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Found 6 results

  1. So i've been playing Astroneer for the past week, and a consistent problem I've noticed is the absence of a collision hitbox for mineral ores and the smelting furnace. When I try to attach the ore to the smelter, it falls through the smelter (although rarely). This results in me having to disconnect and isolate the smelter before I can move it and retrieve the mieral that has fallen through. Look into this and plis fix thanks. love your game by the way <3
  2. GlumCashew8980_2018

    Ore refinery/Purification and pipes

    Another idea about ore refining say like you mine the ore you find and then you place the ore in a melting station then in a refinery to make the ore pure then you smelt it for the finished product and maybe you should also add pipes like liquid pipes for the melting station and refinery then item conveyors and then you could also add a device which gets items from a request from that silo idea? maybe could be used for auto crafting and smelting
  3. Maybe Astroneer should have fictional ores that have its own rarity and value to it. That would make the game more interesting, also some radiation from the ores or radiation on different planets. This is a short on because i'm lazy let me know what you think.
  4. Rox Trongo

    Ore names came back

    Not really an important bug but my ocd is stronger than me. When I empty a mine the name of the ore dissapears, but when I load the game again the names come back.
  5. Iwan Taubnussow

    Raw materials

    Please consider exhaustive mining to yield a better benefit than only big heaps of unused raw materials. They could be used for instance in building railways in mines, as already proposed, or creating a planetwide system of highways for easy travelling.
  6. Whenever I connect to a player's server I keep seeing ores that have already been harvested. Sometimes I don't see any ores at all.