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  1. There's life on each planet, but how do they exactly live without water? A planet with water would not only allow for swimming and more exploration, but it could also allow for plants to be grown in pots or plots with water that's purified for usage. New vehicles could be added, such as a submarine used for exploring the deep oceans of the new planet, one with a lot of islands and a huge ocean spanning the entire planet. Along with flooded caves with underwater life inhabiting the deepest parts of the sea. New biomes for the planet could include the saltwater sea, the islands, deep ravines und
  2. So, we all know deserts are hot, dry and windy, the tundra is desolate dark and extremely cold and well... Radiation is toxic... Well I was thinking perhaps on Calidor, deadly sandstorms, dust devils and tornados are common, making it more interesting, the sandstorm however could also bring useful materials with them that you may find when the storm is over such as research items, samples, and or resources and debris. On Glacio the same rule applies, except it's snowstorms or blizzards, and less of a chance to get useful items unless you melt certain pieces of ice in a smelter to retrieve the
  3. Not sure what direction the game is taking. Like many new developers, they seem to take their cue from core players. Also like many new developers, they begin changing the very things that made it Unique and enjoyable to the core players. I would offer this penny wisdom. When you hear that your core players want things to be "harder" or "more challenging" you are making it that way for everyone, including brand new players. Many of the same players who ask for the difficulty and challenges will later ask for “quality of life" items. In terms of development hours, you are making it ha
  4. first of all: a shovel. for when you plant on the unbreakable rock around your base second: gigantic rocket, lets you go to other planets third: more planets, to go with the gigantic rocket fourth: gigantic printer, just for the rocket thats all
  5. Its kind of a bummer that once you unlock all nodes, that's it. Like, play the game, and done. How about some endless, openworld, exploration expansion. It would be really fun for some open-world multiplayer galaxies, trading system and economy, and special augments. New planets appear as more and more people join the world, and asteroid field events can resupply people with soil and resources to build their planet with. In this galaxy, you can own, buy, sell, create, and reset planets, once you have the resources. Asteroid fields that appear have a chance to contain rare backpack mods for inc
  6. So as you guys know theres has been a new feature that you now cant see beacons when youre in orbit how should i find my landing spot? Havent played the game for 2 weeks because i was away
  7. SpaceX24


    Okay, I'm just going to brainstorm all the ideas I've ever had for Astroneer. PLANETS Sylva Resources: Sphalerite, Malachite, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Calcium Appearance: *Same* Aggressive Flora: Popcoral, Daggeroot (found near core) Size: Medium DESOLO Resources: Wolframite, Sphalerite, Silver, Calcium Appearance: Same but less gravity again Aggressive Flora: Daggeroot, Popcoral Size: Small CALIDOR Resources: Malachite, Wolframite, Sulfur, Hydrogen, Magnesite, Cobalite, Calcium Appearance: Same Aggressive Flora: Daggeroot,
  8. SpaceX24


    Okay, I'm just going to brainstorm all the ideas I've ever had for Astroneer. PLANETS Sylva Resources: Sphalerite, Malachite, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Calcium Appearance: *Same* Aggressive Flora: Popcoral, Daggeroot (found near core) Size: Medium DESOLO Resources: Wolframite, Sphalerite, Silver, Calcium Appearance: Same but less gravity again Aggressive Flora: Daggeroot, Popcoral Size: Small CALIDOR Resources: Malachite, Wolframite, Sulfur, Hydrogen, Magnesite, Cobalite, Calcium Appearance: Same Aggressive Flora: Daggeroot,
  9. I'd like to start on a different, harder planet in the same solar system as my beginner friend so we could trade and stuff
  10. Has anyone considered how there's no good method of moving items around beside your own character? Me and my friend are often on different planets to each other but we haven't exactly completed the fast travel network yet. sometimes, of course, we run out of a certain type of item that you can't get on whichever planet and so we end up having to give each other items. How? The shuttle... Yay? While sure, the shuttles now work brilliantly for interplanetary travel, it's not exactly efficient if you're just dropping something off for another player. I think a great solution for th
  11. Summary: 1.0.9 - Steam - Solar System/Time Stuck Description: This issue only impacts one of my save files; the rest still function properly. The planets are no longer moving in their orbits in the solar system; they are all simply stuck in place. As a result, time appears to stand still on each planet. The sun does not move in the sky (if visible), or if on the dark side of a planet, it is permanently night. Planets and stars in the sky appear to be stuck in place. If I walk or drive, the sun, stars, and other visible planets/moons will begin to move slightly, but they never return to fu
  12. Summary: 1.0.13 - Steam - Frozen/Stuck Planets Description: Planets on save file that I've logged numerous hours on are now stuck in place; not moving along their orbits nor spinning. As a result, there's no longer a day/night cycle when standing on a planet. If I stand on a planet absolutely still and not interact with anything, the planets, stars and sun in the sky will appear to try to start moving again, but very slowly and not smoothly (i.e. stutter/skip along). It's only on this particular save file that I've been working on since 1.0 was released that the issue has occurred. If
  13. So a few days ago, I was over at my friend's house for his birthday celebration (his b-day was a day before release), and I was showing him Astroneer (as I had no-one to play with). So I was telling him about the planets, and he points out that all these planets were derived from Latin words, which closely match the previous names for the planets. That's what I call an attention to detail! Sylva Previously 'Terran'. Derived from 'Silva", meaning 'Forest'. Calidor Previously 'Arid'. Derived from "Calidi", meaning 'Hot' Atrox
  14. I don't know the new planet names off heart and reference materials are not caught up to 1.0. I am on the larger exotic planet, I've activated all 6 surface nodes, and dug down. There is no entry to the core node as far as I can see. This is my third planet, I've been to the core of two others, but this one simply has no visible pylons sticking out of the unbreakable stone. I've spent close to an hour searching the lowest caves, then a good minutes randomly mining along the unbreakable stone, then mined to the south pole, and all the way around to the north pole.
  15. I’ve gone down all the way to the core but I can’t find any graphite on vesania, the wiki says it’s a primary resource on that planet but I can’t find it anywhere. pls help
  16. My friend and I fully activated Sylva and moved on to Desolo. We tried to power on one of the gates, but realized we didn't have enough. A couple trips there and back, we have enough to keep a steady flow in. All of the pillars reach the bottom, the music swells and...nothing. Eventually the power runs out and we get a horrifying looped, glitched-out sound of it powering back down. The pillars didn't come back up. No matter how much power we pump into the thing, nothing happens. Today I went over to the second Desolo gate to try and get it working, same thing happened. Don't know if the
  17. Hey folks! Just looking to get some info to my astroneer clanmates. I would like to know the new 'tundra' that will have both hematite and wolframite. And really just looking for confirmed resources on each planet to compile a new full list, i will post when complete. Thank you very much for your time! Tactile
  18. if I put a single-seater into a small shuttle (bigger ones might work too, but not tested), it is possible to take a friend with me to another planet. However, once arrived, the map is desynced: The model of the planet and the collision are seperately generated and have nothing in common. This bug is GAMEBREAKING. Sorry that I don't have a screenshot, we ragequitted as it makes this game unplayable. Components: EVGA 1060 Ryzen 5 ROG STRIX B350-F Gaming Guess the rest is irrelevant... Operating system: Windows 10 Professional 64 Bit
  19. Platform: Steam Version: Alpha So my I introduced my father to Astroneer. He's really into the game, he's been playing way more than me (partly because he's using my account, but mainly 'cause I don't have much time from university). He has built a lot on every planet, a few bases on each, a highway going all the way around, just a lot of stuff. First when he made a couple bases and started putting markers, they would float in space away from the actual planet and where they are supposed to mark, so we lived with that for a bit, but then when he made ever more stuff, the pla
  20. When i flew to antoher planet, all instead of one of them were looking so weird
  21. Description: When on any planet other than terra, barren, or exotic my reticle for the teraforming gun is extremely snappy. I don't quite know what caused it other than I changed planets. My friend also has the same issue and it seems to be much worse on planets like Arid, and Radiated. This only happens when making terrain flat using the Ctrl + mouse1 option on the gun. Platform: Steam/PC Version / Build Number:
  22. With the last official update to the pre-alpha slated to come out tomorrow, and a new moon being added with T2 before they crank out 1.0, I wanted to share this, not knowing if any of the info would change. I also have not seen anyone look at this yet, so if someone has, I'd love to double check my numbers against theirs. TL;DR, I found the orbital periods (Sidereal Periods) of each planet currently in the game, their resulting Synodic Periods with each other planet, and discovered System Era likes Lucky Numbers (using the Sieve of Josephus Flavius), within error. This post does not go in
  23. Summary: – Steam – Sky and Planets extremely lagging Description: Critical Bug After playing many days, building a big base and exploring many caves with a huge tether network on terran the sky and the planets don't almost move. Time seems to freeze. At sunset I took the large rover truck for a scrap tour. In a distance of my base the truck had no energy left (2x medium batteries and 2x medium solars which normaly covers the consumption). Wondering why, I realized it was still night though I was on tour for a while. The sky and the planets moved extremely slow. T
  24. When I was exploring, my whole screen flashed blue for a few seconds. When it cleared, I realised that another planet had, in its orbit, collided and passed through the one I was on. The planets having their own orbit is one of the standout features I think, but they'll have to be modified slightly in order to prevent this
  25. Player 2 visited Tundra to drop supplies off for me; a bit later I bit the dust and found myself back on Terran. Could the respawn be linked to the last planet /anyone/ landed on, rather than the dead player?