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Found 1 result

  1. spinlock_1977

    Giving up on Patch 155

    No more Astroneer for me until the next patch. Why? I want to build cool bases with interesting architecture. But after hours and hours, I've still got no small generator (can't work at night), no small storage (can't organize my materials), 1 of 3 modifiers (can't do cool sculpting), untradeable Hydrazine (can't buy the materials I need), no truck (have to make due with rover), and no batteries (again, can't work at night). Thumbs down on the new research curve. Guys, you can't stretch out the game if you don't insert new stuff in the middle. Or were you under the impression the game was 'too fun', and therefore wanted to dial in down? Tip #1: No such thing as" too fun". Tip #2: When in doubt, add more fun.