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Found 4 results

  1. TriggerHapppy81

    Astroneer Update/patches

    How is the new update?
  2. So I've seen this debated over a bit, and I'm not sure of the real answer. Do new patches transfer across to old saves? Or is a new save required each time there's a patch update? I'd love to know so I don't have to keep abandoning half-started worlds only because I didn't have enough time to play between each update!
  3. SLOlizardMAN27

    Random Planet Growths

    I havnt played on this map since january 17th and today is march 18th. I logged in to this map on the planet next to my starting planet and the previous network of habitat and machines I had setup got a random patch of rocks with research growing on top of my base. Some machines being hindered. I cant remove them because they are on the solid ground of machines.
  4. Freeform64


    Hello everyone, we just received an update on the Xbox One, I've noticed a few changes like fuel condenser energy requirements, chances in resource trade value, minor gaines fps and the two backpack slots on the sides are now useful with oxygen and power tanks, all very cool to see so far. Where can I see the patch notes to get more detailed info on the changes made? Thanks for all the hard work!