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Found 4 results

  1. I hope this is received well. I fallowed the moderator recommendations and did a search for existing threads on this. Found only one older thread which I added to. I am respectfully seeking to minimize clutter. I have read some discussions on steam about adding first person view. I did not hear this perspective much so I wanted to give voice to it. First person camera view is most important for situations where the space is too tight for the third person camera. This is most obvious when taking a vehicle with modules through a tunnel dug by a drill on the front. The low ceiling quickly pushes the camera into or behind the modules on the vehicle, creating zero visibility. There is no work around for this. I can see the game is designed around third person, and the result is excellent in most cases. So I agree with many expressed views I've read, which is that first person view would not suit the gameplay very well. However, it is very important for some situations. Simplest way to accomplish this is to allow the camera to be zoomed in all the way, and not only part way. The fully zoomed camera can then either be within the character's head, or just above the character's head. The camera being inside of the character's head would be the best option artistically and functionally for driving vehicles. Thank you to the people at Systems Era Softworks for such a wonderful and inspiring game Please keep up your good work!
  2. So I loaded up the test planet, and decided to impose a challenge on myself: No using the resource plinth, or any byte below the given 100,000. Essentially, basic Astroneer gameplay. After setting up a decent starter base, I went to search for a cave system with better resources. After completely losing my sense of direction, despite placing a beacon and remembering which compass direction my base was in, I realized several things. The landscape was extremely hostile towards vehicles, even the buggy, due to how mountainous nearly everything was. I could not imagine how hard it would be to pilot a medium rover anywhere. Especially not through those forests. Beacons, which have an already debatable usefulness, were even less useful. The first thing to leave my sight was the beacon, and again thanks to the mountainous terrain, it wasn't very long into my trip. There are very few easy ways to not get lost when leaving your base. You could have the best possible memory, in which case, you're probably laughing right now. You could also make a tether system. While that's reasonable for shorter distances, longer ones just become extremely resource heavy, and can cause intense lag when placing or moving a tether connected to said system. (I once landed a solid state shuttle half the planet away from my base thanks to a misclick, and had to tether all the way back, so I am very familiar with the two seconds of zero fps that can occur. It had no impact on tether systems that were not connected to that one, however.) You could build roads everywhere. While that would work perfectly and fix most, if not all, of my listed problems, doing so in the first place would be extremely tedious. Note that I'm not complaining about the resource generation or "missing gameplay" as the description of the planet in the loading screen puts it. I understood that going in, and while it was a little annoying at times, I knew something would be done eventually.
  3. Hello. I have over 170 hours of playing Astroneer. I've even made some videos, and do enjoy the game. One thing I like about this game is how intuitive everything seems. Recently though, things in the game have become less fun, and I believe it has to do with Research. This game is not complete, which means that you don't have to pretend that it is, and try to make it more difficult to accomplish things in order to pad gameplay. It seems that they've intentionally made Research less intuitive such that it breaks the playability of the game. It's now impossible to bank on Research for anything. To illustrate my point, I'll tell you about my recent savefile experience. I've been playing for a few days, and I can't get off Terra. I have multiple bases around the globe, and I've scoured above and below ground for researchable items and they're not fun to find anymore. I dig under crystal rocks to find some, I pluck them out of trees, I've gone caving to pick up all I can find. I've gotten all that's reasonable to find in a first base, and this would be when I say "Screw it, I know there's way more on Luna or Exotic" and just up and leave to another planet. Here's where research is broken: It's randomly determined to not give me any type of Shuttle. I can't leave Terra when it makes gameplay sense to leave Terra. This is the #1 reason I can't say to people who haven't played Astroneer, "Hey, come play this game with me" and lead them through this game to show them why I like it. Research is effectively a hard stop for consistent enjoyable gaming. I can't promise my friend we'll do all the cool things I'd like to show them in a reasonable time frame. You just have to keep finding researchable items and hoping you'll get a technology that allows you to have more fun. There's no feedback: No "You have X items left to research" No "You now have a 1 in 100 chance to find the next Tech" Nothing except you now get a lot more random items from what used to get you something to have fun with. Interestingly enough, the research method you had when I started playing was MORE INTUITIVE than what you have now. You'd keep researching until you go to research and you got NOTHING: Getting Nothing meant you had researched EVERYTHING. That was fine. As it sits now, if I didn't already know from previous gameplay sessions that there was more stuff to research, I would stop wasting my time. The last 3 trains of research (Train being Truck with trailer and a total of 8 or 9 research items) have yielded no new research items. That's broken. If this was my first time, I'd say "I guess this is it" and stop researching and never get off the first planet! You've even made research items much more rare, so they're harder to find, drawing out the process more. Your game is otherwise SO AWESOME. Since it's just in pre-release and in development, please make research more consistent and not a chore. I encourage you to brainstorm an intuitive research system if not just return to giving things out until you quickly get everything. This game is NOT ABOUT RESEARCH. Don't make it a limiting factor in your game. It breaks it. We all know you will put in many, many more things to research, but that doesn't mean that you need to add artificial pacing to your research now to make it feel like there's some type of late-game content. There is no staging in a game where what you research is inherently random.
  4. So as I was digging through the forums looking for tips, tricks, cool screenshots and such. I happened to come across a series of posts that were higher in saline concentration that one would expect. We are all here because we are having fun with Astroneer. For a pre Alpha game it's oodles of fun. Part of that fun is the open ended quality it has no defined rules for winning. There is no one true way to play the game. Those people with the 10 fuel condensers and 3 trade stations as long as they are having fun..they are playing the game. Those people building micro bases all over Terran they are playing the game. Those people trying to mine Barren away they are playing the game. ect. Just because someone is having fun in a way different than you doesn't diminish your enjoyment of the game. If you don't like X game asset don't use it, but also please don't snark all over someone who does. There is always another person on the other side of the internet from you, Be kind to one another. Mike