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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I'm french, sorry bad english, just want help with actual version 0.3.10201.0 (Patch "201") When I save and apply parameters or when I quit and reload a party : screen become black ... see screenshot join I can hear that the game is here (on ?) because the sounds look good when pressing buttons after reboot game I can view the load party screen, but after reload party it's a black screen just create a new party is good, but : That's reset : any controls !? And I will can't save (that last words is verry bad english I think sorry), because black after reload The only good way actualy : load game change controls back screen (grrrr) reload game new party = ok don't quit or change anything in parameters ... just play and no quit obviously, i quit and can't play like that obviously, I test to remove the game from Steam (and every files on HDD), and reinstall : it's the same how can I help you ?? Thank for your response & love your game
  2. Was having an issue with zebra ball zoning on the new update 201. If I had it in approximately 5 meters of another object it would only highlight the zebra ball even though I was hovering over a seat or thruster.
  3. #1: the collision with the power line is back again. when you place the power/air supply line, now your vehicle hang on them again, this is a step back #2: the connectors for air and power, funny they tumble over, when the ground is leveln, elevated etc. #3: the connectors when activated with "T" now are instantly placed near the astroneer, not at the mouse position, sometimes it looks like the item tries to connect with the astroneer itself #4: the rover is now nearly useless, without a storage module, when loaded with research items, it cannot even climb the lightest slope. not to mention when the big storage module is build on, you nearly unable to move when fully loaded or on a light slope #5: driving the rover has become harder, with or without payload, on one occasion it jumps over a rock, ready to lift off, then again it nearly makes it over a small rock #6: storm or vacuum, your choice, i created a bunker to be protected from the storm and guess what, when the storm come, it sucked all the free resources from inside to the wall #7: still the day night cycle on the starting planet is bad, you land, you search, you maybe build one thing, the rest of the time you simply wait, till the sun comes back up. #8: the random nodes for resign, component, power etc. the do not refill over any time, you have to save, quit and reload the savegame (now since 2 patches ago) #9: the augmentation for bigger terrain manipulation is still broken, it does nothing - worthless #10: the astroneer stop and stuck at some point, you have to move one step backward, then you can move forward again and no there is no stone or anything else blocking the way #11: as for the research, very great, the first thing i researched in 2 different games at first was the big shuttle, wow, no resources in range and what do i get the big shuttle, then the small shuttle etc. the most useless researchables at the very start. #12: you obviously increased the oxygen drain, the big tank in the astroneers suit contains lesser oxygen than the small additional oxygen tank Currently the game becomes more like a mining game, on some random new games, there is nothing in the landing position or beyond reach, so you are forced to dig and dig and dig. that has nothing to do with exploring. #13: i got hit by debris inside my bunker twice and one time inside a tunnel.