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Found 5 results

  1. I have an Idea for a better Orientation in ASTRONEER. You can craft and launch a Sattelite in space and with the Signal of this Sattelite you are able to see where you Position on this Planet is. You can craft a Map to see this, like a GPS System.
  2. As of now, the compass is difficult to use, making navigation difficult and leading to players, myself included, getting lost. The simplest way I see to resolve this situation is to add an option in the menu to toggle the compass on continuously, so that the player can be constantly aware of their bearing. It would also be helpful to make the compass visible while driving, such as by making it appear below the rovers as it does below the player. This seems to me as a relatively simple option to help players keep their bearings while exploring.
  3. I did a little searching and didn't come up with much, but please forgive me if there is a thread for this. I use theters to mark my way through caves and had an idea; What about making the head and the connection cable(idk what it's called :3) dyeable, like with bacons? This could help alot if your lost in a huge cave and want to know the way out. How it would work: you can dye them like you do with bacons; if you connect theters with a coloured one and it has only one theter to connect to, it will copy the color. By changing the color of one theter, all connected one with the same color will change too, until they meet one with different color. Lazy picture:
  4. To a better orientating, especially in big, multiple connectet caves, it would be fine when we can place signs, where we can write a text of our choice. This could be produced in our backback with compound, resin or another simple material. I think there can be on of two options: one sign for one material, or like with theters, a small number or them. It would be great when we can place this on ground and / or on walls, write a text inside, and more better, if we can choice which design it have (simply square or with an arrow to rigth, left, top or down) and much more better, which color, to make a difference between sections or something else, like on airports or hospitals. The text must not be readable in the normal walking mode, but when you hover your mouse over it.
  5. Hello First time excuse for my bad English, but English is not my mother language. Therefore, I will also write "tabular", which is my issue. This is mainly user friendliness, comfort functions and from my point of view inconsistencies where I also like to contribute the same solution proposals with. Compass: I think it would be very helpful to have a compass when using a vehicle. For always getting off to find out in which direction one goes, is nevertheless quite annoying. (Maybe as a band at the top of the screen, as with so many other games.) Compass extension: It would be very helpful for orientation if the compass show POIs as a colored dot, so you know in which direction you must go. Because the previous markings can be seen very quickly simply no longer and then proceeds very easily. Since you can probably have very many POIs, it would probably be very useful if there could be a window where you can set which POIs you want to display in the compass. Tether: When you collect tethers back into the backpack, they always go to the first position, no matter whether there is a stack that is not full yet, or not. a new stack is always created. These can not be combined by hand unfortunately. Here it would be advisable to check the contents of the backpack, if there is not already a tether stack and fill this! Items in hand: I think it would be great if you could rotate objects you have in your hand. So I take the store here. If I have this in my hand, I do not see what on the backside. Besides, I'd also like to put the store up somewhere in other rotation. The same can be said of many other objects. Vehicles in the storm: Vehicles are very vulnerable in the storm and are happy to move. (Preferably in holes / crater) Here I would like to have a way to anchoring the vehicle. For example, claws extending into the ground. Drilling, or props like a truck crane Different bases: Sometimes you have several outposts, sometimes not so far apart, because one part is above ground, another is under ground, but has a new habitat. Now, however, one would not always want to build a new energy supply, if it would bring anything at all. Therefore it would be nice to have a possibility to have two bases in the power supply together. So connect the electricity networks. Unsupported / defective items: It would be very nice if there was a way to destroy Itmes. There are always items that you do not need anymore, or which are simply broken, as the energie items. So that they do not have to bury somewhere and they are still there, It would be great to dispose of such items. Research - Bubbels (Research Item): If one collects bubbels, it can be just under the earth a huge annoying action, To bring them to the surface for exploration. Also the ways underground are mostly not really short. For this I would like a kind of conveyor belt, which are built similar to the Tethers, Then connect and on which the bubbles are then docked and transported to the other end. That would be an immense relief, precisely because some tunnels are not really big or are built large. Refill - Bomb: This is the counterpart to the TNT. Just want to fill this bomb and not destroy it. This bomb is to be placed, for example, in holes and when you light them, Then a certain amount of ground is to be released in liquid form, which is physically correctly distributed as a liquid and then becomes solid. In this way one could close holes evenly and "straight" without using the deform tool. (In addition, one could make straight, even ground.) Thanks and regards Strike