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Found 7 results

  1. Some pictures i took on my favorite planet Calidor. Whats your favorite planet? 1) Stacked up compound into Astroneer logo. 2) Alignment of planets, almost breathtaking. 3) Sunrise on Calidor
  2. I have a suggestion. While I was browsing the interwebs, I stumbled upon a picture. This is a tank/excavation tool. Before I say anything i just was to say that I did NOT make this render and am showing because I feel it need recognition, the maker of this image is Quiznos32; if you want to view the original post click here.
  3. Discovered this 1/2 way down, inside a deep cave.... Odd place to crash o.0 It also emits comm audio.
  4. Would love to be able to craft a camera and then put it your side bpack slot to take a picture, and if you get the big camera and get it powered by something it will create a timelaspe and then save it to your computer or send it to a email for console users, you can make it cost a 1 alu and then 2 alu for the big guy, great game and go squash those bugs!!
  5. We need a Tier 3 power storage, currently there are the two types of batteries but I personally use a ton of power and require a lot of batteries, an idea would be to have a Huge power cell with side slots like base compartments, it would be an entire extra base section that would be buildable with lithium and possibly titanium. It would be able to store 3-5 times more power than a normal large battery I posted that picture because it kinda shows how the current best way of storing power is insufficient and ineffective.