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Found 2 results

  1. So with not many objectives in the endgame except personal goals and/or working on the gateways, I thought of a new goal that would garner many players' attention. This goal is the construction of an ultimate space craft that can fly in atmosphere and travel to other planets. These space craft can have enormous storage space, be fueled by astronium or large amounts of hydrazine, and consume large amounts of resources and research to construct from start to finish. For the design of such impressive craft we could have the design (choice) of the US space shuttle orbiters or the russian buran bec
  2. Sorry for the language My suggestions: - Add a reconnaissance satellite. Send reconnaissance satellite to other planets, in order that he might find there some valuable artifacts and rare resources. The Scout must inform the approximate location of the valuable finds. -Add The possibility to transport vehicles to other planets. For example, this can be done by using special containers that will be created at the printer. Create a container, connect it with a hose to transport, press the button and it's packed. - Add a large spacecraft that will always be in orbit and on which it will