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Found 13 results

  1. Quick info: I'm using mouse and keyboard, I'm on steam. The first time I joined my friend online it worked out fine, and this is the first time I play the game outside of the tutorial, not even singleplayer yet. I could rejoin him the next few days and a few weeks in this starts happening. I rejoin him by going to the "Co-op" menu and clicking on his name then clicking join. The screen says "Loading the solar system" and after maybe 30 seconds it goes back to the main menu but this time there is no "Co-op" menu, only the first one. At that moment it says on the bottom right "session host "my friend's username". Then the top option on the menu says that I can join my friend, so I click it but it just takes me to the customization screen and so I go through it then it restarts me in my dropship and so I have to wait for my friend to come from Vesenia and pick me up. NEWLY DISCOVERED INFORMAITON: I just attempted to exit and rejoin my friend while writing this while he's working his way to get materials on Vesenia for a dropship to pick me up from Sylva back to Vesenia, and I found that while I was waiting on Sylva, when I exited and rejoined, I didn't have to restart. I personally think bug is because I'm on planet other than Sylva. Anyways, any help with this bug would be fantastic. I also found that joining my friend from the steam overlay (the shift+tab thing) it worked temporarily, but it returned to restarting.
  2. Sepehr Sanjari

    Session Not Found

    So I'm playing Astroneer on Windows 10 Store. My buddy is on the same platform and we can play BroForce and other games on the Game Pass all hassle free but no matter what ports we open/close/forward, no matter how hard we try, we always get Session Not Found on Astroneer. I've looked up a bit here and there and found that a lot of people are facing the same issue and have found no solutions. Any suggestions would be more than appretiated.
  3. I sad playing with my friend and sometime randomly he was seeing ground on places that I couldn't see the ground (I was the host), he couldn't dig the ground and my other friend couldn't see it too And sometimes he can't break normal ground too (I can see he breaking but for him the ground comes back)
  4. leoluk007 kp

    [Xbox] Co-op Lags

    Hey Community, On my Xbox and that from my friends is lagging by playing Co-op. If all 4 Players loot ressources it lags a lot with freezes. I know ist a big world and all Players has to be included to Change the Terrain, but ist unplayable online... only 2 Players are ok on one World. Please do smth.
  5. I wanted to play together with my friend, and so we started a game together. so after a while (2 min or so) i wanted to expand the base, but when i tried to expand it in my direction the pod expanded in the direction of the host/my friend. It didn't want to expand in my direction! Mouse and Keyboard Platform: Steam I tried to expand our base, and that's how i found the bug
  6. Benana

    online server

    Hello 1. sorry for my english-its not the best After playing Astroneer a few times, i got some ideas for the multiplayer funktion. There are two points that should be improved. At first id like to have an overview of the servers (we are invited to) we can create by ourselves like in minecraft (just for free). Also the servers should be online either the whole time or at least if someone is playing on this server. So the creator doesnt need to be online if someone else wants to gamble. The second point is about the "game statistics" (like our inventorys) of a server. Currently we "die" if we shut the game or leave our friends server, but i would appreciate it, if Astroneer would save our inventorys an lets us spawn at the same point we were while leaving without needing to select an additional astroneer when we enter a server the second, third,... time. I hope u understand what i mean and will put it into practice. Thanks for reading.
  7. If can choose to join the server, optimize the multiplayer online, a few official server I believe this would be better to play the game, or is too lonely, over is tired of all of the game, hope that the official can people online
  8. Alonsodann

    More players (?)

    Hi there. im new here and i'd like to give a suggestion. Maybe if you can, expand tha capacitynof players. Make that the game can be played by more than four players. See ya! Great game
  9. Imagine being able to visit certain planets and these planets would be social hubs where you can randomly run into anyone else who is also playing astroneer, on this planet you can build with anyone, explore with anyone even set up base together. Similar to a MMO. And if you so choose you can invite other players to venture out with you into a party system to visit other planets etc. Same aspect would work for multiple space stations floating in space (maybe being able to build your own space stations that people can visit and dock at) where you would dock your ship get off and walk around and meet new astroneers,NPCs, shop at the stores on board, use facility etc. This idea can be applied to any planet as well this way there will be multiple astroneers living on a planet giving the planets and the universe a more social vibe. There's is something special about wandering out alone and you come across another real actual player. This is my idea.
  10. In a saved game that is played coop, I would like to be able to rejoin game progress while the person who hosts the base is still offline. I would like to make improvements to the base even alone. This allows for smooth coop gameplay and progress
  11. When i try to join or accept an invite from my friend on Windows, it starts loading then kicks me back to the main screen. i have tried restarting an he did the same. the results still the same.
  12. (This is all from Xbox One Gameplay while in Co-op) - When digging out the large crashed rubble of space junk it starts freaking out all over the place in the middle of the air. - Cursor not showing up properly in the backpack, only when at specific camera angle it will show up. - Game Crashes when the host leaves. - While in a cave deep under ground during a storm the character acts as if he is on the surface. (Slow walking, hunched over) - When the game crashes and you load back into the world, backpack items are floating in the air as well as items on the players backpacks are floating behind them a few feet. Other than that we haven't really ran into anything else. Keep up the awesome work you guys! Really excited where this game will go
  13. When I played with my friends yesterday I noticed a few bugs that seem specific to online playing. Audio from using stations can be heard by other players even if they are far away. Only the host gets messages about research Extreme frame drops depending on how many people join. (aprox 60+ fps when I played alone, 30fps when playing with one friend and 15fps when playing with two friends) Players seeing different things. My friend saw compound that I couldn't see. I also attached an image of what my friend saw when he joined me right after I created a new world. The pod was normal for me but way up in the air for him (he still got oxygen from it though). These are the ones I've found so far. Cheers!