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Found 3 results

  1. Since Patch 155 I have not gotten the Oxygen Tank blueprint once. Have played a number of games, both alone and with friends. Have spent hours and hours and hours on some of these games and have gotten most (though never all) of the other blueprints. The only Oxygen Tanks I have in game now are ones I find on dead Astroneers. I have sometimes gotten a research message that just says "Researched: Oxygen" but that doesn't appear to actually give me anything. So, my big question is this: Has anyone managed to research Oxygen Tanks since Patch 155? I would just like to know if I am being really, REALLY unlucky, or if there's an issue with this particular blueprint.
  2. Hello! I've recently purchased the Astroneer game on Steam and I really like it, but I do have some suggestions to make the game harder to survive. I've realized how little mind I've to pay to the Oxygen and how little use the Organic have. As of right now I don't really see any use of Organic materials in the game besides for the Generators. Also, it's really not a problem to wonder off your base even without placing Tethers on the way and survive for a long time. Oxygen is not a problem in the game at all. I'd like to change this and not have infinite amount of Oxygen in the base and vehicles. I was thinking about having a decent size dome around the base when you spawn into the world that uses the surrounding plants to get Oxygen for the base and through the Tethers. This dome could be expanded or we could place more around the surrounding area. Or! You could add a new building to the base that would convert Organic materials into Oxygen. I've attached a beautiful paint drawing for you guys to kind of have an idea. I was thinking about having Oxygen tanks that we could place on our vehicles and on the back of our backpack, new slot. The current one on the top of the backpack works, but I'd like to make it replaceable. Lets say my Oxygen ran out in my tank. I walk to my base and switch it out for a full one from the side of the base. I'd still be able to refill the empty one, but not as easily as I do right now. Refilling them would require me putting the tank into the tank slot in the base. I could attach these tanks to the side of vehicles, like 3 on Rovers, and 5 on Trucks, and I could get the Oxygen through them when I'm close enough to it, but it wouldn't refill it. I could just survive. In order to wonder off again I could grab one of the tanks from the side of the vehicles and replace it with the empty one. Please let me know what you think! P.S.: I'm sorry about my English. It's not my native tongue. I couldn't upload the picture so here is a link for it.