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  1. Maybe there could be a medium oxygen canister,same size a medium canister same shape ,but it holds oxygen. It would have the same functionality as the medium canister,you know like take some oxygen canisters and you can put them on the ports and it will fill and take oxygen from it plus if there is any oxygen in a nearby tether it will take oxygen and fill itself that way too. it could also supply oxygen to tethers too
  2. To "System Era" I just read you are implementing jet packs. Here's my thoughts on the dynamics. This should be a combination of two elements, a thruster engine (a vertical only "Jumper") and an oxygen based control thruster (directional). The Oxygen based thruster would provide the ability to hover and a directionally controlled fall. This should just be a nozzle add-on, but would consume oxygen at a rate not advisable without tanks. This could be available early on in the game. The "Verical Jump Engine" would provide brief vertical lift in two versions. The early version w
  3. So i am an xbox one player using my controller and when i placed down a tether, it would not connect/start my oxygen line. Any help?
  4. I think I've made a fatal mistake. Flying to the moon with no oxygenator or additional resource (like aluminium). Plus my thruster is out of juice so I can't get back to home. Anyone find any resource on the barren moon so I can fuel a thruster or build an oxygenator so I can use tethers? I'm dreading having to start a new game. I've unlocked a few gates on my homeworld which took ages! #schoolboyerror
  5. When an astroneer reaches an oxygen source JUST as they start their suffication animation, they're tanks fill, up but after death, the oxygen refill noise plays indefinitly ASTRONEER version (Steam + mouse and keyboard)
  6. When placing tethers, the preview indicates I can attach the tether to the vehicle, but it doesn't form said connection when placed. I tried adding an oxygenator to the vehicle, no change.
  7. Steam, mouse/keyboard 021663edcc4a3916337ec7ffb9de9777.mp4
  8. So, I was thinking that the oxygen and agriculture could be altered by a new set of parts. Oxygen- Right now is almost infinite for the habitats. I suggest making the habitat capable of holding up to 10 hours of oxygen and rovers like 6 hours. As your astronomer consumes oxygen you pull from the habitat/ rover reserves. Then use green houses and organics as the resource for compost to grow algae with small greenhouses and actual plants in large green houses. Small greenhouses could make it so you need two to support 1astroneer and 1 large greenhouse to support 3 astroneers. Agricult
  9. When I started, I lost a few lives as I was so excited to explore that I lost track of my oxygen and didn't make it back to my tethers in time. It'd be nice if there was some type of "alert" system (perhaps you can craft this and mount it in your helmet) - even a series of beeps to job the player's memory.
  10. Make a device that gets water from the atmosphere that doesnt require iron, something that only gets water , And places it in canisters . Then you can take those and some electricity into another device and Create oxygen . that can be captured in oxygen tanks, And from there you can work on getting some type of device to compress oxygen into a tank for large oxygen capacity. so when you go to the next planet you would have to get the material or Have it on you to quickly make another oxygen system or rely on running back and forth from your ship to recharge your oxygen tanks. ON
  11. Note: This thread contains revised content from previous thread of mine; found here. It contained outdated information, and elements that don’t apply for the current game state ( Update). Resources Sperrylite Smelter processing into Platinum Alternative trade resource Sale value of 16 Gas Hydrate Alternative source of gasses (other being condensing ambient atmosphere with Atmospheric Condenser) Found in terrain; deposit types include Hydrogen, Argon, Methane, Nitrogen, Helium, Sulfur, and Ethane Chemistry Lab uses two bundles of Hydrate = on
  12. So unlike some I'm actually a fan of the oxygen / power system, however one thing I'm not as big a fan of is carrying around platforms to use to refill oxygen while I'm cave diving. I know I can run tethers or drive vehicles, but both of those have their own problems as well. (running out energy, space vs view, lag from lots of tethers, abundant basic resource use, etc.) I would like to see a personal generator of sorts, late game specific item, that uses a small constant trickle of energy (but wasn't that a problem with the other ways to go cave diving?) and allows travel anywhere without rea
  13. After exploring and building powered bases on the terran, barren, radiated, and arid planets, I decided to go back to terran to just mess around. While I was there I built a ramp to beyond the clouds, and tethered all the way up there, I got in the small rover and managed to get up to the top then when I left the vehicle, I fell off, and died. When I got back and grabbed the tanks(both were full the body had no oxygen) I went digging for more soil, and then I realized I was suffocating because it drained the backpacks oxygen instead of the tanks, I fixed this by removing the tanks and then put
  14. I love adams new oxygen designs but I think it's now too downplayed and I dont have the same urgency as I did before when I was suffocating I think a simple red and black blinking light coming from the oxygen tube thing would be a great reminder maybe even have a countdown from 15 when you suffocate to show you how much time you have until you die I like symbols but players need a better telegraph on how they die from oxygen, also making the oxygen tube more a display could allow for some really interesting art in the future around oxygen
  15. First BIG Fan, would love to get more involved. BUG: When setting out the oxygen line if you lose first connection when/if oxygen line fines "better" path. THE BIG PROBLEM: When you make a cave run, and lay out O2-line, if you find a different connection back to power the O2 line breaks its original run and connects the other way. Now you can't follow your trail back out since that line is dead. Ver: Alpha 0.7.0, and 6/14/2018 Ver Alpha 0.8.0 FIX: Take out the line of code that "only finds path straight line to source" Or add a line that says "IF connection_already_ex
  16. Hello there here's the bug me and my friend found: 1) The central Base generates quite infinite oxygen lines and after a bit, the amount becomes so insane that makes you lag. A LOT. (see screenshot) NB Possible solution while this gets fixed: replace the module that has the oxygen lines, at least this work for us. 2)My friend (he's the host because he has fiber) apparently after a random time, can interact with anything, basically constricting us to start a new world. first with the open seat, then basically with anything from his inventory to the resources on the modu
  17. Having an oxygen limited system would slow down the progressing (though add more things to progress so the feeling won't change). Adding a limited but large amount of oxygen to the rover would be a major part of it, and make rovers need more time to refill (quite much longer). Another option would be a super expensive to research module that will generate it, and slow the oxygen loss significly. Here is the design i made for a tier 1 module, imagine the middle pumping oxygen all around and the very middle be the power battery, that shows how much power is left to generate oxygen
  18. Multiplayer we were sitting inside home base and I noticed an extremely thick oxygen tether line. Sure enough a storm came through and there were literally hundreds of those guys stacked up in the picture I have attached. Game was also super laggy, like 5fps LOL!
  19. I know there are splits in the opinions of people wether there should be more survival-like elements in the game, but hear me out. What if you begin the game with the tech for a photosynthesis module already unlocked. Building it would grant infinite oxygen to one player for one hour. To refill it, need to supply it with oxygen and power (assuming power could double as hydrogen, or hydrogen to be added as resource in the future somehow) to create water for the plants to thrive in. If more players hook up to the same base network, the photosynthesis module will get drained quicker, so havin
  20. I think that there should be power prioritization, a sequence or order of base models that power flows to, or where it is connected to the base model first. This way, a player can avoid wasting power to complete a research when the sun is down, or when their power is limited. Then a player can use the power for base models like the printer, to print something of high priority before using all of the power on research. Along with this, I think that generators should only run when there is something that is missing power, to avoid wasting endless organics/coal when the power is fully recharged.
  21. In my opinion, it has been 3 times that I spawned a little bit far from any source of material of investigation needed to do anchors/oxygen-lines. The issue is that the oxygen in the space suit is not enough to even look around before coming back to the habit and refuel for oxygen. Would like if the at least add 50% more oxygen capacity because it getting really obnoxious to play that way. Thank you, hope you agree
  22. Hi Devs, I've had a glitch or bug with one on my tethers. It's disconnected from the other but still giving me oxygen. I accomplished this by just placing it down like you normally do but I think I was "Just" out of range for it to work. tetherbug.mp4
  23. I've recently come to the conclusion that Astroneer is more fun to play without tethers and a large oxygen tank. I wanted to see how Astroneer would feel if I wasn't constrained to be connected to base by a tether umbilical. So I exploited the system to get me a ton of titanium and built a four oxygen tanks. I recovered the tethers on the western side of my base and decided to venture out using only the oxygen I had stored on my back. First run: ran off in a random direction, decided to climb a mountain, just for the heck of it. Made it to the top of the mountain, there's compound up
  24. @SES_joe I have some questions about the futur of this game about the survival features : will we have some kinda of food/water/oxygen to survive ? Because this is a survival game, and the first thing we need to survive is oxygen/food and water... Btw great game, continue the good work, I bought it day1 and I love how you are making this game. 5*
  25. I thoroughly enjoy your your YouTube Vlogs. I'm also very interested in the dedicated server environments for personal group gameplay/game testing. A good friend of mine is redhat certified and is teaching himself how to setup and use Docker environments for dedicated server applications, ie., #Ark: Survival Evolved series, #Minecraft. I would like to have him field test the dedicated server environment when available. I have a some questions for the Devs: Has the idea for an oxygen generator been though of for certain environments? Can a technology be included to extract/create