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Found 10 results

  1. I have recreated this several times. Basically if you shred an oxygen tank in a large or medium shredder while the tank is full then the shredder will not complete its task and no longer can be used. The oxygen tank becomes stuck in the top of it and blocks new items. If you destroy the shredder with dynamite then the full tank is intact and usable. This problem does not arise when shredding empty oxygen tanks. Must be because oxygen can't be shredded. Windows 10 Pro; Intel i7 7700k OC to 5.1ghz; GTX 1080; 16GB DDR4 RAM
  2. Found a deceased astronaut in a cave and what i assume is supposed to be an oxygen tank but its called item type and says item description.
  3. I filled up my O2 tanks with O2 in caves and now the game things my O2 tank are tethers. However, I cannot place tethers with this, so it must be some kind of item ID problem. Also, notice the color change.
  4. first, i thought i put an empty oxygen tank into the storage module, but when i returned it was empty again
  5. I am unable to craft the personal oxygen tanks and batteries, the small ones that can be equipped on your character. So far the only ones I have had were found on a dead explorer, and eventually while playing multiplayer, I fell off my bridge to the space station and before I hit the ground I died and my body disappeared. It was not recoverable. Since I lost my only oxygen tank and battery in that death my game has suffered horribly.
  6. a quick view of the forum did not reveal to me any thread, but i am unable to build or research the oxygen tank, instead i get out of the research items tons of filters
  7. After running out of oxygen in both tanks, the extra tank won't refill and is recognised in the tool tip as "Tethers"
  8. Hi Guys, Just want to start off with great work so far! really like the game. I have seen this bug attributed to pc with a different cause but some similarities: Oxygen tank upper left slot - turns into tethers with same graphic howver the trigger of the bug was different, no crafting tethers... I did 3 things between tank running out and not refilling: drop generator item, drop power stacks, pick up aluminium ore and place thethers. I was actually recording footage to do a first look vid for my youtube channel so I have footage for you guys to be able to review and replicate steps to reproduce I've Rendered it at the lowest size I can for you so it doesn't use all your web stoarage Oxygen_tank_bug.mp4
  9. Когда я вернусь в качестве базы после прогулки на планете, с появлением "общения" с базой при заполнении полно быков кислород есть жуткое статический шум. Он такой же , как с простыми танках наполнения кислородом, но они уже полны! Этот шум может продолжаться до тех пор , пока не отходят от основания, или сделать несколько прыжков подрывом. Просто очень громко ... Computer/Steam
  10. For some reason I get this reoccurring sound issue. The game starts out fine but after half hour or so of play a sound glitch creeps up and makes the game difficult to play with the volume on. After exploring, when my O2 tanks deplete a little or a lot... and then gets refilled as I walk around my base, the slow smooth sound of the oxygen tanks refilling has become choppy and louder than normal and brutal on the ears, I have to mute the game.