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Found 2 results

  1. I play Astroneer on PC. This bug occurred with 1.0.7. I attached plastic and ammonium and a third item to a broken platform with working sockets. I was able to use the platform to store items while I printed tools. After a while I was no longer able to select the items and remove them from the platform. I can move the platform and highlight the items, but can't interact with them. The problem continues with 1.0.9. This is on Calidor. The only action I was taking around the time was flattening the surface in the area I had set up. The platform is movable even after this was done.
  2. 1. mouse/keyboard 2. steam win7/64 3. last night (it was very late, thanks for making such an addicting game) i queued one last plastic resource in my chemistry lab on Desolo, then logged off. when i started the game today, the lab continued synthesizing the plastic. when it was done (DING!), when trying to click the plastic to pick it up, i picked up the chemistry lab instead (not by mistake, the plastic and chemistry lab were one object) i dropped the lab on the ground by mistake, then picked it up again and placed it back on its platform. thinking that queueing another resour