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  1. New planets are a popular idea for Astroneer, but continuously adding more and more planets can become a pain, as more gateways and cores would need to be added, and all of the core activating would become too time-consuming and redundant. A possible way to fix this is not directly adding planets to the main solar system, but rather, add planets to other solar systems, perhaps with different core activation requirements or completely new system altogether, to keep the player interested. How to get to a new solar system To keep players from speeding ahead from the main storyline, there should be a requirement needed, such as using geometric triptyches or activating all cores. Once this requirement is reached, there are several different possibilities: Semi-Conventional Spacecraft: A new spacecraft (likely an Extra Large Shuttle, ELS) would work in the context of the game. The ELS would function like any other spacecraft, but instead of being limited to the bounds of the system, it could be able to launch into interstellar space, requiring more fuel than interplanetary travel. Warp Drives: In reality, massive distances are in between systems. For example, Proxima Centauri is about 265613 AU (4.2 light years) away from our solar system. For reference: 1 AU is the average separation in between the Earth and the Sun. This makes using conventional fuels very inconvenient. Although Astroneer is not completely based on reality, using a non-conventional mean of traveling would be better, as it would require more of a challenge. Warp drives would be large (tier 3) objects that require energy, lots of energy. Electric current values typically experienced while activating the chambers of difficult planets would make sense. Since the ELS will likely have 2 tier 4 slots, enough energy can easily be placed inside of it and still have plenty of room for other storage. When an ELS has a warp drive, it has the option to jump to another system (perhaps with the "V" button on PC's, instead of it being used for interplanetary travel). Some lore-based element: The Astroneer lands in a world filled with unusual technologies. On these planets exist large chambers that utilize teleportation, massive, carved out cores with technology far beyond our current understanding, and an unusual artificial satellite that exhibits strange properties. It would make sense that the creators of these would also have the power of interstellar travel. Perhaps this is how one can obtain a warp drive, or maybe, a player on a spaceship gets flung into another system if the player activates something. These are some of the limitless possibilities. Planets and other objects in these systems: There are so many unique ideas of planets, these are only my ideas: Mountainous planet: A planet predominantly covered in mountains. Gray in color, this planet could have below average gravity (which helps create mountains), and have many natural resources, such as Hematite and Titanite, among others. Using rovers on these planets would be very impractical, as sheer cliffs and many holes would halt transportation to a standstill. Some type of hovercraft could be used instead. This planet will also enjoy high solar and moderate to high wind. Stormy planet: A planet covered in a storm, similar to what Calidor used to be, but a bit different. Dust storms or other types of storms (rainstorm, thunderstorm, high wind?) would be present here. This planet would certainly be a challenge, but many of the rarer materials (or perhaps new ones) should be found to make going to this planet worthwhile. Patches of "calm" should also exist, where there are no storms. Solar power would be almost useless, while wind power would be dominant. Asteroid/Ice belt: An asteroid belt or ice belt would be an unusual addition to this game. Almost no gravity would exist on the belt, nor will wind. Solar power would be the likely choice for these planets. Using a hovercraft would likely be one of the only ways around on this area. These areas would host a variety of materials, and thus, can be a great spot for mining colonies. Asteroid belts and Ice belts would be very similar, apart from different appearance and maybe materials. Final note: Thank you for reading through all of this, it is really appreciated! I spent too much time on this so any type of feedback and criticism is not only welcomed, but also encouraged. I may be able to update this as time progresses.
  2. A gas giant planet would be a very exotic planet to explore. If you want to explore a gas giant, you would need certain tools for your spaceship in order to explore a gas giant, otherwise, you would fall until you got crushed by the gravity in the lower layers. Some gas giants could have life such as the ones shown in Carl Sagan's documentary "Cosmos". The life on a gas giant could swallow you and your spaceship whole, if you are not careful, but the life on a gas giant could also be harvested for materials and food. Here are some photos of a gas giant which could be implemented in Astroneer. (Source: ) ( Source: ) ( Source: ) Here are some photos of life on a gas giant in Astroneer which could be implemented in Astroneer. ( Source:–-jupiter/ ) (Source: ) A gas giant could have some gases(liquids if you go deep enough) that could be sucked up and converted to energy, materials, etc. You could also potentially build bases on gas giants, like that of Bespin in Star Wars. (Example photo below.) ( Source: )
  3. Resources: Primary: Lithium Sekundary: Quartz Gas: Argon, Hydrogen or something else? Description: Post-apocalyptic Ice Age World, Very Cold, very Aggressive Flora, Rough Terrain makes hard to drive through with Vehicles. Energy: verly little Sun, No Wind other Features?! a very Large Planet with Ice Storms, scary Ambient, music them etc. most Planet parts covered in Ice Fog, maybe creepy Environment? Caves also have a very Deep Ambientlike Music with Alot of Ice/Snow Dirt and less Stone etc. Tons of Scraps Everywhere New Possible Material "Adamantium" which can be found only on Zelysium! "Adamantinum" can be used to craft later upcoming Superior Gear like Solar Jetpack, Plasma Thrust nozzle, Large Battery, NFRTG (Nuclear Fusion RTG), Nuclear Furnance, Large Tractor, Portable RTG, and so on... Please make sure that a Citylike Planet in Ice Age Condition comes into the Game, that would be so cool for a Adventure
  4. So, I'm on glacio right now and after leveling an area around the northern gateway I can't walk without getting hung up on invisible objects (polygons of the planet??) Sometimes, it takes having the jetpack to be able to move again.
  5. Hi there. Several times as a client on a Co-Op game, I've had problems attempting to land a shuttle. Leaving a planet and selecting a new planet to orbit work as normal but after flying to the new planet graphically glitches. I am unable to see or select a landing place or any planet features (see attached). Attempting to hit C or V to launch somewhere else does nothing even with fuel to move. The only way out of this is to exit the game and relaunch. However, upon relaunching you are prompted to reconfirm character settings and are sent to Sylva. I've attached screen shots of the planet from the point of being stuck.
  6. Astroneer version / Steam / mouse and keyboard When choosing where to land on a planet, astroneers are able to choose the same spot to land that another shuttle has already landed at. This leads to the shuttle landing "inside" the already landed shuttle. Image 1: choosing the already occupied spot Image 2: just before the landing sequence ends, showing my Large shuttle landing inside a small shuttle. choose files... Click to choose files
  7. Dear Astroneer developers, What about the Centre of the Planet? I mean what will happen when I will reach the centre of the planet? I tried hard to reach it but it seems that I cannot pass through it, and I have to be back from where I come... Have you put some barrier to avoid the possibility to move to the other side? As I attached as pictures, e.g. the Astronaut fall down in the empty space, and he can comes from every side 360°, then what is going on when reached the Centre of the Planet (A)? starts to rolling without ending? (B) I am not a physic of course, but should be nice to make something about like...don't know....funny stuff?... Thank you Tommaso
  8. What about an Eyeball planet? Where one side is hot and dry Andy it’s day all the time, the other side is cold, frozen and night all the time, but there’s a ring going around the surface of the planet between those two regions that has wAtEr and plants living there. I’d like to see more of a variation of planet types. I saw gas giants are on the road Map already. What about meteors that are large enough to land on and walk around on?
  9. Hey SES. Just wanted to let you know that Novus shares the same icon with Vesania when in space, but the Astropedia has it correct. -SDK
  10. Hi Team!! Although beacons are the number 1 way not to get lost I would like to suggest another concept for explorers, landmarks. This is a low priority request but I feel from a design point of view would make the game look far more amazing and also allow players to explore with less chance of getting lost (which is damn easy to do!). I thought the new alien artifacts would do this but they're all the same. Even if you don't go by my idea you could change the look or colours of the various alien buildings instead. I found seeing multiple alien buildings while exploring actually disorientated me somewhat leading to getting lost. Quite the opposite of what was expecting. Create large objects or rare land formations spread across a planet. These can be very spread out and allow players to judge their position without the need of beacons or at least, not as many. Crazy steep mountain formation. Crashed alien ship. Giant crystal formation. Huge plant type structure or tree (life tree from Avatar for example) Floating strange object high in the sky. Volcano or similar structure with smoke, lava or some weird goop coming out of it. etc etc. Sometimes these landmarks dont need to be high. They could be a giant weird hole in the ground with glow stones or weird asteroid sitting in a crater. You could also add rare minerals to these areas if you wish. Landmarks could also be very interesting places to build a base! Overall, something that stands out so a player can somewhat understand where they are from their base. Beacons or no beacons. Cheers team, keep up the amazing work. The new v.1 is amazing.
  11. J'ai découvert le centre de la lune et sa ressemblent au téléporteur en surface, mais les prises sont différentes et je ne sais pas comment l'alimenter. Merci à celui qui pourra me répondre.
  12. Firstly, hi there! I I buy and played Astroneer since 1 month and the game is amazing, but like the others I have suggestions and Ideas, I don't know maybe they add this feature on 1.0 Wish we have full stormy planets , on these planets exploring became more hard also you try to survive ( in a way ) I know Astroneer purpose is exploring, but we need these challanges this is what I think at least. Think about it, planets fully with storms would be awesome, look at the picture I mean, you landed planet and it's fully storm , please write down here what you're think about this idea : )
  13. Hi, I was playing with some friends, they travel to the first planet but when i try to go i get stucked on the space, flying arround the earth, and i cant choose any place to drop. I try to log out and come in again, but i´m in the space running, out of ship, and i need to wait until i die to respawn again. i only go to the first planet whit a bug. if there is a way to fix it i will be grateful.
  14. I check the Astroneer road map, after 1.0 we finally get mod support. But I wondered this so much, did we get " Planet Builder " ? Like the World Editor , here is the idea. With present assets on Astroneer ( after the mod support maybe we can add our own assets ? ) We can create our own special Planets, maybe even we create a mixed planet half tundra, half barrens, part by part actually this is just a simple example. I know it's not easy but wanna see yours comments, what you thinking about this ?
  15. I know the devs have said they plan to add more worlds at release or even after, and I was wondering if we could get a topic going with suggestions from everyone about what kind of planets or terrain and their features they would like to see in the future. This is not what will be coming out or should come out at launch. This is for future content updates and dlc to keep this game going great for a long time to come. To kick things off, I've seen a lot of suggestions for water to be added, but what about a desert world? Somewhere with wide open ranges, few entrances to the cave systems, and ground with sand like properties where removing it actually has gravity act upon it and land cascades in to fill the void. Not only would it be a challenge to find resources above but it would be a blast to fly across the land in the buggy trying to find the nearest mountain range or rare resource native to this kind of land. there could be plant types that shoot spikes rather than gas clouds So to simplify: Desert biome, Sand that shifts when vacuumed, vast open spaces with little to no debris (Rovers and Buggies at top speeds!), Few and far between landmarks like mountains and canyons, dangerous flora.
  16. When I spawn in, for a long time I am not attached to my person, i am attached to the world and I can just rotate it around. It eventually fixes, but it takes a while.
  17. After the last update all planets stops spinning. But! If I click on window title bar - the universe moves a little bit Yesterday I've clicked till happy sunrise for home base region but the problem is serious I think. Also, I noticed that universe spins a little if some disk activity happens. I tested it by copying files between folders or playing some videos: in moments when writing on disk from cache or reading from disk to cache I saw little spins of game universe. Here is a little video with this issue
  18. Summary: Issues regarding planet exploration and building ( Steam Description: These issues only happen when I leave my starter planet then stop once I return. flattening terrain in near impossible. When trying, my cursor will seem to get stuck soon after I start dragging and then will jump to a near by location. Placing buildings such as platforms share the same properties as the previous issue Travailing by foot is difficult. After every step or two I seem to get stuck on the terrain despite little to no deviations. The only way I can avoid this is to continuously keep jumping. The crafting menu holograms on my backpack keep shacking. I am referring to where you would craft tethers. This seems to only have visual effects. Specifactions: OS: Windows 10 Education Version 1803 Build 17134.345 Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6500 CPU @ 3.20GHz AMD Radeon (TM) R9 380 Series) 16 DDR4 Raid Ram 1TB Segate HDD Things I have tried: Restarting the game Restarting my computer Creating a new world I will also like to say that I do love this game a lot. I got it a few months after if first came out and loved every update that came to it. I highly appreciate your time looking into this issue! The problems I normally have are similar to everyone else so I never raised mush concern because I know your dev team is working hard to fix the issues. But I wasn't able to find someone else with this issue so I am starting to have some concerns. Any help is highly appreciated! If there is anything you would like for me to try please reply! Thanks again!
  19. My brother & I were playing & I traveled to Arid. I suffocated & died. The dropship landed me on Terrain with my brother. Our shuttle was still on Arid. I only got to keep the things in my back pack. This has happened multiple times. Once, my brother died from suffocation and respawned on Barren where I was! Also, We exited & saved our game yesterday when I was on Exotic & my brother was on Terrain, but when we reloaded the game today the dropship landed me back on Terrain without my shuttle & with only the things I had in my back pack. - Platform- Xbox One & Xbox One S - To recreate this bug: In multiplayer, travel to another planet & suffocate. When you respawn it might respawn you on the same planet that your friend is on. OR In multiplayer, travel to another planet, exit & save, reload the game. The dropship might land you on Terrain. - Notes: This hasn"t happened EVERY time just MOST of the time. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF ANYONE ELSE IS EXPERIENCING THIS PROBLEM!
  20. Hello, It was sunny day, nothing foreshadowed troubles, i was shopping some zinс on the moon and when i go in to the shuttle ( it was 1-seat opened), it suddenly change to 1-seat closed! The control buttons disappeared and i can`t control it and escape from it! My friend come to me, he tooked 1-seat closed while i was there ( we have no 1-seat closed in this game ) and he saw a shuttle with 1-seat opened! He dropped me on the moon and he goes to home base ( i was on the moon in 1-seat closed) AND THEN HAPPEND THIS ! And nothing can fix this (
  21. A strange view, right? I am curious what will happen when I go there ?
  22. I don't know how that happened but i laughed hard. It was a temporary though.
  23. I’m not sure if it’s just my game but tundra from orbital view is broken into 4 quarters. I haven’t loaded into Tundra but I’m not sure if I want to go there if it looks like that.
  24. Not sure how this works but it was persistent. Even after exiting and reloading the game. Once in orbit with the planet it was normal. But when in this screen, it was all broken up like a sliced up orange. After leaving the planet and moving to a new planet it looked like this again. Hope this was helpful!
  25. I tried to look to see if someone posted a bug about this but I haven't seen one. I am currently on Arid ( I believe since there are no more planet names, the one with the floating spiky balls of death) and I created a base. I have a vehicle bay that is powered, along with a fully functional base. Problem is, once I leave the planet and want to come back, I can't find my landing site. It doesn't show any icons for my base. I have to try and GUESS where I landed last time and hope I am correct. I waited for the planet to make 2 full rotations, by my calculations, and I saw nothing telling me where I was to land again. I did manage to find it again by trial and error. I am playing on a PC through Steam Candor