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Found 1 result

  1. I know that each planet is going to have different types of weather system but I would to get into the effects and new stuff they can add into the game which uses the weather/storm. Storms should carry debris and research pods which when hits the astroneer should cause some damage, these debris and research pods could be captured by a new item - The Net - Researched for 1500 bytes Recipe - 1 Plastic and 2 rubber Built by - Medium Platform Can look something like this- Every time a storm hits the net should opened manually or the net should have a sensor which senses an upcoming storm and opens by itself which should also have a probability of getting a debris or a research pod like- Debris probability - 75% small debris ,15% medium, 5% large debris and the other 5% should have nothing in the net(bad luck). Research pod probability - 25% any research pod , 75% nothing The net can have other uses like used as a life saver/trampoline i.e. when jumped off a very large height the net should be able to catch the astronomer without any fall damage. The net should also have a rotating system(manual/automatic) so that it catches debris and pods to its maximum potential. Storms should boost the power generated by the wind vanes by 100% i.e. 2x power generation during storms and all the solar panels, arrays should stop working due to the storm, even all the other items should stop woking during storms while displaying "Paused due to storm" which can again be resumed later. Covering yourself(Astroneer) with a wall will not cancel the effect of storm on you, you are only safe in a habitat or a seat or by digging down to enter the cave system meaning that the storm will have no effect in caves. If you die during a storm , you shall loose some of the times available in your back pack. Storms can be of different types on different planets Sylva - Default storm Desolo - No storm Calidor - It should have a really strong sandy storms(difficult to see through) which carries huge amount of sand and if you jump it should also carry you for some distance, like reduced gravity. Vesania - Calm storms i.e. it should have clear storms but with very high winds, also the storm can contain some seeds of exotic plants which can be captured in nets, since Vesania is filled with rich flora. Novus - It can have those tumbleweeds in the storms which we used to have in the early access. Glacio - It should have a snowy storm which should cover you up in layers of snow if you stand in one place for a long time Atrox - The storm here should be a toxic fallout in a particular region which should contain toxic gasses and when you enter into it will slowly start to die, hence advised not to enter that region. If you guys have any suggestions or new ideas then please comment down