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Found 22 results

  1. first of all: a shovel. for when you plant on the unbreakable rock around your base second: gigantic rocket, lets you go to other planets third: more planets, to go with the gigantic rocket fourth: gigantic printer, just for the rocket thats all
  2. So when i was playing i dug to the moons core and got killed by these. I cant dig them up and because of them i lost all my stuff. So as i was retreating my stuff i picked it up and then it started falling as the gravity of the core is a bit weird (i find it really cool btw) and then it disappeared. So if you can fix this and avoid Inventory to not fall towards the core and disappear that will be really neat.
  3. Summary: Plants and rubble in place of old terrain Description: Plants and rubble cubes appeared in mid air after loading game, in the location of original terrain, that had long since been lowered and flattened to accomodate my base Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: early access alpha Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 CPU: Intel i5 2500k oc GPU: gtx1060 3gb RAM: 4 sticks of cant remember. 16gb total. Drives: Intel SSD X25-M 120gb, Crucial MX500 500gb
  4. after digging some plants they stay in the air rather than popping of falling.
  5. This is a bit of a strange concept, but what if there was a building system involving placing objects to be static, as well as a system or a tool that let you research natural objects (such as those big yellow pillars) and print them as a base material?
  6. In 0.6.1 world generation is sortof broken. Whenever you leave an area in a cave it saves bigger things like big plants, dead astroneers, satelite crashes, etc. But for some reason it doesnt save resource locations. I've discovered that a few times when I marked a big copper vein for example, only to return to nothing (and yes, I'm absolutely certain I was in the right spot). However, next to this issue, it also generates plants again, while also loading them. This causes tons upon tons of plants to stack up, and a cave which was pretty much empty when I found it has been turned into a forest of deadly plants. Besides being very annoying, my computer doesn't like it either, and my FPS drops considerably when I enter that cave. Save file attached. Specs: FX-8350 @ 4.0ghz, 8gb DDR3 Ram @ 1333mhz, HD 6570 2gb Sapphire @ stock. AUTOSAVE_2_2018.02.24-12.26.15.sav
  7. Ok, so I recently watched the Vlog 025, where they were showcasing some experimental aggressive flora. This thing down there. And can I just say. No, please no. The name of the game isn't Plants vs. Astroneers. The few 'agressive' flora in the game right now are more annoying than anything. However, that's only because they are rather incapable of doing anything other than slowing me down the few seconds it takes me to remove them with my 40-foot pole called the terrain deformer. Anything more capable than them will be outright infuriating. I distinctly remember the devs being rather adamant about not giving the players guns in Astroneer because 'It's not that kind of game.' In that case, please don't include hazards which are basically snipers and grenadiers. I don't want to literally be at war with the environment. And as for the plants which boop you off a mountain. I recently got booped off a mountain by a combination of lag and terrain generation, which plopped a rock onto a slope I had made not 1 minute earlier, which didn't render until I was right in front of it. Lobbed me off my ramp as I slid down it and I died by fall damage. In otherwords, a sudo booper created by bugs, And it was the most frustrating experience I've had with the game in the past six months. Pleeease don't do this. TLDR: Nope. To the devs, if you want references for interesting fauna you can put in your game, take a look at Grow Home and Grow Up. The plants in these games are interesting and interactable and they don't shoot you!
  8. I first want to start off by saying that I know this is a bugs thread but I just wanna say that there should be a better way of getting rid of plants. Alright so first off, I killed a spikey flora plant by digging out below it and brought the seeds to the surface. Not thinking that they would grow where ever I placed them, I put one right next to my research center and I now have a full grown spike plant that I cannot get rid of. It's too close to my buildings for me to be able to dig it up or cover it up. (Not sure if there is a way to move stations yet). Another thing I encountered was a visual bug where when picking up a seed it would stay with me like I was carrying it but after a relog, it was gone.
  9. This is a bit long winded, so bear with me here: What if you added a farming system to astroneer? One of the new modules could turn he platform into a bed of dirt to plant stuff in. Kind of like how the mushy brown poison plants (Or 'Pumpkins,' as I'm told they're called) Guard an artifact, some of the larger flora could guard seeds, which you could plant inn the farming beds I mentioned earlier. Each seed could grow a plant, which would either produce a single resource, some more seeds, or both, (Thus making you choose whether to plant the seeds, or take the resource, you could only do one) Plants that produced rarer resources, such as lithium or titanium, could be harder to find, but well worth the effort.
  10. Noticed this while playing with my friend on PC (he was hosting), first planet, I was underground when a sandstorm hit and one of the big, white plants that grows underground started freaking out. It seems like the little bits attached to it started flying around as if being caught in the wind, but they were completely detached. Not much else to it but I'm happy to provide any other details to help!
  11. I play on steam with a mouse and keyboard. I found the bug instantly when i opened the game after the latest patch had been dowloaded. Plants and cubes that normally go onto the ground are now floating in the air as if i had not terraformed my base there. The floating objects dissapered after approximately 10 minutes and i was not able to take a picture of the bug.
  12. Dose our little astroneer ever get hungry or thirsty? Maybe a greenhouse would be handy. Kale anyone? And while we are on the subject of sustenance, maybe a water treatment plant, or well, or rainwater collection??? Then again, maybe a water recycling system. Human waste recycling?
  13. After reloading into a save game on Terra all the trees and grass were White/Gray with no other color, however the research pods attached to the trees were rendered in full color. Mouse and Keyboard Steam Early Access I've seen it a few times on different saves it seems to occur, for me, after saving a game with 30 minutes or more playtime.
  14. When loading a save game I noticed some plants near my base were missing, I tried driving away from my base and then going back again but the plants still didn't appear. After reloading the save game they did return however. You can see this in the pictures, I messed up the viewing direction so I encircled the same vehicle bay before and after reloading the save game, you can clearly see there are some plants in and surrounding the vehicle module, which arent't showing in the other picture.
  15. I don't know if this is intentional or if it's a bug, but the organic I found came up as a green cube instead of its usual leaflet style resource. Picture attached. The cube came out after I pulled some plant matter on the moon of all places.
  16. After digging up some compound, when i went back to the place, plants were floating in mid air (on ground level) above the hole. Maybe plants shouldnt be able to grow over digging sites or maybe re-appear in the hole.
  17. Game version: Steam, (Keyboard/Mouse for control) Game is installed in "D:\Steam\steamapps\common\ASTRONEER Early Access" so there's no Windows permission issues. - Planet Exotic. Plants are white when they should be colored. (planet might not matter) - Initially they were colored, but after restarting the game they became white. Not all of them are white, I think freshly generated plants are colored. Not 100% sure of this. Steam screenshot link of the issue: How they normally look: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PC specifications: Windows 10 64bit: Motherboard: Asus H81M-K CPU: i5 4440 3.1ghz (Haswell architecture) RAM: 12GB GPU: Nvidia GTX960 2GB (driver version 376.33) HDD: 1TB 7200rpm, no SSD. Always running background applications: MSI Afterburner + RivaTuner StatisticsServer (this is always FPS capping games to 60FPS; there's also a GPU temp limit to 70C) Windows Defender (no other antivirus softwares, just this)
  18. Hello, I tried to scan to see if this bug was already posted. I didn't find it, so apologies if redundant. I have dug several tunnels in to the "underworld". After saving and returning to reload the game a few days later i notice that the plant skin is covering the excavated ground. You can still walk through them, and when you come up from underneath they appear to be floating as if they are inline with the default surface. Additionally underground where I have excavated a few wall areas, the original mineral deposits are floating where the wall used to be. There is no longer an earthen wall there, but the powere minerals are floating as if it were their default positions. I have experienced this on XBOX ONE- and the PC access version of the XB1 game. Thank you.
  19. It might be cool if the little baby plants scattered through out the world could be collected and used as trophies or decorations. With little space flower pots. Just go with it.
  20. I thought that since in the Road-map it said something about hunger/thirst Then I suggest that using the plants that we got now, research it and farming (with unlocks of farming tools) Having a different "vacuum gun" that uses the containers (now fuel, power and plants/organic) that will be put into a farming machine (so filling up a full tank like with the space ships so it can start the process) So each plant has their color and such. About protection or creating a more "friendly" env, one would creative a more "advanced habitat" cost more and looks like the image below. that or a sheild will protect you from storms (but not 100% safe, it got health?) but heat, cold and such, it depends. While both could cost power, for heating in such "advanced habitat" it will cost for light/machines/heating or air flow against over heating. From another game:
  21. After loading a save game I noticed some of the surrounding plants where white instead of colored like before. See image below. my info: PC, Steam, xbox one controller, i7 mobile, gtx980m
  22. Hi! I think that it would be better if the trees and foliage that you take the research pods out of should despawn after a while. For Instance, when you dig under a tree, it topples over leaving the trunk behind. I think that trunk should despawn after maybe 5 minutes. This could also possibly improve preformance of the game by a little bit for those who need the extra fps. Thank You for taking your time to read this thread!