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Found 9 results

  1. j.a.b


    System Era, please fix the placement on ASTRONEER for the Tethers and make it how they used to be placed... because I cannot handle my tethers placing, having Oxygen, and then disconnecting. It frustrates me when I'm exploring, going to a Gateway, or going to a Gateway Chamber/Gateway Engine.
  2. Hello all, Just wanted to point and see if anyone else is having the same issue. After playing for a couple weeks now, I have developed a sizable network of tethers leading to and from my home base. Ive noticed the more tethers I place the longer it takes for the game to catch up. The entire game freezes, and then after a 3 second pause the game catches up. At which point I have ran far enough away from the last tether, that I need to place another and the loop goes on from there. Any support or comments? Thanks, xXMotherGooseXx
  3. If you were to make a lvl 4 connection... maybe a triangle shaped plug, that only the single and triple shuttle seats have, this would fix all bugs with seats and the shuttle. There could be 1 slot on the side of the shuttle or 2, but not in front of where the fuel tank is filled. A habitat and open seats shouldn’t fit.
  4. I've been playing with a friend for 3 days now and when we created our first medium rover we had a problem which was that i couldn't place anything on TOP of the rover but i could place anything only on the sides. Also it was impossible for me to build a rover i tried everything to see if it works but nothing happened. My friend on the others hand could easily put anything on top of the rover and could create one as well. We tried restarting the game, exiting and re entering and i died so i could "reset" my character. Notes: My friend was the host We both are playing from PC
  5. When we started playing the new 0.6.0 release we started building the base in multiplayer. We printed a Research Station and placed it on the ground, not on a platform. It unpacked and got stuck to the ground. This might be a feature. And there might be a way to repack it. But we could find no way to move or repack. Is there a way to move or repack a modular item if it gets placed on the ground instead of on a platform? Perhaps ground placement should be disallowed, or repacking should be an option, or maybe we missed the instructions to do so.
  6. Xan Steel

    Floating tethers

    The first image is with the terrain tool out when placing a tether. The second image is a tether placed without the terrain tool out. While this is pretty silly and comical. It would likely be better to have the tethers drop on the left side of your character. AMD Phenom X4 8gbs ram GTX650 Win10 with Steam
  7. 1egend_Shadow

    Bag suggestion.

    When you open up your bag it is in the middle of every thing that your trying to place or move. I was thinking that you could put the bag in the upper right hand corner along with your oxygen and your power in the top left. On the bottom it could show your health. Thank you for reading this! -1egend_Shadow Xbox 1: legendaried1998
  8. It will be great to have an ability to place modules as you want (choose hight or rotate it). If that can't be done, want to see plausible module placement, so it can't stuck in other( like on pic. below)
  9. jell96

    Spawn Placements

    Hi there, I ran into a bug on the PC version (keyboard) of your game. When I travelled to another planet and died without having a habitat placed there I spawned underneath my spaceship and inside the planet. I was lucky enough i could enter my spaceship from this weird spawnpoint. Maybe something you guys could have a little look at?! greeetz awesome space marine 40k