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Found 80 results

  1. kripticia

    Item transport system

    Has anyone considered how there's no good method of moving items around beside your own character? Me and my friend are often on different planets to each other but we haven't exactly completed the fast travel network yet. sometimes, of course, we run out of a certain type of item that you can't get on whichever planet and so we end up having to give each other items. How? The shuttle... Yay? While sure, the shuttles now work brilliantly for interplanetary travel, it's not exactly efficient if you're just dropping something off for another player. I think a great solution for this would be to create a new item transfer platform - Something that lets you send items to other stations across the entire Astroneer solar system. Not only is this extremely useful for sharing items, but it makes it much easier to set up a more permanent base on a different planet. Out of zinc? Get someone on Sylva to send you some. Need some more iron for that extra large platform? Sent. Ideally the ship that travels with the items could be a separate entity, so if the station already has a ship, it can just be removed. Alternatively this could simply be some kind of teleportation system, but I can see why that wouldn't fit into and EXO environment. I think this would make a great addition to the game and would like to see it added in future updates somewhere!
  2. DarkPhosphorus

    Endless exploration

    Its kind of a bummer that once you unlock all nodes, that's it. Like, play the game, and done. How about some endless, openworld, exploration expansion. It would be really fun for some open-world multiplayer galaxies, trading system and economy, and special augments. New planets appear as more and more people join the world, and asteroid field events can resupply people with soil and resources to build their planet with. In this galaxy, you can own, buy, sell, create, and reset planets, once you have the resources. Asteroid fields that appear have a chance to contain rare backpack mods for increased stats like power storage, resource booster, terrain tool boosted augments, etc. A new currency that can be traded for materials and between players would be necessary. The galaxy would be the map of the open world that contains all of the planets and players in it. This is the kind of game that I dreamed astroneer would be, this would open up so many possibilities.
  3. Summary: 1.0.9 - Steam - Solar System/Time Stuck Description: This issue only impacts one of my save files; the rest still function properly. The planets are no longer moving in their orbits in the solar system; they are all simply stuck in place. As a result, time appears to stand still on each planet. The sun does not move in the sky (if visible), or if on the dark side of a planet, it is permanently night. Planets and stars in the sky appear to be stuck in place. If I walk or drive, the sun, stars, and other visible planets/moons will begin to move slightly, but they never return to functioning properly and will quickly just freeze in place again once I stop moving. I have dozens of hours on this save file versus only a few minutes up to a couple of hours on the other save files. The save file in question is attached, and I can upload video of the issue if requested. Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: 1.0.9 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro | v. 1809 | Build 17763.253 CPU: Intel i7 8700K 3.7GHz GPU: RTX 2080 8GB RAM: Corsair 8x4 DDR4 2400MHz Drive: Samsung 970 PRO 512GB (NVMe) YOUTUBE$2019.03.12-16.41.54.savegame
  4. Summary: 1.0.13 - Steam - Frozen/Stuck Planets Description: Planets on save file that I've logged numerous hours on are now stuck in place; not moving along their orbits nor spinning. As a result, there's no longer a day/night cycle when standing on a planet. If I stand on a planet absolutely still and not interact with anything, the planets, stars and sun in the sky will appear to try to start moving again, but very slowly and not smoothly (i.e. stutter/skip along). It's only on this particular save file that I've been working on since 1.0 was released that the issue has occurred. If I return to the main menu, start a new game or load a different save, everything is fine. Closing and reopening the game does not fix the issue on the one specific save. I've attached the save file in question (have logged well over 60 hours on). Platform: Steam / Xbox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: 1.0.13 Specifications: OS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64 | v. 6.1.7601 CPU: Intel i7-3770 3.4GHz GPU: GTX 1070 8GB RAM: Corsair 4x8GB DDR3 1600MHz Drive: Western Digital Black 1TB (WD1003FZEX) SAVE_1$2019.03.17-17.28.24.savegame
  5. So a few days ago, I was over at my friend's house for his birthday celebration (his b-day was a day before release), and I was showing him Astroneer (as I had no-one to play with). So I was telling him about the planets, and he points out that all these planets were derived from Latin words, which closely match the previous names for the planets. That's what I call an attention to detail! Sylva Previously 'Terran'. Derived from 'Silva", meaning 'Forest'. Calidor Previously 'Arid'. Derived from "Calidi", meaning 'Hot' Atrox Previously 'Radiated'. Derived from 'Atrox', meaning anything along the lines of 'terrible, no good, very bad'. Glacio Previously 'Tundra'. Derived from 'Glacies', meaning 'Ice'. Novus The completely new world. Derived from 'Novus', meaning 'New'. The word 'nova' is also derived from 'Novus' Desolo Previously 'Barren'. Not sure of its origin, but pretty obvious derivative (desolate) Vesania Previously 'Exotic'. No idea where the name came from He ended up buying the game. (Do I get a refer-a-friend bonus or something XD)
  6. I don't know the new planet names off heart and reference materials are not caught up to 1.0. I am on the larger exotic planet, I've activated all 6 surface nodes, and dug down. There is no entry to the core node as far as I can see. This is my third planet, I've been to the core of two others, but this one simply has no visible pylons sticking out of the unbreakable stone. I've spent close to an hour searching the lowest caves, then a good minutes randomly mining along the unbreakable stone, then mined to the south pole, and all the way around to the north pole.
  7. I’ve gone down all the way to the core but I can’t find any graphite on vesania, the wiki says it’s a primary resource on that planet but I can’t find it anywhere. pls help
  8. Cptcuddlybuns

    Desolo gates not powering

    My friend and I fully activated Sylva and moved on to Desolo. We tried to power on one of the gates, but realized we didn't have enough. A couple trips there and back, we have enough to keep a steady flow in. All of the pillars reach the bottom, the music swells and...nothing. Eventually the power runs out and we get a horrifying looped, glitched-out sound of it powering back down. The pillars didn't come back up. No matter how much power we pump into the thing, nothing happens. Today I went over to the second Desolo gate to try and get it working, same thing happened. Don't know if the other planets are similarly borked or not.
  9. Hey folks! Just looking to get some info to my astroneer clanmates. I would like to know the new 'tundra' that will have both hematite and wolframite. And really just looking for confirmed resources on each planet to compile a new full list, i will post when complete. Thank you very much for your time! Tactile
  10. if I put a single-seater into a small shuttle (bigger ones might work too, but not tested), it is possible to take a friend with me to another planet. However, once arrived, the map is desynced: The model of the planet and the collision are seperately generated and have nothing in common. This bug is GAMEBREAKING. Sorry that I don't have a screenshot, we ragequitted as it makes this game unplayable. Components: EVGA 1060 Ryzen 5 ROG STRIX B350-F Gaming Guess the rest is irrelevant... Operating system: Windows 10 Professional 64 Bit
  11. Platform: Steam Version: Alpha So my I introduced my father to Astroneer. He's really into the game, he's been playing way more than me (partly because he's using my account, but mainly 'cause I don't have much time from university). He has built a lot on every planet, a few bases on each, a highway going all the way around, just a lot of stuff. First when he made a couple bases and started putting markers, they would float in space away from the actual planet and where they are supposed to mark, so we lived with that for a bit, but then when he made ever more stuff, the planets themselves when looked at (initially from orbit) are "chopped" up, and later on they could even be seen like that from the other planets. Here's from orbit at first: And here's from another planet: And here's all the stuff he's been making all the time. I don't know if it's from the things, or just because he's been in the world for so long: That's his biggest base, but there's a base on every planet, and a few only on some of them. That's all, really.
  12. Inferno3221

    Weird Planets

    When i flew to antoher planet, all instead of one of them were looking so weird
  13. Description: When on any planet other than terra, barren, or exotic my reticle for the teraforming gun is extremely snappy. I don't quite know what caused it other than I changed planets. My friend also has the same issue and it seems to be much worse on planets like Arid, and Radiated. This only happens when making terrain flat using the Ctrl + mouse1 option on the gun. Platform: Steam/PC Version / Build Number:
  14. With the last official update to the pre-alpha slated to come out tomorrow, and a new moon being added with T2 before they crank out 1.0, I wanted to share this, not knowing if any of the info would change. I also have not seen anyone look at this yet, so if someone has, I'd love to double check my numbers against theirs. TL;DR, I found the orbital periods (Sidereal Periods) of each planet currently in the game, their resulting Synodic Periods with each other planet, and discovered System Era likes Lucky Numbers (using the Sieve of Josephus Flavius), within error. This post does not go into great detail about what sidereal or synodic periods are, or lucky numbers. The methods used and results are given. Personality Type-D people looking for pragmatic information can use the table shown here. This table outlines when a given planet will align synodicly with any other planet in opposition, same side of the star. This excludes Barren, which was only calculated with Terran. Yes, the table below shows you'd have to wait longer than 25 minutes to launch from Terran to Tundra from the same point. Given the planets are slightly closer that the edge of Terran's launch-range, the actual time needed to wait before being able to reach Tundra is slightly less. This is why experienced players recommend planet-hopping if you have a Hydra-zine Thruster capable shuttle. Terran is represented as H, for Home-Planet. Tundra to Radiated is highlighted in Red, as it is impossible to travel directly between the two bodies given the distance. Before divulging my methods, the answer to the WHY? question is that I have always been fascinated with how we can tell for certain how planets move, and wanted to try for it myself. I was also inspired by the loading screen, given the very nice round number they chose. It is clear the loading screen was designed very intentionally with this concept in mind. Loading Screen. If you watch the loading screen long enough, you see that the each planet from the star completes five, three, and one orbital cycle from the first planet outward respectfully, before realigning. Those figures happen to have a very short total synodic period. Alignment 1, T=0 is six seconds into the recording. Alignment 2, Dropping frame-rate caused capture issues. Also note, that satellites, like Barren, have a synodic period based on the planet they orbit. Additionally the next image illustrates that just because two bodies align synodically, it does not have to be from the point they were last aligned. Synodically aligned, not at origin. So to find the in-game sidereal periods of each planet, I began with Radiated. It is obvious it has the fastest orbit around the star, thus I could record significantly less. One difficulty in using Radiated is that most of the error in time stepping comes from not having a camera-lock feature in launch mode (I don't want one either) and another is the increasing distance to other planets increases reliance on video resolution. To begin, I calculated the sidereal period of Radiated. Then I timed the synodic period with every other planet. Using the equation below, you can find the missing sidereal period of the other planet in question. Then I verified my calculations by observing the sidereal period for both Terran and Arid. I quit after that because I was disheartened about likely losing my saves with tomorrow's update. Screenshots with time stamps showing what was used in the image are given below. Equation Used. Note, absolute value in the denominator. The results shown in the table here have striking similarity, within rounding, to Lucky Numbers found using the sieve above, after the 7th-number filter. Coupled with the deliberate choice in the loading screen, I hypothesize this is very intentional. This also adds huge favor of System Era in my book! Results. Note Barren's Synodic Period is in relation to Terran (H). Finding the Least Common Multiple for all sidereal periods of the planets, excluding Barren, the total synodic period ranges anywhere from 61 to over 1,000 years. These numbers vary largely when even one sidereal period is altered by a fraction of a percent. As such, it is currently inconclusive just how long one will have to wait to get the "perfect" screenshot with all planets in superior opposition to Radiated with respect to the star. It is also inconclusive what my current error is as the official sidereal periods are not posted anywhere. Seeing as I was able to use a game to teach myself basic concepts in astrophysics, I support leaving these numbers unpublished as well. If anyone has done this and would like to compare, let me know! For more math fun, because the orbits are periodical, they can be represented by a sine wave. Therefore each planet has a frequency. Because there are multiple frequencies, the resulting sinusoidal wave will change shape, exactly like adding musical frequencies that can develop beats. By adding each planets wave, you can find the overall solar system's wave function in regards to the orbit. Yes, I know I have way too much time on my hands. Sorry for the long post, thanks for the read! First Sidereal Stamp, T=0, Radiated. Second Sidereal Stamp. Verifying Terran Calculated Sidereal. Posted on Reddit by me as TeemoWorship.
  15. Summary: – Steam – Sky and Planets extremely lagging Description: Critical Bug After playing many days, building a big base and exploring many caves with a huge tether network on terran the sky and the planets don't almost move. Time seems to freeze. At sunset I took the large rover truck for a scrap tour. In a distance of my base the truck had no energy left (2x medium batteries and 2x medium solars which normaly covers the consumption). Wondering why, I realized it was still night though I was on tour for a while. The sky and the planets moved extremely slow. There was no chance getting back to my base due to the lack of energy. I knew this "sky freeze" before but I thought it was just an optical bug like the broken planet bug. No, time also goes on extremely slow making energy management worse. Though the rest of the game runs at normal speed this is why i call it a critical bug like the vehicle glitch and the tether network lags. Btw: Though having no energy left, the truck still giving energy to my backpack. Really strange. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home | 1803 | 17134.345 CPU: Intel i5-4460 3.20GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti RAM: Kingston 2x8GB DDR3 800Hz Drive: Western Digital 1TB (WD10EZRZ-00Z5HB0)
  16. When I was exploring, my whole screen flashed blue for a few seconds. When it cleared, I realised that another planet had, in its orbit, collided and passed through the one I was on. The planets having their own orbit is one of the standout features I think, but they'll have to be modified slightly in order to prevent this
  17. Player 2 visited Tundra to drop supplies off for me; a bit later I bit the dust and found myself back on Terran. Could the respawn be linked to the last planet /anyone/ landed on, rather than the dead player?
  18. One cool way to improve the game is the addition of new planets/or star systems. Maybe there could be a planet so close to it's sun that you needed a specially protected ship to get there, and you could only go out during the night. Or a planet that is covered in magnetic rock, so on that planet (and only that one), magnetic levitation (hoverboards, hovertrucks, etc.) would be possible. Or a planet with solid enough rings that you could land on them, and find some unique resource there. Lastly, in terms of other star systems, maybe they couldn't be accessed with the current hydrazine powered ship, maybe something more powerful would be required, or something with constant acceleration, like a solar wind sail:(
  19. Summary: Game wont load past the spinning circles/planets Description: About a month ago, after playing the game for several hours during various builds my Astroneer decided I have played enough. Now, when I try to start the game via steam i get as far as the music playing after the planets and circles loading screen but then it simply closes without error. This is still the case after the most recent update (Update 0.8.0) I had some success before the most recent update by deleting the %AppData%\Local\Astro\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditorGameUserSettings.ini , where on a couple of occasions the game loaded. On the occasions that the game loaded, i did note that after about an hour or so of playing I lost the ability to pick items up, such as research items/blobs. To cover all the bases I uninstalled the game and deleted the %appdata%\local\Astro folder too. Then reinstalled and had exactly the same issue. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Not sure how I would get the build number as the game wont load, I couldn't find these instructions on the forum post explaining "how to post a bug" - but I updated to 0.8.0 today. Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home CPU: AMD A8-6600K APU with Radeon HD Graphics (8570D) GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX960 RAM: 32gb DDR3 Drive: Samsung SSD Evo 250gb / Seagate Desktop 2 TB Internal HDD (st2000dm001)
  20. Hello, forum and System era! I've bought the game today and I loved the game so much, but I don't understand if exist infinite planets or a few planets. Nice work guys, I hope that you continue a good job because you have a huge potential to be the best game indie in the world! Anything you need I'm here to help you!
  21. I propose to add to different planets, different gravity (depending on their size of course), also add to completely different planets completely different weather conditions. Whatever the character could normally exist on the planet, he will need to create different things, like new suits, jetpacks, just to overcome the gravity of the planet
  22. Richard Darrington

    New Interplanetary Rocket

    I'd like to have the ability to build a larger Rocket where you can store store multiple items. Make it so you have to build the rocket in 3 stages. Each module requiring at least 4 resources each but of various resources coat. ENGINE module, STORAGE Module( 5 DOUBLE SLOTS/10 SINGLES AND COMMAND module. The engine module would have its own internal tank and hydrazine cataylser which woukd require ammonium to be processed prior to take off. Would require the equivalent of 12 ammonium to be full of hydrazine. The storage has double doors that open while landed to allow access and the engine module produces processed oxygen and power much like the hab. Ship design based of of Vintage rocket design. Streamlines with 3 fins that act has landing legs with a ladder up the side for command moduke access or leave it for the astroneers to build a ramp up to the command module
  23. Endercyborg22

    Gravity in Astroneer planets

    (My English and my numbers aren't perfect) So... this is my first topic on the System Era forum. I always wondered, in real measurements, how much gravity does the Astroneer's planets have? So this post describes how i estimated the numbers. I started with a problem: how i will get a measurement of distance and mass!? I reaserched A LOT, then i found this information ... the Pajama suit/character (the orange suit) is based after a real person! Iuri Gagarin, a famous USSR cosmonaut. So i started doing the calculations of Terran gravity: To get the gravity (aka: acceleration towards the gravitational center), i need this fomula: a = Δv/Δt (variation in velocity divided by the variation in time, example: i have a car that accelerates from 10 m/s to 60 m/s in 20 s, so my acceleration (a) is a = Δv/Δt = (60-10, yes, you first put the final, then the start)/(20-0) = 50/20 = 2.5 m/s/s or 2.5 m/s²), so i jumped with Pajama, i know that it has the mass of Iuri Gagarin with the SK-1 space suit (89 kg) and it was exactily 1 s to jump and fall to the ground. I needed the velocity that he had IN THE EXACT MOMENT that it jumped, but how? So i tought, kinectic energy! (the kinectic energy is determined by (M = mass, KE = kinectic energy, and V = velocity) KE = 0.5 x M(kg) x V(m/s) = J (Joules, a measure of kinectic energy)) So, i had an equation: 0.5 x 89X = 20J (the approximate joules of a person junping is 19, but that suit is heavy so i added 1 joule). I solved it, X = 0.449438, so that is the speed in m/s of Pajama in the exact start of the jump. So i used the formula for acceleration that i said, a = Δv/Δt = (0-0.449438 m/s)/(0.5-0 s) = -0.449438 m/s /0.5 s = -0.898876 m/s² (the answer is negative becouse im suposing that the up acceleration is positive and the downwards is negative, and gravity goes downward.) That is about 5% of Earth's gravity. The only problem that i had is that, i recentely traped myself in the Exotic planet in my main save, so i don't have any spaceship. I can't go to other planets to test on them, so please, if you're reading this, send the EXACT time that it takes to make a complete jump (start, apogee and end) in each planet with the orange suit/character, thanks.
  24. Matt Johnson

    Adding rings around planets

    I know there are plans to add more planets and I think it would be cool to have one that had a ring system like Saturn does. The main reason is just to look cool but it could also serve as a way to tell where you are on the planet, although it wouldn't be the best or most reliable way since, from the surface, the ring(s) would look the same form different locations. Having rings could also encourage more exploration around the surface of the planet. At least I know I would definitely travel to different locations around the planet just to see what the ring(s) would look like from there.
  25. BienOso

    Military Ideas

    I've recommended this game to the hordes of personnel with me in the Armed Forces, and many of them have(will) bought it. We really do love the product System Era has provided. Collectively, we've come up with a major suggestion to help interest and keep more customers. We've researched your in-game Resources to what they would be called on the other planets. We did this because the Resource aspect became repetitive. (Raw) Mineral Terran /Earthlike Barren /Moon Exotic /Erratic Arid /Desert Radiated /Radiated Tundra /Frozen Aluminum (Laterite) (Bauxite) (Granite) (Basalt) (Gneiss) N/A Titanium Titanium Titanium Titanium Titanium Titanium Titanium Lithium N/A (Petalite) (Pegmatite) 1 N/A (Hectorite) 1 (Lepidolite) Copper (Malachite) N/A (Brochantite) (Azurite) (Aventurine) (Plancheite) Coal N/A N/A N/A Coal Coal Coal (Ammonium) (Ammonium) N/A (Hydronium) 2 (Ammonium) (Amalgam) N/A Compound Compound Acrylite Oroglas Sumipex Lucite Cyrolite Resin Resin Alabastrite Mastic Sandarac Dammar Alkaloid Organic 3 Organic N/A Organic N/A N/A N/A Astronium 3 N/A N/A Astronium Astronium N/A Astronium Hematite Hematite 4 N/A Hematite 4 Hematite 4 N/A Hematite 4 Refined by Hydrometallurgical Processes to make Lithium: Hydrometallurgy machine. Hydronium dissolves in water. If in-game Natural Disasters like flooding occurred, it could set the Astroneers back to collecting it if not on storage pods. Astronium can be substituted for Organic on worlds that could support plant life, but are missing certain building blocks of life; ie. Goldilocks Zone. Found in deepest level of caves; the mineral can precipitate out of water and collect in layers at the bottom of standing water. Iron/Magnesium could be used to make the Hydrometallurgy Machine. N/A means the planet would less likely be able to support that mineral or your planet doesn't have it. Which is good.