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Found 6 results

  1. Before patch 119 the game worked fine on arround 60-90fps. Me and my friend started the game after patch 119 on the same map with same buildings as before and my fps were arround 20-35. Specs: Xeon e3 1231v3 msi gtx960 4g gaming 8gb ram
  2. gianstarr

    Common Bugs

    Lights on vehicles remain on when there is no power stored in the vehicle Storm walking effect occurs when character is underground Custom configured settings do not save upon reload when applied Clipping of character and terraforming tool with terrain Multiplayer vehicle issues - player and vehicle went into the void when another player (driver) exited the vehicle General optimisation (Personally, my fps was within 5~15 max 20)
  3. When attaching various rovers or trucks together, I've noticed considerable and violent spikes in fps. I'm using an i5 6600k and RX 480.
  4. Mahmoudi Nourdine

    Bugs à corriger

    -Bugs dans les textures, je me bloque souvent dans des textures sans raison et le jeu crash ou me fait traverser la carte donc je meurs car je n'ai plus d'oxygène. -Il faut optimiser le jeu sur Xbox One car il est bien trop lent, il n'est même plus fluide du tout quand on change de planète. -Corriger les problèmes de sons, souvent un son bug et se répète indéfiniment.
  5. As you will be able to see, the image I have attached contains the save files for three different saves I have (2 files per save). I have played one save for a fair bit longer than another, and then I created on save where I have done basically nothing and only played for < 5 minutes. I am not qualified to extrapolate much from this finding but the internet has a way of finding at least one person per community that can figure this kind of stuff out.
  6. Hello All, Just thought it worth sharing that I had an uneven load across my CPU cores whilst experiencing poor framerate in game. My specs are as follows; CPU : I7-3770K 3.5GHz GPU : GTX 1080 FE Game Storage : Located on SSD OS : Windows 10 NVIDIA Graphics Driver : 376.33