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Found 2 results

  1. My suggestion is very simple. We need more life. For example, its understood that we wont be seeing aggressive creature, can we get passive ones? Insects sputtering about, birds flying and gawking overhead. The odd space squirrel hopping about looking for a nut. Snakes slithering and space crickets chirping at night. Why not bring out Bee's...hear me out. Resin could be what you gain from sucking up the hive and when the player has to suck up the hive, the bees can do a bit of dmg to the player, just like the poisonous flora already implemented. If the player doesn't start to run aw
  2. In this game we are given several dangerous plants to look out for, ones that throw poisonous gas, ones that protrude spikes, and ones that explode with acid. What this game needs is more helpful plants and even dangerous and helpful animals to give the worlds a spice of life. Giving us more caution and awe over them. These plants and animals should be made to survive specifically to their world and should have more than one meaning and ability. Farming should be implemented as well as things to help with farming. Considering that there would be more danger in the world, there should also be w