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About Me

  1. Basically, I have just spent the last 30-60 mins collecting a ton of organic and compound on Calidor. I dug a very small dent next to my shuttle to keep it in, because I landed next to a cave, and I didn't want them to accidentally get knocked in. I leave to get some resin, just a little bit out of the loading zone, and when I come back, most of it has disappeared! There is still some there, but for example, I had probably 10-15 compound, and there was only one left. I tried digging down, to see if maybe there was a cave underneath that they glitched into, but it was just solid ground for
  2. Summary: The terrain tool turned into the material: organic Description: The terrain tool (or the thing that sucks up the land) has turned into organic the material... I don't know what to make of this but it's quite funny. I was just smelting material into aluminum (forgot what it was called) while my friend was getting ammonium and he comes back with the biggest piece of organic I have ever seen. Not game-breaking, but it's still a bug. --- Gif Link --- Platform: Steam / XBox One / Windows 10 St
  3. Issue: There is a huge organic resource piece that shows up and overlaps a lot with my character for the person joining my game. I am the host. It's not a bug that breaks the game and quite frankly, it's hilarious. This issue occurs when I pull out my mining tool. When I put my tool back up on my character, it goes away. Computer specs: OS: Windows 10 Pro - 10.0.18362 Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 2600X 3.6 GHz Graphic card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Attached is a screenshot from my friend who was joining my game. ~I love your game and I look forward to future updates!
  4. Bug with the terain tool. Video of the bug posted on youtube
  5. Summary: - Steam - Trade Platform resin and organic old text word in korean and mismatch icon Description: Language setting Korean Trade Platform mismatch icon : all of them missing icon: graphite need to change word: rinsin "수지" to "레진" i'm not sure what is final call for organic "유기" or "유기물"? make sure use only one for uniformity Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1803| Build 17134.523 CPU: Intel i7 6700k GPU: Gtx1080ti RAM: Gskill 4
  6. Summary: - Steam - chemistry lab rubber and silicone old text word in korean Description: Language setting Korean Chemistry lab Silicone old text for resin show up "수지" need to update to "레진" Rubber incomplete word for Organic "유기" need to update to "유기물" old text for resin show up "수지" need to update to "레진" Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1803| Build 17134.523 CPU: Intel i7 6700k GPU: Gtx1080ti RAM: Gskill 4*8g Drive
  7. Been playing the new Basebuilding Update ever since it appeared on Xbox One. So far this is the only major glitch I've encountered. I set a nugget of organic onto the Small Generator attached to my hub, then got in my Rover and drove off to my mine (which is a moderate distance from my base). When I got back I discovered that the Generator had frozen, only having consumed about approximately one quarter of the organic attached. I can't remove the organic; clicking on it only causes me to pick up the Generator itself. As it stands the Generator is now useless as I can't attach a new nugget to c
  8. I have noticed that with the small generator on the backpack does not automatically place organic material. Considering the new update removes recharging power from tethers as regularly as before, it has become annoying to constantly go into the back pack and place an organic unit. I'm hoping to when exploring just harvest some organic material and boom instantly re-powering my suit. Maybe a specific location on the backpack could result in this for some players who want to both have a small generator on their back but also harvest some organic units to return to their base. What do you think?
  9. Summary: 201 - XB1 - Small Generator won't accept Organic more than once. Description: A small generator will accept ONE organic. Then once its burned up I have to remove and then remount the generator to get it to accept another organic fuel. See video below. Platform: XBox One Version / Build Number: 201
  10. Organic is only used for the small generator, right? It needs more uses. Farming applications: Organic should be used to create fertilizer or the equivalent for growing crops. Imagine you print a growing bed from the med printer, place it, and have to fill it with sediment. Using the refinery, you can infuse sediment (in containers) with organic compounds to create fertile sediment, or something like that. You then fill the growing box thing with this fertilized sediment (in a way similar to how you fill a shuttle with hydrazine) and you can start planting. There should also be a w
  11. So, over my hours playing this game, I've come to believe that the coal generator is by and large useless. Coal is as valuable as lithium and titanium, which are both much more useful, so I almost never would choose to funnel my resources into collecting coal. The coal generator requires 2 copper to build instead of just 1 copper for the organic generator, which makes it less likely for me to want to build. The coal generator may generate more energy, but this doesn't matter. When coal is as scarce as it is, and costs so much to produce, why build a coal generator at all when I can find grass
  12. The player loses the need to explore or find anything as soon as they have both the trade platform and fuel condenser. Need hard-to-find rare items? Just produce an unlimited amount Hydrazine fuel out of thin air and trade for all the minerals you want! My idea is that you need to make fuel out of ORGANIC RESOURCE, or something like it (sort of like a bio-fuel I guess?). If not, ditch the condenser. You can find Hydrazine to collect both on the surface and in caves anyway. It's just too unlimited to have along with a trade platform.That way, you still have to do a little something to mak
  13. Since organic items don`t have a use yet how about a bio-generator. but because organic material is everywhere make it so it produces little electricity are requires lots of organic items.
  14. I think that organics need to have more use to it. The only thing I can tell so far is that they are used to power the small generators on our backpacks. It would be a cool concept to be able to build a greenhouse of some kind by first creating glass and structural beams by using compound, and then being able to "farm" organics and use them towards something. I'm basically playing through the entire game without ever having to use organics once.
  15. Description: Uncomplete Organic bundle permanently attached to truck. Impossible to select or remove it. Do know how it was attached to it ! See attached screenshot. Platform: Steam / Windows 10 Version / Build Number: 119 Specifications: OS: Window 10 Pro CPU: Intel Core i7 - 4770K @3.50GHz GPU: GeForce GTX 770 2GB RAM: 16 GB Gskill Drive: Samsung SSD 850 EVO 1TB
  16. Some of you probably knew this already, but if you can zap those flying spike balls with your terrain tool, they sometime drop an organic resource pack. I walled up my base to block them and in the process trapped a pile of them in a corner. Went to open a hole to let them out and "zap!", I had a bunch of organics.
  17. A machine that can convert organic into coal for generators, a ratio of 2 organic for 1 coal.
  18. After loading an Savagame there was Organic "in the Air". Digged a hole bevore.
  19. Hello! I've recently purchased the Astroneer game on Steam and I really like it, but I do have some suggestions to make the game harder to survive. I've realized how little mind I've to pay to the Oxygen and how little use the Organic have. As of right now I don't really see any use of Organic materials in the game besides for the Generators. Also, it's really not a problem to wonder off your base even without placing Tethers on the way and survive for a long time. Oxygen is not a problem in the game at all. I'd like to change this and not have infinite amount of Oxygen in the base and ve
  20. Hello! I've recently purchased the Astroneer game on Steam and I really like it, but I do have some suggestions to make the game harder to survive. I've realized how little mind I've to pay to the Oxygen and how little use the Organic have. I was thinking about having a decent size dome around the base when you spawn into the world that uses the surrounding plants to get Oxygen for the base and through the Tethers. Or! You could add a new building to the base that would convert Organic materials into Oxygen. This dome could be expanded or we could place more around the surrounding a
  21. If you have seen my previous post talking about storage then you would have seen the boatload of hydrazine sitting around with no shuttles to go in because I haven't found enough materials to make them yet. Let's talk about that. Instead of running around and finding hydrazine nodes lets replace them with just hydrogen nodes that pop up like the oxygen and power ones. Either in the convenient stone, ground patches or both. It would collect on the gun/backpack like o2 or power. Here is how I imagine fuel production would work. First thing is it gives organics another u
  22. It would be nice if the different color plants collected made different color organic. Then a module, that needs to be researched, takes the organic and turns it into paint (color depending on what plants you've collected organic from) then we can paint roads from one habitat to another and lots more. Also a module where we could create shapes out of resin & compound that if possible could snap together so we can build walls , houses and like decorative things for creative people
  23. I have two conduits connected to each other. When I place a solar panel on one and the large battery on the one connected, the battery is recharged. But when I place a generator on one and give it organic as fuel, the organic is consumed. But the battery is not recharged.
  24. I often find myself revisiting a wreck or point of interest on the surface multiple times because I just don't have the space in my caravan of rovers. One area in particular I had to visit half a dozen times to collect everything and the route was covered in rocks and holes. What i was thinking would be cool would be to allow us to craft Flags and Markers from organic material similar to how we craft Tethers from compound. Markers would be useful in the same way people mark off temporary courses in real life, we could place markers to mark easy routes through tough terrain.
  25. The ability to break down fauna into organic should be implemented as soon as possible, far too many objects are left calculating collision with surfaces because they have been disconnected from the ground while mining. ex: Trees, underground plants, anything non-grass. All of these objects are either left to roll around on the ground or are attempted to be buried, causing collision calculation and performance loss over time. This will also happen to large satellite/crashed structures, if they are mined out, they will typically go into a clipping dance when in a multiplayer game, physics is at