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Found 2 results

  1. I play Astroneer on PC. This bug occurred with 1.0.7. I attached plastic and ammonium and a third item to a broken platform with working sockets. I was able to use the platform to store items while I printed tools. After a while I was no longer able to select the items and remove them from the platform. I can move the platform and highlight the items, but can't interact with them. The problem continues with 1.0.9. This is on Calidor. The only action I was taking around the time was flattening the surface in the area I had set up. The platform is movable even after this was done.
  2. 1. mouse/keyboard 2. steam win7/64 3. last night (it was very late, thanks for making such an addicting game) i queued one last plastic resource in my chemistry lab on Desolo, then logged off. when i started the game today, the lab continued synthesizing the plastic. when it was done (DING!), when trying to click the plastic to pick it up, i picked up the chemistry lab instead (not by mistake, the plastic and chemistry lab were one object) i dropped the lab on the ground by mistake, then picked it up again and placed it back on its platform. thinking that queueing another resource might eject the plastic and make it useable, I started a rubber synthesis, which just closed the lab's lock without ejecting anything. after searching for the resource a few seconds i lifted the chemistry lab to find a red "connector ring" without a resource on top of it lying between the lab and its platform. stressed out I Alt+F4'd, hoping i could restart the game (by the time i had only been playing for about 3 minutes). once I had loaded back into the game again, i oddly had to load a save from merely 1 minute ago. back into the game I found the Chemistry Lab lying on its side behind me, with the plastic still inside. after placing it back and queueing rubber again it finally expelled the plastic, only this time it was unselectable and floated slightly above the ground, unmovable until i dug a little hole below it. it now lies there and is unselectable. i noticed one little part of the resource is missing, as you can see on the screenshot i appended. i will try to save and restart the game in hopes to find either a perfectly fine piece of plastic or it gone.^^ Update: after reloading neither of the cases I expected applied. its still not possible to pick it up, but at least now it reacts to outer influences (i can kick it around a little bit by walking over it)