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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I would like to report that the game took up all RAM memory, which caused me problems with its exclusion. Please consider the possibility of optimization in future updates, I will be grateful for the positive consideration of this problem. Platform Steam 1 player Operating System Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1 CPU Intel Core i3 3240 @ 3.40GHz Ivy Bridge 22nm Technology RAM 8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 Motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. H77-DS3H (Intel Core i3-3240 CPU @ 3.40GHz) Graphics 1023MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST (EVGA) Forgive me, but the picture is in Polish Forgive me for a copy of what is on the other page, I have mistaken the site and it was not meant to be there.
  2. Hello. I was faced with a drop in performance after upgrading to the release version of the game. In the process of walking on foot or on a planetary cruiser, the frame rate drops terribly, frame rate drops to 6-8. I think this is due to the loading of textures, because they start to flicker. And in general, compared with early access, the stability of the game has greatly decreased. Previously, at medium-high settings, the frame rate was 40-45, and now 18-23. I follow the development from the moment of the release of the game to the early access, regularly tested all updates, looked forward to the release of the game, but did not expect that everything would affect stability and performance so much. I apologize for my English, I use google translate. Characteristics of my laptop: CPU: AMD A12 2,7 GHz, GPU: AMD Radeon R7 512 Mb (DDR4) + AMD Radeon R7 M340 4Gb (DDR3) (before driver update AMD Radeon R530), Ram: Kingstone ValueRam 2133 MHz, 8 Gb, HDD: 1 Tb.
  3. When I enter a friend's game my fps go to between 50 and 60, when I host a game my fps are regularly 30 - 40, when a friend joins my game I host between 20 and 30 fps and when there are 3 friends or more and I'm the host I play with 15 - 10 fps or less... some times I play between 5 to 1 fps . Is there any way to fix that?
  4. Hello, for the 1.0 optimization. Do you think you guys can get Astroneer to run 40+ FPS on Intel 8250U and my L-Performance GPU Intel UHD Graphics 620? Just as something for you guys.
  5. Playing on Steam I noticed Astroneer was using around 70% of my CPU nearly all the time, i have i5-7600K 3.8GHz and win64 Is this normal or will the game be optimized in the next updates ? Thanks for reading.
  6. Hello, For first I must say that this game is very, very, very awesome! For the second, unfortunately, I discovered a very annoying bug and I think it's simple enough to reproduce. What were you doing leading up to this bug? Just went somewhere far to bring some research objects, gain some soil, etc and then come back home (sweet home). Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated. Have base with habitat (the started one, not produced by myself). Extend land using terraformer. You have clean ground. Now just go somewhere far for a long time (can't say how much, I think it is associated with optimization, so things are unloaded because the player is far and then reloading when the player arrives there again). You should see rocks, plants, and other shit stuff on your ground, that is blocking the clear view and decorate. Please see the uploaded picture. When something is not clear enough please do not hesitate to reply here. ?
  7. I would like to know how I can boost fps in astro
  8. James Lyle

    PC vs Xbox

    Hey all, so I played Astroneer for like a week on my laptop, built two huge bases on my Terran and such. I come home to my xbox and load up the save there and it's insanely laggy. I'm not sure if this is just an issue of base complexity or something to do with the save being cross platform, because I went back on my laptop and flew to another planet (so there's no structures around) and it's still laggy as hell I know optimization isn't fully done yet of course, but I was wondering what's happening here because I can't really play my save on Xbox, had to start a new one (which runs perfectly I might add!)
  9. I understand on console the game is currently in pre-alpha, but I'm still having a great time playing with friends. Something I noticed almost immediately after maybe an hour or 2 of playing is that the frame rate slows down quite noticeably the more tethers and modules get placed. As far as modules go, maybe keep the component pop ups hidden until your character is right in front of it or chooses to use, that way there isn't a large clutter of words in a concentrated area.
  10. Such a great game and I love it but the farther I get into with building and discovering more of the world my game lags. This happens most dramatically when I play with friends which for me irritates me and ruins the multiplayer aspect of the game. So I would love to see an update that lets me have 20 research centers and 2,000 tether without playing at 10fps on the console with 3 friends. And i would honestly just look at the game no mans sky and see where they missed out. Not saying copy the game but what did they miss out on that you could take advantage of? If the devs do decide to ad hostile creatures into the game we would need a way to defend yourself so I don't see how guns could be avoided, unless you had a stun gun that allowed you to tame the small ones and scare off the big ones (temporally) Cant wait to see the final product and all the best of luck to the team creating this unique and artistic game!
  11. Okay so everyone knows... This game is still early acess... Everyone knows that the Xbox One S can run most games pretty well no problem... Me and my friend were playing this game and got really hooked on it.. So much that we played it for a good 6 Hours.... But by the end of it... My one S has crashed about 6 times... The game itsself has run out of memory and it is crashing the system. It almost becomes unplayable to an extent to where the xbox can not even run it any more. We do not have the freedom of PC players to go into the files and delete stuff to free up space We need help This game is so much fun (OBviously I just pulled a 7 hour game shift on it... Been streaming it on twitch... getting a bunch of feedback from people about it... This game is awsome and crazy good Please support more optimization From - A Xbox One Player