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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there, love your game! I feel that the lighting, whilst being beautiful already, can be further complimented with some form of a GI system. Of course I'm not talking full specular & diffuse propagation, it could even be a lighting occlusion system. And due the the voxel resolution I feel that this is a viable path, and relatively lightweight to compute over frames. I'm just guessing. Currently the lighting occlusion system seems be to be biome based (Height or some form of concavity detection) which works great for ambient lighting, but IMHO the transition feels unnatural and inconsistent, and I feel that the gi system I proposed would help prevent these issues. Thanks for reading, keep doing the awesome work!
  2. hello! I accidentally drove my rover OVER my research bay and I can't get it off. PC/Steam Keyboard/mouse Rover had seat, windpower, solar power. Research station appears to be usable. I can get in and out of the rover, but wont' budge. uses power when attempting to move. A stuck feature would be nice or even a deconstruction option would be great to recoup a portion of the materials for either the station or the rover. I can't figure out how to take a screenshot in the game so sorry I can't provide one. Demolishing pieces of your base would seem like a good feature even without the presence of bugs. Just saying! Thank you and LOVE the game so far. can't believe this is just alpha!