24000) Drive: Samsung 960 EVO 500GB NVMe - M.2
  8. I find it strange that all single slot power generating items generate small platforms underneath themselves upon being placed on the ground. This removes the idea of making a platform on which to place these items. Perhaps, one might want to display their modules without this platform underneath. I have an idea that would help this. Small Platform A (used in place of free platforms, look exactly the same) Research Cost: Already Researched Crafted in Backpack Printer Recipe: 1 Carbon Please let me know what you think.
  9. High level Storage Hub with tier-3 slots witch will automatically collect(maybe even group same items together) and distribute sources to other connected platform devices.
  10. Summary: - Steam - Alignment Mod Alters Starting Platform Description: If you click on the starting platform in wall mode of the alignment mod, it makes a lump in the black rock your hab spawns on that is not normally mineable. You are unable to fix it afterwards. Also I was using it to flatten the surrounding area and it made a stair step pattern in the black rock as well which I am now unable to repair. form: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 7 x64 CPU: Intel i7 3770K 3.5GHz GPU: Nvidea GeForce GTX 1060 6GB on board ram RAM: 8GB DDR3 Drive: Samsung 850 250GB
  11. Instead of being able to take modules (ex. the research station) off of platforms to move them, I think it should require you to pack them back up first then unpack. It means yes you spend the extra time and resource, but it stops you from accidentally grabbing them off the platform, and offers a little bit of consequence. If you don't try to plan base building ahead then you have to spend the time and resources to remodel.
  12. I suggest modules get locked to platforms while the power cables are connected, just like the platforms get anchored and unmovable while connected. If you want to remove a module, such as a research chamber from a large platform, simply unplug platform, move what you wish, and reconnect again. Why? avoid accidentally picking up module while trying to insert resources etc. Feels more solid I like the movable modules but the current system can cause unwanted item juggling. Havent personally access to 1.0 yet but got this from watching streams and videos.
  13. I noticed that the shredder can't shred everything craftable, but only some stuff. Sometime you find an abandoned base, and you're looking for extra scrap, sometime you built something on mistake (or you want just to upgrade the platform it is built in). Also, everything you create with the vehicle printer is permanent. Often I have to dig a "shame hole" where everything I don't need gets dumped. Like abandoned platform after I build a base on barrens to feed on a huge broken complex. So a solution can be more shreddable stuff: platform, what is on platform, rover, large storage, etc... of course something to cut stuff in smaller pieces is needed, maybe separating the building from the platform before shredding (this give you the possibility to repack the building and change its platform) Another would be a dissasemble type of building: you destroy stuff by getting resources back, maybe only the rare one (if something needs resin and iron, you get only the iron back), or maybe something even different (you get all for the solid thruster, but just the aluminium from an used one). In this way, it feels like you can disassemble abandoned bases or "fixing" them by re-crafting the items. Or even better a way to repack stuff. Like a repacker. for repacking broken stuff (of course) other materials are needed (to simulate the fixing) What do you think?
  14. XL platform with 3 or 4 T3 connectors. With all the new resources it would be nice to have a XL platform to place either multiple stations at for a more automated approach (ex. Smelter, Chem Lab, Atmo Extract) Or to place modules with storage for constant running (Dual research with dual large storage, and automated swapping for byte farming)
  15. Windows Version. I know that we haven't been able to connect via tether to small platforms in the past however, now that every thing is compact and modular and we are encouraged to explore quickly I think we should be able to draw power from small platforms. See attached image. Trying to explore exotic and just want power for mods... Thanks! PS Love Love that the small fabricator boxes up the items i.e medium solar and storage!
  16. I want to make some suggestions, for convenience I numbered them. Please if you like it indicate numbers)) 1)Please make huge platform narrover, like in first pic. On a big rover all looks great, but platform is differnt story(( 2)Please change a big storage, to carousel type, like in a second pic(offcouse it's not transparent, this shoved only for better concept understanding). With long "Q" it can open inventory panel, for more comfort use. Now this storage absolutely pointless. Suggesting version should hold atleast to 56 resources(like in pic), current setup whith two medium storages and 8 small storages can hold up to 64, but it's very expensive and not so comfortable for use)) 3)Please make possible to pack ANY module, or at least destroy or recycling them. Half of my base already full of useless junk and ugly setups. 4) If you make possible to packing modules, but not a recycle them, make some storage module for packet modules 5) Please make possible build modules in transport factory on a ground, but not on vehicles. Player should set up them like any other modules, this convenient.
  17. Summary: - Steam - Dynamite merges with the launchpad Description: I wanted to delete the starting launch pad in which you receive your starting modules, but upon placing dynamite on it, it acted as part of the launchpad. Hovering my cursor over dynamite, and even dynamite connected to the connected dynamite gave me the option to examine only. Restarting the game causes them to act as normal. Version/Build: Specs: OS: Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview x64 | v.1803 | Build 17677.1000 CPU: Intel i5 4690k 3.50GHz GPU:Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 4Gb RAM:2x4gb DDR3 Drive: TOSHIBA MK2565GSX
  18. (Steam version The Research Module when filled with any unknown object wet to be researched, when opened its module menu in order to start its function...(one mouse left click uncover button cap, second click activate green button, but when accidentally pressed following a third click it immediately cancel the research eliminating the current object. Consider adding a 1 to 3 second cooldown so this can be avoided. Also, add to research items, a short description for each.
  19. Habitat, do not decompress more over vehicles or platforms, this is due to update 0.6.8 or is it a bug? I can only launch Habitat now when it's on the ground, so I can not make a movable base.
  20. It seems the Medium Fabricator can only print on the right side of the large platform? I found this out the hard way after starting to setup a base on my 2nd planet. To be fair, I noticed this issue before on Terran, but it was less of an issue due to easy access to resources. Why not allow the Fabricator to print to either side of the platform? Or even front or back (which kinda makes more sense IMHO)?
  21. I do not own a Xbox, and PS4 is easier to use in my opinion. When will a PS4 edition be available?
  22. Trade platform on xbox one not showing activate button. (In the picture it's night and there is no power but even in day the trade platform won't work.) Version
  23. So I have an idea for the platforms that would make things more modular. I was thinking that you could make the B variant large platform the standard starting large platform for all of the bays, and unlock expansion mounts that you can attach to the sides of the platform, since the A and C look similar to that. So the idea is you build like the A-mount and C-mount individually that slots into the "power" slot of the platform, and deploy them from there. So you can mix and match various mount types, like one C-mount 10-single slot storage, and then an A-mount double-slot on the other to allow the dropping of medium storages to feed into the system (e.g. hydrazine catalyser or smelter). Maybe make the D variant a vehicle-bay construction on top of the B variant. I also think the vehicle-bay should be renamed the large fabricator, since that is basically what it is now, since you use it for the xl platform to build the huge storage on it already. And same with the medium platform, being able to build the standard B-variant double-mount medium platform, and maybe add the variant modules to it to give it side-bays for storage. It would also expand the usability of the medium platform. instead of simply having a double-mount with two single-mounts, you would be able to upgrade it to be able to slot 3 double-mounts for storage on that slightly smaller platform. Or lots and lots of single-slot storages by building the C-mounts. So costs, I'm thinking 1 resin for the A-mount expansions, and 1 Aluminum for the C-mounts. It would make the platforms more expensive as a whole, since you have to build them separately, and it would also cost more bytes to unlock, but that can maybe make the starting landing platform's 3rd slot usable by dropping a free A-mount with the small platform and medium fabricator, giving you effectively the same as the current Medium Platform A, but instead making an extra double-slot instead of 2 single-slots on either end. Maybe even make the small fabricator able to build a 3rd variant of mount (lets call it the E-mount for now) that will just like the current Medium Platform mount a single slot on a mounting end. The small fabricator would build a PAIR of these mounts at the cost of 1 resin so you can immediately put both on the medium platform (or large if you so wished). And now since that is now explained, here's what I'm thinking of renaming all the platforms and proposed costs: Medium Platform (1x 2-slot) 1 Resin Originally Medium Platform B Large Platform (1x 4-linked slot Building Module Capable) 2 Resin Originally Large Platform B A-Mount (1x 1-slot) x2 for 1 Resin Originally part of Medium Platform A B-Mount (1x 2-slot) 1 Resin Originally part of Large Platform A C-Mount (10x 1-slot) 1 Aluminum Originally part of Large Platform C Large Fabricator (built on Building Module) 2 Aluminum (unchanged) Originally Vehicle Bay Large-Mount (10x 2-slot) 2 Aluminum (constructed on Large Platform at Large Fabricator) Originally Large Platform D
  24. Thought I would do some research into power loops and the rumors and misinformation surrounding them. And try to find out what was breaking them. So for those not aware, there is a current bug with splitters which allows them to act as infinite power sources. Drop a splitter on or near a platform (I use medium-b but any work). Connect a cable TO the splitter FROM the platform. Then connect a cable TO the platform FROM the splitter. This forms the "loop". Power out of the splitter into the platform, and back into the splitter. Then you feed any source of power into the 3rd input of the splitter to charge it. The power out doubles and that platform now has 2x the power. So feed it 60 power and the platform now has 120 power infinitely. Remove the power source from the splitter and the power continues to be present in the splitter and in the platform its connected to. So thats the loop I am going to talk about. Its a well known bug, and I have no doubts it will eventually be fixed. But, until then, well, we have continuous power. From that powered platform, you can branch out and power an entire base with a continuous power feed. But, there are caveats. And I finally found what they are! I was having problems getting the splitter to work. And another player who knew well how to make it work had one that kept dying (ie loop draining to 0). So I set about to figure out why. And the answer is.... directional cables! Any directional cables connected to any base platform that is powered by a loop will cause the loop to fail. I did some digging and research last night on my hypothesis on what was breaking power loops. And the hypothesis and my predictions hold water. ANY directional cable downstream from a power loop will break it. I presume because it causes the game to calculate a power critical path (similar to a gantt chart) back to a source, and with a loop there is no source anymore. So that means you can't cascade loops to multiply power with each stage (I wish). I tested it. Because the input to the splitter is a directional cable, it breaks the first loop you are feeding power to the second loop with. Plugging in rovers to charge or be a power battery, also breaks the loops because the connections to a rover are directional. Use of extenders breaks loops, again their cables are directional. So the key is DO NOT USE DIRECTIONAL CABLES connecting to any platform powered by a loop. It doesn't matter if the directional cable connects direct to the loop platform or is connected to the 100'th platform in a giant daisy chain. Connecting any directional cable will kill the loop. Using small solar or wind, lights, even small fabricators do NOT break loops as their cables are bi-directinal. So you can use them in place of extenders to spread base platforms out or connect to different sections of a base. powered by a loop. Another myth is that the base you power with a loop has to be in a straight line. Not physically, but electrically. Its NOT true. I laid out two parallel lines of base platforms and connected them in series down each leg. Then I cross connected them forming a ladder so all the middle platforms had 3 connections. The loop didn't care. It faithfully powered the entire base. In fact one of the "platforms" was my starting hab I also tested forking out from those to another set of platforms and that also worked just fine. So, there is no need to keep a single power path. You can, but its not going to kill the loop if you branch out. And another myth is that connecting, disconnecting or adding modules or base platforms to a powered loop will break it. Again, not true. The above test (with the ladder layout) was done with a functioning loop. I added modules, new platforms, refined ore, used a soil extractor that wasn't there before. And again, the loop never broke. And the last myth is that you have to build a massive power plant to power your base. Again, not true. Lets look at power sources. For the purpose of this discussion, storage capacity is completely not relevant. We don't care about how LONG it can supply power, we only care about the amount of power it can supply to a splitter for an instant. Small solar are worth 0.5 power. Medium are worth 2 power. But the medium take up 2 slots so thats 1 power per slot. Small wind produces 0.5 power. The medium produces 1 power but, like the medium solar, takes 2 slots so thats only 0.5 power per slot. If you hook a large rover to a splitter and read it, it only reads 1 power. A medium battery (2x lithium) reads 3 power but again on 2 slots to thats 1.5 power per slot. A small battery reads 1 power and takes 1x lithium to make. So from all that it would appear that the large solar produces the most power per slot per resource (2 copper to make so 1 copper per power). But there is a FAR better and far more dense power source and it produces 4 power per slot and costs NOTHING to make! What? Power. From caves! Yep, that yellow stuff most of you throw overboard most of the time. A large platform A can hold 8 power resources directly. So thats 32 power (8x4). The same platform can hold 4 large solar so thats only 8 power (8x2). But wait! There's more! For a low low price of 2 compound you can massively increase that! Medium storage hold 8 power resources. Each medium panel can supply 32 power (8x4). A large platform A can hold 4 storage so thats a whopping 128 power on a single platform. But wait! There is more! For the low low price of 4 compound, you can tack on a large storage to the middle of that platform increasing its holding to 6 medium storage or 192 power ((8x4)x6)! But! You say, your base will drain it and you have to constantly refill it! Nope! You use that platform (or as many more as you like) as the INPUT to the loop. You plug it in ONCE, it then powers up the loop which doubles the 192 to 384 power. Then you disconnect this power platform from the loop leaving the 384 power in the loop because of the bug. And your base is now powered with 384 power indefinitely (or until you accidentally break the loop). You will need 48 power to fire that bad boy up, but thats not hard to collect in a cave system. And you don't need it all at once. You can power your loop with a few, and as you collect more and more power resources you can re-power your loop increasing its output as you collect the resources over time. Is that overpowered or OP as people call it? Yep. It will get patched. Until then you can be as OP as you want. So, hopefully this will help those of you trying to use or deploy loops (until they patch it). Use small solar or small wind (copper or aluminum) or even small fabricator (compound) to expand your base and space out your platforms. Don't use ANY directional cable such as splitters or extenders. Do not plug in a rover which means do NOT build one at a vehicle bay (because when you build a rover, it automatically hooks to the bay's platform to charge). You will have to power your vehicle bay from an alternate power source separate from your loop. Trying to think, I don't believe shuttles connect to the base. Will have to investigate that one. I know they used to have the round connectors, but I don't remember seeing the new USB shape connectors on the recent shuttles.
  25. Summary: 0.6.5 - XB1 - Ghost of platform needs a FRONT indicator Description: Before deploying a base platform, you don't have any way of knowing which way its facing. Platform: XBox One Version / Build Number: 0.6.5 Right now when its in ghost form (blue outline), you don't know which way a platform is facing prior to deploying it. After you unbox it, the platform has a red arrow showing the front (which way modules will face when deployed). Please add a pointer to the blue outline so we know which way it will face. Why? Because I like to snap one platform to a slot in another platform so its exactly lined up (sorry, OCD) with it prior to placing it on the ground and unboxing. This assures all cables and the base layout is consistent. Unfortunately sometimes when its snapped to another platform prior to unboxing, the front gets faced the wrong way and I don't know that until after unboxing it. Then I have to rotate it. And since there is no snapping to cardinal directions, its very difficult to exactly line it back up. If it had the arrow visible prior to unboxing it, I could tell which way its snapping to the other platform and rotate it while snapping. Obviously this only applies to symmetrical base platforms. The giant wall is pretty obvious which way its facing. But the others, well, please add the arrow