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Found 5 results

  1. It would be awesome to see procedural water like the one in cities skylines. There also should be a way to make a source of water like in minecraft with the buckets. Submarines would be a way to get into the lakes, oceans and rivers and instead of building it at a vehicle bay, it should be made in a port.
  2. By having planets with Lakes and Oceans would add so much more to the game, you could create rivers, dams and hydro power. H2O could also be a new type of resource, and there could be the hazard of opening up a underground pocket of water. There could also be a new variety of water vehicles. Adding water could also open up the possibility's of farming !
  3. honestly, i think that one feature that this game could add is oceans and boats into this game. and ofc some undersea exploration and ancient monuments or smt like that. I would love to go around the planets to find monuments that contain like certain skills that could potentially help the astroneer to explore the world (such as improved batteries on the backpack, more backpack slots...etc) Also, monuments could also contain upgrades to the mining gun? I think that there could definitely upgrades that we can either craft or collect to help improve the stats of our fellow astroneer, u
  4. I thought it might be interesting if there where lakes or oceans with islands in the middle that you could swim to or make special platforms to build boats by them. I know this sounds impractical as the planets are quite small but if there was a good enough reward at the bottom of these oceans or on the islands it might just be worth it, there could even be sea creatures and ruins of spaceships. My only concerns - this might cause some lag when using the terrain tools as the water would have to flow in the gaps anyway it would help me if you guys could give me feedback, Thanks
  5. repro - make a truck, load it w/ seat, battery, wind thing, storage. Drive around and get lost for 40 min. Find base after circum navigating planet. Proceed to tip truck over irregular & unexplored territory. I drop 1000' to my watery death with a shit done of valuable stuff. expected - not to lose my body & truck to a watery death... actual - mysteriously bounce out of truck, start swimming, madly hit escape, result in my body in the depths and truck/death marker no where to be found.