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  1. So, I'm on another play through of the game and I'm enjoying it just as much as the first. This time, I tried something different. I made a personal rule that I HAD to complete all surface portals before the core portal could be unlocked. My last game I landed in areas next to portals so that my base's power could be used to power up the portal quickly. This has been a bit more tedious but I still enjoy it. I'm finding myself trying to optimize mobile power generation in ways I never did before. This got me to thinking how some subtle tweaks could increase replayability: 1) Add optio
  2. The recent change to the camera has completely inverted the upward/downward movements of the camera, so when you pull down, the camera moves down instead of up. It makes sense, but I've got the usual camera settings drilled into my head and this is just constantly throwing me off. Please make this optional!
  3. I'll bold the actual suggestions as a tl;dr, so if anyone reads any of this, please make it those. I read it's best to split posts with multiple ideas up into separate posts, but seeing as this is mostly about control settings I wasn't sure, so if a mod thinks this would be better split up please say and I'll do so. Also I guess the controller refactor (if it's still a thing) will be in 1.0 so I understand some of these suggestions might not be applicable, but it still feels worth throwing ideas out there. This is all about giving the player the options to customise and control the way they
  4. It's a shame to hear that players with gamepads were negatively affected by this feature and I'm happy to hear that you're improving the game. Did you consider that: * Some players may have just purchased the game since it went 1.0 (like my wife and I) * Some players may have relied on this amazing feature to quickly grab items (like us) * Some players might not want it, and some players might like it (even with a gamepad) Suggestion: Make it an option to turn off, instead of removing a usability feature like this outright. Bonus points: Detect if they're using a
  5. I would like to turn off the view rotation when the cursor is on the edge of the screen. When creating ramps to the core of planets, I find that when I am placing tethers along the ramp, the view rotates up because my mouse cursor happens to be near the top of my screen. I don't want to rotate the view, I want to place the tether. If I want to rotate the view, I'll do it myself with the right mouse button. I would also like the ability to turn the Clouds completely off so that I can see the planet surfaces better. Trying to see Home beacons and placed beacons is very difficult when the cl
  6. I have been using the Cross play with an xbox one and my Windows laptop. I have found that reducing the quality on my laptop helps the game run smoother (due to laptop limitations). The xbox one version also has a great deal of gameplay lag even when running the game from a connected SSD. Is there any way that options within the settings on the xbox one version of the game could be introduced to ruduce gameplay quality and help lose some of the lag?
  7. Still getting a bug where every time I launch the game the audio options reset to a previous state (currently, muting music/effects). Resetting the options seems to stick for a bit, but then the issue reappears. ...on a related note, could we get nicer audio setting controls? Clicking a tiny arrow 30 times isn't the best UX.
  8. I was trying to turn down the volume in-game and I have found that in order to mute the sound you must mash the arrow key or click 100 times to take it down to zero. Might be a bug, but it might be preferable for a slider. Or to make a "hold down" action active so when you hold it down it will go down and make it easier to lower sounds. Thanks
  9. Hello, everyone! I'd first like to say that I just bought the game on Xbox and it's absolutely fantastic. I can't believe how addictive it is! One thing I'd like to suggest though is that perhaps the storms could be an option which could be turned on or off. For me, they don't really add anything to the game and I find them to just be an interruption. However, I had read on a forum somewhere that some people like them and would even like them to be more severe; perhaps even causing damage. Having said that, I'd like if there were an option to simply turn them on or off but there
  10. Hi, This might sound weird or funny buy when I look to long at the game with the camera going from left to right. I get sick sometimes, I'm really sensitive to motion sickness. In the past I've had this with other games to. The thing that solves it for me me most of the time is a higher field of view. So I was wondering if your could at the option in the game to adjust the field of view. Greeting YpsilonTM
  11. Summary: 201 - Steam - Main menu/options Description: I come to refer you a bug in the options that blocks my game if I try to save the changes. When I apply the changes it displays a gray screen to me I can not do any action besides making ESC. And this gray screen remains present despite that I make ESC then Main Menu. I made a one-minute video to show you what it is. Attached files. Platform: Steam Specifications: OS : Windows 7 x64 CPU : AMD FX-9590, 4,7Ghz GPU : MSI R9 390X Gaming Edition 8GB RAM : Corsair 2x8GB DDR3 1866Mhz D
  12. I was out on a long excursion and mistakenly quit the game while navigating the in-game options menu. I panicked but I was but was relieved to find my progress had been saved. Thanks, good job! – Nonetheless, I think a simple "Are you sure you want to exit?" confirmation modal should appear upon selecting that option. Please and thank you.
  13. Summary: 199 - Steam - No Resolution Options in window mode Description: I am operating an eyefinity System. Since the game does not support the eyefinity Resolution I used to play in window mode with 1080p on one of three Monitors. This worked fine in history. Now there is no Option for the Resolution in window mode. The game allways uses the System Resolution (5760x1080), which leads to the same Problem as in normal mode: The Pictures Proportion is not dynamic so the upper and lower Areas are out of view. Top Menu in windowed mode: Platform: Steam Version / Buil
  14. I was gonna go into options and check the graphics options as I hadn't played for a while. As soon as I press options (in a save or in the menu) my FPS goes from its usual smooth 60FPS (good job on that front guys, like smooth FPS) to about 2 FPS. In the menu I go down to 20 or less FPS. Tested several times, it's 10/10 times it does this. Closing the options menu doesn't help, it gets stuck on bad FPS.
  15. Summary: 197 - Steam - Options menu memory leak Description: Options menu consumes all available memory locking up PC Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 197 Specifications: OS: Windows 7 | Build 0.3.10197.0 CPU: AMD FX-8350 8-Core 4.0ghz GPU: ASUS Geforce GTX660ti RAM: Mushkin Enhanced Blackline 16GB (4 x 4GB) DDR3 1600 Drive: SanDisk Extreme 2.5" 240GB SATA III(SSD) SDSSDX-240G-G25 *reposting in requested bug report format*
  16. During the game, if I enter the settings menu, the frame rate drops absurdly. See video attached for further details. I have Astroneer version 0.3.10196.0 installed through Steam. I'm running Windows 10 on a MSI GE72 2QF Apache Pro notebook. NVidia GeForce GTX 970M. Astroneer (game Preview) 23 07 2017 23 54 07-1.mp4
  17. I've spent a few hours playing this game now, and from the very first minute I was missing the option to toggle always run. Holding SHIFT key all the time (if using mouse/keyboard) or having to press the left joystick (when using gamepad) is extremely frustrating. Not only is very cumbersome, but it also causes tendinitis very quickly. I don't notice any direct difference in oxygen usage when walking or running, and also I spend the vast majority of my exploring tethered, so it doesn't really matter. Basically this means I want to run all the time. I don't want walking as default mov
  18. I do not have a high preforming pc, however I really like this game. I wanted to change the resolution in the Graphics option, but after I clicked 'Apply' and exited the options menu, nothing changed. I'd really love a 'low graphics' option for the game. I bet many are willing to sacrifice some graphics in return for a better frame rate and overall better gameplay experience. Thank you!
  19. question FR : pouvez-vous mettre une option pour baissé la qualité du jeu pour les joueurs qui on un basse configue car s'est injouable pour les joueurs qui on une une mauvaise carte graphique comme moi . merci de me répondre par mail si vous pouvez faire sa ou non et le dire quand sa sera disponible pour que je rejoue au jeux . Question EN : Can you put an option for lowered the quality of the game for players who have a bass configue because was unplayable for the players who have a bad graphics card like me. Thank you to reply by email if you can make it sound or not and sa
  20. Multiplayer still crashes after 30 minutes. Options still don't save. Seems they remade No Mans Sky and duped us all. Good job, Astroneer; you got us.
  21. I just bought the game today, and thanks to my non-high-speed desktop, it runs at about 10-20 fps on your lowest graphical settings... and while looking at them, I just have to ask: is there a reason you can't toggle things like the stars, planets, moons, and clouds in the sky? Sure, they look pretty, but they're taking up a LOT of computing power to show. And that's not even mentioning the difficulty moving the camera at that low fps, sometimes even switching between forward and reverse y-axis rotation, and even making it spin 360+ with only 1 right click
  22. game is not allowing me to change resolution to 1280x720. I change it hit apply and it does nothing so I go back in to change it and it says 1390x... so it doesnt save the option. Same for the sound. I turn music, atmosphere, voice, etc. all the way down and I can still hear the wind howl and fuel condensers ding. I go back into the audio options and it says that all the sound are all the way up (I can still hear the wind and everthing but no music now).
  23. Currently in the options for graphics we have View distance, resolution, vsync and fullscreen. I'd like to see a few more options here so that people with less powerful pcs (such as me) can get smoother gameplay. My computer's processor is the intel core i7-4500u 1.8 GHz and my graphics card is AMD Radeon HD 8600M. Getting 30ish FPS so being able to turn down things such as shaders would really help thanks.
  24. I've been experiencing a lot of slowdown in the game. I went to turn down the graphic options, but in the resolution option, only 1920 by 1080 was there. I tried on a different computer and It all showed up. Intel Core 15 Windows 10 HP Laptop
  25. Début de la conversation 04:07 Hello to you here I bought your game today , i wanted to know if there will be advanced graphics options It would help me to play fully thank you in advance ps : sorry for my English , i am french