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Found 14 results

  1. So a couple days ago, my game started doing this weird thing where when I joined the game, instead of saying my Steam name as the session host, it shows my computer name. It also says that I'm offline in the update panel on the right. And yesterday, when I went to open my game, it said in Steam that it was already running, and the stop button didn't work. I had to force quit Steam using Task Manager, and then it would say it wasn't running. But both these issues are still going on, anyone know what the problem is?
  2. Me and my partner have been playing Astroneer through steam for about a week now. We are playing co-op, hosted through one of her saves. This morning, her game crashed to desktop which booted me to the main menu. Now, on BOTH of our games, we are stuck in "offline" and can not connect to eachother again? This is after validating the save files through Steam and also uninstalling/reinstalling fully on both of our computers.
  3. My astroneer is offline and i can't get any colors,costumes etc Please help
  4. My astroneer is offline and i can't get any colors,costumes etc Please help
  5. I'm trying to make sure this game has a feature before I buy it. I want to know if I can play this game offline via LAN without PS+. If this is not a feature nor will ever be, I'll move on. Otherwise, I'd like to know when this will be coming down the pipe.
  6. I have completed nearly all awakened achievements, i got achievements but no skins, cosmetics etc. Also i found one probe i inserted probe scanner and nothing happened, probe scanner just disappeared. I did Awakening challenges in multiplayer, 1 probe and 2 awakenings in singleplayer. My PC is running win 10. Please help, anything you know about it will help. I am playing with same skins for long time and i would like to customize my astronaut a bit.
  7. Hello, First of all I understand Linux isn't a priority as far as platforms go. But I wish to raise this recent issue to at least put it on your radar. After the Creative Mode update today my Steam copy remains in Offline Mode whereas with the Groundwork Update it was connecting alright. The effect it has is of course the suits/pallets/visors that I've unlocked are now locked again and my Steam friends are no longer showing up in the multiplayer tab. I've attached Proton's log. Of interest are lines 1167-1169: Unfortunately it overwrites the lo
  8. I'm on Xbox and after 20 minutes or so of game play it slows down to a 1/4 the normal running speed. It's boarder line unplayable. Backing out to the main menu solves the problem for a short time. The strange thing is, it has nothing to do with online play because I am offline.
  9. The game won't launch without a WiFi connection. Is there any fixing this? I can't find a solution anywhere.
  10. The game now will not launch in offline if you have bought on Windows 10 any sugestions (reply if u have same problem)
  11. It looks like i can only acces my saved game if online and i got this demo bug i already purchased the full game via the xbox pc store and i still got this message saying "you already used up your game time" im playing on win 10 pc I already got the full game but i still have this message
  12. Me and my brother would like tonplay this game together split screen i feel like that would make the game a lot funner and make it better to play with friends
  13. In a saved game that is played coop, I would like to be able to rejoin game progress while the person who hosts the base is still offline. I would like to make improvements to the base even alone. This allows for smooth coop gameplay and progress
  14. I love the game and obviously there will be some big bugs this early on, but I recon some form of offline coop wold beer awsome