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Found 8 results

  1. I came across some objects after some previous astroneer had died some time before (Or randomly just dropped off everything it had for no apparent reason). I tried to pick up a tank, and wasn't able to until I dug a fairly large hole first. See in the video below. Version 0.9.0, Windows 10, Steam edition.
  2. situation: When every slot on your backpack and deform tool is occupied by an item except for the BP printer slot. the alt+click function will show strange item discard behaviour for any item except the desired item by the BP printer. This is confusing. Shouldn't you just get the "backpack is full" behaviour routine unles you pick up the correct item for the bp printer ? Here is an illustration of what I mean! 2018-03-17 12-34-56.mp4
  3. Summary: After several hours of play, my character (host character only) can no longer interact with items within my pack, object on the ground, nor objects on storage(s). Description: After several hours of play, my character (host character only) can no longer interact with items within my pack, object on the ground, nor objects on storage(s). Upon opening my pack, nothing can be clicked but the pack can be put away. Use of the terrain tool in unaffected, as well as jumping, running, O2 depletion and damage from falls. However, damage from evil plants seems to be broken now a
  4. I have crafted Crane but it is not attached to any car. Now I cant move it at all. It is rolling back and forth when the storm is coming. I can ride it. but a crane without wheels is just a crane. I had to craft a new one straight on the car.
  5. Joining: We were able to connect once, but most of the time we join the other person and then after it loads for awhile get kicked back to the single player screen. When it does load the avatar selection screen, the mouse doesn't work and the keyboard has to be used. Items: As the Host I can pickup all items, things that are on the ground the other player seems unable to pickup. 3-Seater on Truck: After both getting into the Truck and I started driving it flung the other player into space, he orbited the sun and then appeared back on the ground, then his game crashed. Sounds: We can hear
  6. So it turns out that if you want to pick up a placed tether you must open your pack up first and then place it into an empty slot, if you pick it up and drag it onto your player it is deleted, if you hold shift and click it it will be deleted, normally when you hold shift and press on an item that can be placed into your pack it will automatically be placed so long as you have a slot available. PC, Keyboard Mouse
  7. I really like it, but it may be a bug that you are able to grab objects from a significant distance when you have the mining tool out vs just hands. Desktop 12.19.2016 - Desktop_12_19.2016_-_20_41_39_02.mp4
  8. I'm on the steam version using mouse and keyboard. I built a seat onto a rover using the Vehicle Bay but cannot take the seat off now. I've restarted my game but it hasn't done anything. In the picture my cursor is hovering over it, but it isn't allowing me to pick it up.