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Found 2 results

  1. MOST OF THIS IS ALSO POSTED ON THE ASTRONEER FACEBOOK PAGE: My friend and I are currently unable to build on any of the other planets! We love this game but its a substantially gamebreaking glitch. Any time we relocate, whoever is not the host is unable to see anything, once we extend the building lines with resin everything just disappears, and the tether lines bug out, looking perforated or like an upside down arc. I saw a few posts on the forums but no response yet so I figured I'd try on here! Thanks, and keep up the amazing work! EDIT: The first glitched video is ACTUALLY what he saw once we rigged him into the ship. Once he got into the parked ship, all he saw were tethers, the base that he COULD'NT see before he got on the ship, and the researchables / hazards in the area. I will upload his actual footage that is simultaneous with what my host PC saw so you can compare the two. HOST VIDEO (Working as intended, this is us landing on radiated at the base i built) : CLIENT TWO VIDEO (unplayable glitch, can't see base on other planets. Footage is of us landing at the same base as shown in the above video, however he can't see ANY of the base.) : CLIENT TWO once we glitched him into the spaceship footage (ship was still on the ground, but now he could see the base and other random things. Remember that before we glitched him into the ship, he couldn't even see the ship or the base at all): Hopefully this helps!!! We played this game shortly after it was available for purchase and this was NOT a problem back then, so something else triggered this, though I have no idea what!
  2. before i start sorry for my bad spelling i have a disability sp bare with me Thanks! so when me and my friend were playing Astroneer we made the shuttle and we went to another planet to see what we can do. When we landed i noticed that he could place down tethers but i could not when i tryed to place them nothing happened and i lost the tether, and after a little Longer i noticed that i could not see the tethers after a little while and i kept getting oxygen from the line but i could not see it I think this is because he was hosting the game and i wasn't but i don't know but on the planet that we spawned on i could place tethers and see them i could do everything its only on the other planets that i can't another thing is in the world we started the game in i noticed that sometimes ether me or him can see holes that one player dug and we end up falling through the ground and dying and we also sometimes can't see natural structuresthat spawn in the map so ya hope someone sees this and works on it amazing game keep up all the amazing work thanks for reading