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Found 4 results

  1. Titico7777

    Overlapping problem

    I was placing new stations and came across this problem, the devs have not put in the game some type of minimum distance between objects to avoid overlap?
  2. Make anime great again!

    Vehicle positions and overlap problems

    So I've have a file that I've been playing for a few hours. Which is great since I can pretty much jump between the planets now without running out of resources. On the starter planet, I have two vehicle bays one is for my ship and the other is for my rover. The only problem is when I return from space I can't tell which bay the rover is in and always end up parking on it which makes the rover unusable. So I was wondering if you guys could make it so that you cannot land in the vehicle bay if the spot is already occupied by another vehicle.
  3. You can extend out the base-pad-connection-things through others, clipping each other, as seen in this picture. (On PC, Steam)
  4. ( ¬‿¬) DoubleEggNoob ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Overlapping spaceships / shuttles

    Hey there, let me explain my setup. I have build a vehicle bay for land vehicles, one for a shuttle and one for a spaceship, my problem is that the shuttle and spaceship even though they were constructed in different bays, land on the same bay, the one that made the shuttle (the shuttle was made first) and overlap each other.