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Found 8 results

  1. Summary: 1.13 Automation update - Steam - Crash when using packager on auto extractor Description: after finishing up a resource harvest, i was packing things up to move to another resource location, when trying to deploy a packager on the auto extractor, the game crashed and returned to desktop Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home | Version 1903 | OS build 18362.900 CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1660 6GB RAM: 2x8GB DDR4 1200Hz Drive: Western Digital Blue 1TB unreal-v0-2020.06.25-20.22.42.dmp
  2. Summary: - items disappeared after packaging Description: When playing a co-op game, individual items packaged at the core of Vesania disappeared entirely along with the packager. This did not happen for items attached to a large rover, but did occur for the large rover itself, a medium battery, and an RTG that were on the "floor" next to the rover. This occurred after traversing a previously-dug ramp to the center of the planet, and the gateway engine had also previously been activated. Both players (host and joined friend) experienced the same glitch when attempting to package free-standing items. Platform: Steam Version/Build Number:
  3. Packagers are one of the most useful tools in the game, allowing larger objects to become smaller. This makes the packager extremely useful for the late game, and most scrap or soil is usually spent on graphite for the packager. Now whenever you open a packager, the box just disappears, which is pretty unrealistic and a bit unlike what I would have expected from this game. Just like thrusters and a few other consumable objects, they can be scrapped after use After opening a package, there should be a "package debris," which can be scrapped for a small amount (quarter of a scrap or less). This is a only a minor change and makes sense.
  4. I was playing on vesania, ready to head back to sylva when i decided to package a research chamber that had a partially researched item from one of the research aids. I pressed pack and the game immediately crashed. I will test this on other planets in a minute and reply to this thread with the results. Also thank you for making, and continuing to support this game, it's one of my favorites : )
  5. I packaged a Rover Seat that I had connected to a Medium Rover, which was tethered to another Medium Rover with a Rover Seat. I placed the packaged seat in my Backpack, and attempted to enter the front rover's seat, causing a crash-to-desktop. This prompts "Saving Game," but the save does not succeed. This does not always create a log when duplicating the bug. I have also tried leaving the packaged seat on the rover, and even leaving the packaged seat on the ground before entering the front rover's seat; this does not change the outcome. The only log files I've gotten from troubleshooting this have been attached to this post. unreal-v0-2019.12.20-00.46.45.dmp 6cb70ec3-0175-412e-ac72-aa50f44c29fb.dmp 6cb70ec3-0175-412e-ac72-aa50f44c29fb.dmp.container
  6. When using the packager on a rover scrap, the broken chair regenerates on unpackaging. It does not work on broken wind or solar platforms, but I do not know about broken smelter or smelter platforms. The chair will regenerate while the chair from the previous unpackaging is still in the world (i.e; unscrapped).
  7. So i thought it’d be super cool to build a base on the satellite with a shelter in the middle. Little did i know that you cannot move a shelter nor can you select whatever is inside to get the “and beyond” achievement. Im kinda mad about it. There’s a floaty orb in the middle that i cannot access. Please allow us to use the packager on shelters.
  8. Im playing on mouse/keyboard on the steam version of the game. I repacked a solid fuel thruster that was used once because i were going to the satellite for the first time and i had a solid fuel thruster that was used once on my shuttle. I got to the satellite and the first one broke and i opened up the second one and it was brand new. It got turned into brand new from used once.