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  1. On a trip from Sylva to Desolo, I made an error and flew back to Sylva before I landed and then headed back to Desolo for a second time without landing. The solid-fuel thruster allowed me to do this, but then stranded me on Desolo as I had not visited yet and the thruster broke. So I went Sylva -> Desolo -(without landing)-> Sylva -(without landing)-> Desolo -> A bad time I believe this is a bug since the solid-fuel thruster is supposed to make 1 round trip but allowed 3 paths.
  2. Hello, I was playing in multiplayer and I discovered the emotes. As they are bound to 1 2 3 4 by default (QWERTY keyboard) and I have an AZERTY keyboard, I remapped the emotes to & é " ' (the last is showed as "apostrophe" in settings). Spaming the ' (4) key results in emote not working but a lens flare growing up on the screen. At some point it ends to this... Forced to restart the game (hopefully this kind of state isn't saved). Remapping the last emote to ( (5) key "fixes" the bug, and the linked emote can be used. This bug can be reproduced. Playing on version
  3. While playing the Steam version of the game with keyboard and mouse, there will be fraction of a second lag-spikes, and if you were pressing any button during this time on mouse or keyboard, it will keep going even after you let go until you click it again. It's a very small glitch, but it's just gotten me killed, so I felt the need to report it. It happens to me most often while I am digging.
  4. Will the PS4 be able to play with players on the pc ?
  5. I've been playing on Astroneer on and off with a friend in the US (I'm UK based) and we're having issues with Glacio. So far we've managed to unlock all nodes on the other planets up to Glacio, and have a base on Atrox but not worked on the gateways as yet. File size is 22.9mb and wandering if this is causing some issues, graphics drivers are up to date. I've read some issues maybe caused by file size being too big, but I'm not sure. Doing some tidying up and the game will just crash out completely with no prior warning. Any ideas?
  6. Hello! I've been having this issue since last year with Astroneer's multiplayer function when it comes to either hosting, or joining just a single friend on my friend's list. I viewed this topic to try to find a solution. I made sure my firewall had access (public and private), I removed and readded my friend, none of us own an anti-virus, and we're joining each other both directly through steam on PC. This is not the first time I've had this issue, as I've tried it with another friend before and it's consistent. We both have updated copies of the game. Usually, it allows us to join each other once in a fresh world, but if the host disconnects and we decide we want to play another day, neither of us can connect. I've also tried flushing my ip. It seems like it's allowing him to join the game as I see his friend icon appear in the sky, but then stalls on the loading screen and then proceeds to kick him to the main menu. From there, an "X" appears in the sky where my friend once was. Is there any current known fixes to this that may allow me to host him again on a world I already started?
  7. On PC through Steam. Currently on Atrox and have had 2 soil centrifuges completely lock up if the power is cut off during use. They will not produce anything, can't accept new soil, and moving them changes nothing. The first time was a power outage, the second was an accidental disconnect. I have tried restarting the whole game and also just reloading from the menu.
  8. Me and 2 of my friends were trying to get the wanderers dream achievement, we got to the last probe on Atrox and the wanderer appeared but me and one of my friends weren't able to take a picture with him to get the achievement while my other friend was able too.
  9. My name is Taylor, I have been trying to play Astroneer for the past 5 odd hours with my friends and each time they join me they disconnect like 2 minutes later same if i join them. Any fixes would be appreciated :D .
  10. Hello, PC - Steam (Both players) both: Nvidia 1080 gpu among other items She hosts, I join. While solely on the first planet....all things are okay with the minor bugs you see in other places (vehicle craziness, super-sized resources, guns randomly sticking in places, extra large guns, etc). Then when we start unlocking portals, things get dicey. I try to get in the vehicle and lose connection. Rejoin the game.....walk around. No problem. Get in the vehicle again and 5 minutes later I've lost connection to host. Rinse and repeat. The more planet centers we unlock, the more disconnects and the faster they happen. Thank you, Dendrir
  11. Today, I used a diamond to unlock the geometric triptych for the Glacio gateway engine but neither the Steam achievement nor the in-game suit unlocked. I tried restarting the game but that also didn't help. I have three gateways unlocked on the planet and had been traveling back and forth between them just fine. The interior gateway also is operating fine, in terms of its teleporting function. There is just no achievement or suit that is unlocking.
  12. Hello! For all the users on my dedicated server (8), we are having a bug where the printer sounds run on an infinite loop. This happens mostly with medium printer. only restarting the game fixes the issue. Very very annoying!!!
  13. Description: In currently used save file, the game crashes to desktop whenever an action is taken that causes the game to save, such as entering a rover or habitat. This bug doesn't occur on a fresh save. I can't post crash logs as this version auto uploads them or whatever and there is no log folder stored on my PC by Astroneer. Platform: Windows 10 Store (or Xbox store if that's the same thing) Version / Build Number: Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 18363) (18362.19h1_release.190318-1202) System Manufacturer: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. Processor: AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1090T Processor (6 CPUs), ~3.2GHz Memory: 16384MB RAM Card name: AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT DxDiag.txt
  14. It's been three days and everytime my friend tries to join my game, he has this message :"your connection to the host has been lost". We tried restarting steam, restarting our pc, and other things and we still can't play. We absolutely love the game so it really annoys us. Have a great day
  15. I've had Astroneer for around a month, and have played around 20 hours on the same saved game. After I updated to the most recent update, it still ran fine, but after saving my world and logging off the second time after the update, I came back and my save file had been reduced to the size of 1 KB and I could not load it, rename it, duplicate it, or generally interact with it. I've made other save files since then and none of them have had any issues similar to this. I did not close the game prematurely before saving, I'm certain of that. I'd like to know if there's any way for me to fix my world and gain my 20 or so hours of progress back. I've restarted the game, uninstalled and reinstalled, scanned and repaired files, and restarted my computer multiple times. Any suggestions or fixes would be greatly appreciated.
  16. looking for some help, spent hours with microsoft and xbox support and no luck. . . i downloaded the game on pc to play with my friend on xbox, we played for a good six hours with no problems. loved the game! but not i can not join or invite to a game at all. i get the invite and accept it and nothing happens. NAT is open and connected, tried reinstalling the game, restarted the computer, microsoft and xbox remoted in and checked all kinds of settings and even helped my make sure ports on my router were open. still have the same problem. . . please help!
  17. I watched the video on youtube about the devs first, then connected with the game. I have a tendency to ramble this might be long. Issues: Floating resources and objects in the game just stuck there. When you hit something or bump it it flies halfway around the planet...OMG! Resources such as compounds and resin should not stop a rover... Compound is it covalent or ionic or metallic ? Is it jelly or solid odd thing in the game really. Resin should actually stick to the rover tires lol. We need a better use for Astronium currently useless in its current state. Currently you only need to go to Calidor, Novus, Glacio and the starting planet of Sylva for most of the items you need. Glacio - Argon Novus - Worth a base 3 items you need easy to get to. Calidor - Field Shelter Worthy Atrox - Helium Not much reason to deal with anything else.. Almost everything else you need can simply be ordered via the trade platform. Just make cheap shred and get endlessly... This allows you to convert cheap resources and get expensive ones without the need to go to another planet. Platforms with no real purpose and spacing on items is odd. huge platform holds 4 items so you need to stack things on top of the 4 to make many more it is a bit stupid, because the silos do not spin on their own. A better solution is to have a centralized modular system so you can snap on or off and rotate. Improvements/Ideas/Changes Soil centrifuge is annoying and a hassle, but makes resource gathering obsolete. Using the medium Canister is annoying especially trying to drive that drill bit without falling into an endless abyss or getting stuck on a pebble... srsly! Instead of using canisters simply hook the med canister to the device so you create 4, 8, 16 items at once or a combination of 4 x = 16 total Zip Lines - would be awesome. That also carried O2 and low capacity energy transfer would solve the problem of tethers all over creation and in odd places. platforms would work better if they physically snapped together so the player could determine the design not a prefab that may or maynot fit your needs. Each tier 1 socket would cost 1 resin and double each time and you can decide any combination of tier configurations. Resources - What you make something out of should matter. So if I want to use Steel vs Aluminum the item should have a better durability, yes this game needs durability because you can free fall to the center of the world with little regard to anything on a vehicle. Beacons are sad in this game. Trying to put a beacon on a circle is stupid. Unless it is within the line of sight one mountain and poof your lost. A better system would be to place the beacon and be able to target that beacon and the game lay out a path to that beacon. Light blue arrows on the ground very simple. Wireless Power Towers - This is basically your upgraded tether system. It would allow for remote deployment in areas of importance. To build it you will need solar or wind (med) x2 or 1 of each or an RTG Unit, 1 portable oxygenator, can be repackaged. Deploy a satellite to pinpoint items and locations such as wrecks, and resources more quickly. This would tie into a console accessible on any rover or shelter or field shelter. It would replace the need to use beacons. Plants - Biopolimer make this happen Shredder overhaul - Only need 1 shredder of decent size the large one is fine. depending on the item you want to shred it may take longer. Watching the item get ripped apart is satisfying... Also a que system so you can stack multiple items of any size. Use with the atomization tool to recycle huge spaceships no need to use dynamite. object atomization. This would be advanced packaging... Using an attachment you can atomize targets and then restore them. Put the attachment on the shredder to automate shredding of stored items. satellite beaming technology - Beaming base will need to be built. Items can only be received at the base platform. Then build tagger item. Any item tagged can be beamed directly to your base platform this is the advanced atomization technology. Then eventually we can just get light beam technology and just convert energy into solid objects no need to do anything else... yeah that would be a while lol.... Rovers should hover not roll... A nice hovering train to create a portable base on... Maybe we should just build one of them huge floating fortresses that SHIELD has... I like the idea of having a companion like a robot maybe a drone or something. This is an ongoing process can't do it all in one post.
  18. For some reason whenever I open my game the game is just a grey screen. I cannot do anything about it. I hear the System Era start up chime and that is on a black screen. Then grey screen appears and it gets stuck on that. When I open the game the Astroneer photo thing is there, but then its just black after with the start up chime. I downloaded it on the Microsoft store and I have it on my Xbox One. With Xbox play anywhere the progress is synced with my pc and Xbox One Astroneer. I just cannot play on my pc because of this. I really like this game so please fix this issue or tell me how to fix it manually! I downloaded it off the Microsoft store so its harder to get into the folders, or at least I had trouble with it. Please fix! I really want to play on my old world! System Specs- Nvidia GTX 750 Ti, 8 gigabytes of ddr3 ram, 5400 rpm hard drive, Intel i-5 4690 @3.5 ghz, Windows 10
  19. Hello, i have an idea how to improve control who is in charge in rover, who is controlling driving wheel. For example when i enter rover first and my friend after me, then im a driver and just me can control rover when i leave the rover for example to mine minerals, then my friend get driving control of rover when i enter my rover back, then my friend have still control of rover and he needs to leave and re-enter rover to give me control Mine idea is: have a context menu on some keyboard shortcut when player in charge in rover can popup this menu and see player sitting in same rover and after clicking on his name, he give him access to drive. And so on same way give access to me for example, when he click on menu on my name, then he gave me control of rover and noone needs to leave and reenter the vehicle.
  20. SO I ran my steam in offline mode, and had none of my skins ( still had the achievements) and then all of my base's batteries were empty. Restarted computer and steam in online mode, no results. Was playing multiplayer earlier. WiFi suddenly cut out (my fault) and friend disconnected, may be part of issue.
  21. Hey everyone, I bought 2 copies of Astroneer today (a PC version from Microsoft Store and XBOX one), so that my son and I can play co-op together. The problem is that we can't join each other's game session due to, as I have learned, the same ports being forwarded on the router. I've found out which ports I should open, but both for the pc and xbox version the ports are the same. How can I make sure either of the copies uses different ports? How will the game know how to use the new ones? Thanks for the help.
  22. Hi. When loading a large save weighing more than 10 megabytes, the game crashes with an error not enough memory. If at the same time you look at the use of RAM, you can see how it is filled to the maximum and starts using the swap file. When the paging file ends, or Windows decides that too much memory is used up, the game crashes. If the save weighs less than 10 megabytes, then you can see how the game uses more and more RAM when loading, but as soon as the world loads, use abruptly bounces back. All this leads to the fact that you cannot load your save. If you play long enough and then exit the game it will load, you will not be able to. Please tell me how to solve this problem or when to wait for the fix of the game.
  23. Despite having activated one of the gateway chambers, I am unable to access the center of the Gateway Engine. I am on Glacio and using version 1.9.7. I have tried restarting the game multiple times.
  24. Backstory: I got the game when I was on a trip to Germany to see some family (I live in the UK but I'm not native) and played the game on my cousins PC (same stats as mine but different hardware). I got home and found an issue that I could not find in any game related forum so far. Behaviour: I start the game and the first 5sec are normal. The fun begins after the "SYSTEM ERA" logo. The game looks like its frozen, but its not. when I press ALT+TAB the screen refreshes and shows a different picture (noticed by the position of the loading circle), and it does not get better after the game menu loads, and oh boy does it take long to load(20+ min just for the menu). Tested fixes: -Low FPS fix from -directX update(it was up to date)
  25. As the title suggests, the game will not say anything if the save directory is not writeable, and happily pretend it's saving the game when, in reality, data is going to la-la land. The reason this came about is because I used to have my save directory in my Dropbox folder, and I had a soft link to it from where it usually resides, so my saves were synced between computers. Then I switched from Dropbox to Sync, forgot to update my link, and started a new game, and every time a save was triggered, the game displayed the usual "GAME SAVED" screen, etc., and never said anything about a problem. Only later did I discover nothing was happening. Ultimately not a big problem, and my fault entirely, but from a software development perspective, there should be something broadcast to the user about this. Thank you for a great game. - g