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Found 9 results

  1. So my wife and I were playing some multiplayer, I setup the first shuttle with oxygenator and headed off to a new planet. I tethered my way down into a cave and went afk still tethered and completely safe. A couple minute later my wife who is back on the home planet says "Oh nice! an oxygenator just sitting here on the hill by the base." I get back to my pc to find myself back in the shuttle after a respawn. I get out of the shuttle to find my oxygenator is missing! Tethers are all dead. This was rather funny and i managed to get a new one built from scratch, but it is quite the pain! Please look into this, love your game.
  2. Hi, I've encountered a bug with the Oxygenator wich no longer work when connected to either : a Large Storage, a Large Storage Silo A, or a Large Storage Silo B. Can you please take in consideration this bug and fix it ? Thank you.
  3. I got a Portable Oxygenator as soon as I could, but whenever I use it it saps so much power that I can't keep it running for more than 10-20ish sec. Any ideas?
  4. Hi, I've encountered a bug with the Oxygenator wich no longer work when connected to either : a Large Storage, a Large Storage Silo A, or a Large Storage Silo B. Can you please take in consideration this bug and fix it ? Thank you.
  5. Forgive me if this was already mentioned. I did a search for Oxygenator and did not see anything mentioning this in the first few dozen posts. An oxygenator on a medium or large rover works as expected when attached directly to the chassis of a rover, medium or large. If it is attached to a large storage module that is attached to a rover's chassis, it does not work as expected. Tethers will not carry oxygen. I do not know if this is expected behavior. I noticed the RTG works whether it is attached directly to the chassis or large storage attached to the chassis.
  6. It would be (another) endgame item, it's the combination of a RTG and an oxygenator, with the use of another nanocarbon alloy to combinate them. The use of this it's reduce the space used for those. In case of a portable RTG you could do it also with those. Byte cost: 10000 for normal and 15000-20000 for portable.
  7. I suggest that Oxygenators should require power to produce oxygen (and/or resources). This would require additional planning when building your bases and create some challenge. Does the planet you are building a base on have sufficient solar/wind? Will you have to use generators? Is there plant life to fuel generators? Do you have batteries to store excess power? Having oxygen storage tanks for your bases would be cool too. Right now oxygenators make an endless supply of oxygen without power or resources. As long as you bring one along when building a base, you really have very little challenge or risk in making your new base viable. I get the ghist that this game isn’t meant to be overly challenging, but a little more realistic challenges in base planning and management would add a more immersive experience IMO. I know this game isn’t trying to be a ‘realistic’ space survival simulator, but right now it realistically requires our characters to need an oxygen supply. Where does that supply come from? How does my oxygenator make oxygen on a planet with no atmosphere and requires no power or resources? A lot of suspension of disbelief is currently needed.
  8. While it does make sense that you can't pump breathable air through a tether line with no oxygenator, it makes less sense that you can't push power through it. So I submit that tethers should still attach to platforms without an oxygenator in their network, just that they shouldn't replenish oxygen. Power, however, should still run through them. Possibly this could be restricted to platform networks with a battery, and should only draw from the battery. I.e. the small or medium battery, not an internal rover battery. Specifically, the first tether length/step in the non-Oxygenator network should still be blue, but steps past the first will be black as per normal for disconnected tether lengths. The yellow striped line would run through it to replenish depleted suit battery/backpack power. It's also unreasonable to force me into wasting a T2 socket on bringing an oxygenator just so my tether lines will attach, tether lines which, because I bring a small tank in my backpack, I only need to replenish power. Possibly you could add this as a feature in a tether-focused bugfix + improvement push.
  9. Steam, mouse/keyboard 021663edcc4a3916337ec7ffb9de9777.mp4