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Found 41 results

  1. I updated to the Holiday patch on my XBox and started gathering presents. When I loaded up on my PC the next day, it synced my data. I'm in the same place with all my stuff EXCEPT, I'm on the previous software version. The new patch WILL NOT download so I've lost all my progress and new stuff and can not get the patch to download on my PC. How do you force a patch update on the PC? Thank you for any guidance you can provide.
  2. Hello I made a Soil Centrifuge in game to use to make resin and clay and a few other things when I loaded it up to do its process it just sits facing down and not working and you cant make anymore stuff as you can see in the image below
  3. I really don't like the new patch, waiting for bytes? Come on i want to play not to wait hours exploring while my base farm bytes to unlock new things... Am i the only one or someone else dislike this?
  4. Bron

    patch 200?

    hey guys, i'm on patch 200! when did this happen? there's no announcement that i am aware of (i dont social network). so far, all i can see is that WE HAVE DYNAMIC AUDIO CONTOL!! thank you devs! still the crummy escape key and apply business tho. oh well. i will report more as i find it. i expect an announcement will be forthcoming anyways first impression is it's refinements. i still have no music in the caves, BTW, and reverb, whilst undeniably cool, is still BIG and LOUD. more later
  5. Hello there, SInce teh new uodtae (197), the game is extremely laggy and can't play it anymore. I was always at 60 FPS, no matter what, and now i'm at 8 FPS which is unplayable. My computer runs barely all the games on Ultra graphics and nothing changed with these other games. Please fix this.
  6. cody wayne

    vehicle lost in space

    logged in and played for an hour or so after the most recent update patch 0.3.10182.0 first thing I did was try to drive to a distant mining site. I hit one bump and I was launched into orbit. I waited to see if I may land back on the surface after about 10 minutes of steadily increasing height I decided to push "X" and exit the vehicle. I feel and thought for certain I would die...but ... I fell through the world and continued to fall passing rare minerals until I eventually died and restarted at home base. only noticeable glitch since patch. I did not rebuild another ground vehicle due to lack of compound.
  7. Eoghan

    Patch 182

    Just launched Astroneer after a week of not playing and it auto-updated to patch 182 (Steam). At the time of this writing (19:40 Eastern Time) there is no announcement or list of changes and fixes.
  8. Call Me Latte

    Old Created Universes

    Hello, I checked up the forum but couldn't find anything about this. Sorry if i miss something. I wounder, if our old created universes get affected by the new patches? For example I created a universe at patch 128 and devs realised new foundable things, new researches or new raw materials etc. Can I be able to access them into my old patched universe? The old maps also updated into the new patch. Again sorry if this already replied. Thanks <3
  9. ApoNono

    Patch v1.131 is live!

    All, Patch v1.131 is live! SES Announcement Apo and Bean Video
  10. So, I heard you could get dynamite from your backpack once you research it, problem is I cant find the right thing to research, is it just not in my game? Do I gotta start over?
  11. Hey All! Just tried loading a previous save from 02/14/2017 and it crashes the game every time I attempt to load in. I noted that Patch 125 was pushed on 02/16/2017 so I wonder if there is an issue there? I have filed at least one bug report via the Unreal pop up. Hopefully this can be fixed. Thanks!
  12. Hey, I just downloaded the Patch 125 and now the game map is broken as you can see on the pictures below. I can see through the map. It is actually right next to my pod, that's why I'm certain, that the update caused this. If there's a fix for it, pls let me know. Also if you need any more information, just ask. Thx
  13. Chris Augustin

    Next patch info!

    Devs posted updates on Twitter!
  14. Basic456

    Fps fix?

    Hey guys, Has there been any news on a fix or a fixing patch on the fps problem everyone has? I just bought the game and enjoy it a lot except for the framerate part. I have literally tried every fix out there (NOSOUND, engine file in appdata) but none of them seem to work. Hardware is not a problem though, I'm running on a i5 4690k and a GTX 1070. I am reading some discussions about it dating back from december last year so this is a problem for some time now apparently. So are they planning on fixing it in the near future or do we have to wait for it after a beta release or...? I love this game a lot but this is kinda bugging me, still an amazing job guys!! (sorry for possible bad english, belgian over here)
  15. So I got a patch (0.2116.0 - 43mb) a few hours ago, but I still see no notes or posts on it. Have you been updated? What's different? I haven't played it yet.
  16. Im far from my computer so I can't play Astroneer right now, I'm really curious on what the new features were other than the ones listed in the Patch notes
  17. Astroneer: 119 Windows 10 x64 I7 4790k @4ghz, DDR3 16GB Zotak AMP! Extreme 1080 /W 8GB GDDR5 OMG, it's broken again, just reloaded the game saved yesterday and.... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And it's all around the planet, not just where I've edited the terrain
  18. Dylan Maxwell

    Helpful add ideas

    Just wanted to leave a few things that would help us all out in my opinion. •toggle sprint by clicking sprint button •add descriptions for each item in menu(what each item does or is used for) •flashing icon on screen for storms coming(maybe with a timer too) •mini-map (PLEASE!!!) with some kind of resource indentifier or colored dots shown on map
  19. NOTE: I barely skimmed through the forums looking for a problem like this one, but have not seen anyone talk about it. I do understand that this game is in a developing stage, and this is just an idea/improvement. As I have been playing Astroneer for about 19 hours (wow!), I have come across a pretty annoying problem when building my base. If for some reason I accidentally misplace a module platform or build a duplicate of a module that I already have, that would mean that I need to build around it to keep building my base the way I want to. The only improvement that I'm thinking about is having the freedom to either delete the module and get like half of what you paid to make it (ex. Fuel Condenser, you delete it and get 1 Copper back instead of 2.) or just getting your Resin back from an undeveloped module extension. This would greatly improve base-building in the future, while not significantly changing game play as it is right now. I'm just a newbie, leave a reply. Thanks!
  20. Turkishfilms

    Answer please!!

    Hi Geniuses at Systemera! I know it's a Pre- Alpha version but you guys did exceptionally well on this game. Here are a few problems In the Xbox one version:Using the add tool directly below you makes you fall into the floor.Sometimes when vehicle is crashed and one presses X to reorient it the ships shoots off and flys away. The save feature is not terribly reliable. No lookup table for trades in trading table. Natural Coal? I found it once by Research that was it Multiplayer is coming soon right? Local Please Sometimes large items won't fall when excavated. Are beacons suppose to work underground? Because they don't. Setting for toggle first/third person. Thank you so much for making an incredible game! I love it and I can't wait to see it grow.
  21. Raynans


    So, i just wanted a place to share ideas to develop the game better. So i get it that this is a exploration game, and to apriciate the view and survive, but the game could have alien enemys , space station, but always something that can destroy it. Because at start the game gives you the feel of danger everywhere, but fast forward some hours the game you feel pretty safe and you can explore every corner of the galaxy.
  22. The Skrib


    is it worth it to opt in to the experimental branch? what do you think?
  23. Can anyone tell me what the recent Xbox patch is like? I won't be able to play for quite some time to test it out myself, so I'd like if someone could come in and tell me if the patch has a noticeable effect on the gameplay experience. Things like multiplayer crash frequency, frame rate, everything really. Thanks in advance!
  24. Hello, I was wondering how I can access the beta patch on steam? It says I need a code, after scouring through the forums in search of the code I can't find it. Not even on the thread devs posted about the patch itself. Thanks everyone!