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Found 13 results

  1. When I first started playing Astroneer, I came in late alpha. I came in at 0.10.5 and at this time the game was very diffrent in the way or getting research and earning bytes. If memory serves you could only research large objects in the research chamber, You could not research small objects or small exo objects. Only large objects. You could still scan the small research objects and get 20-30 bytes or so. But large research was the way to go. And small exo objects awarded 250-300 bytes. Now jump to 1.0.0 and the game changed massively, in all areas, but specially in the reseacrh department. Now ALL reseach objects can be used in the RSC, And doing so generally awrds you with 4x the bytes then scanning them. Ofcourse large objects can only be used with the RSC. And this is all fine and good. Untill you leave Sylva for the first time. You see as you explore and go to further planets, The amount of bytes changes per planet. The further you go, the more bytes you can get through research. Lets look at Desolo for a example. A large object can give around 750 bytes, while a small object nets you around 100-130 bytes. This creates a issue with the system, thats only noticable the further out you get. Planets like GLACIO. Once you get to Glacio, you will instantly see the issue. All small research objects that can be found in caves will give you around 350 bytes each. While some of the large objects can yeild 3,000 bytes. Here is the issue, The large objets take 30 to 44 real minutes to research in the RSC. And its not always going to be alot, most start out giveing 20-30 bytes Per minute or B p/m. But small research objects RESPAWN every 3 minutes. And these are EVERYWHERE! You will quickly learn that small research object are the bes way to earn alot of bytes very quickly. In the same time it takes to reseacrh one large object, you can earn 10.5-15.4 TIMES MORE bytes just by scanning small objects. If each small object is 350 bytes, and you collect three of them, you just earnd 1,050 bytes, wait 3 minutes they respwn, another 1,050 bytes. Thats 2,100, another 3 minutes, another 1,050 byets. You now have 3,150 bytes in 9 minutes. meanwhile the same amount from that large reseach object, still has 35 minutes to go before you have that full 3,000 bytes. If you keep scanning small objects, by the time the large object is done, you will have 15,750 ish bytes just from scanning 3 small objects every 3 minutes. I don't know about you, but if you ask me, thats broken. This basic trick reners the RSC and ALL large objects completely and utterly useless as soon as you have a small shuttle and a thruster. Because once you have those two things, you can go staright to Glacio, and start farming small RS objects. Now you're probably thinking, No i cant. I have no way of exploring caves. And if you are thinking this, you are 100% wrong. The game startes you out with a oxygenator, and its removable, and it fits in you're shuttle and can be taken off world. And you can gather compound and make tether bundles on sylva with relitve ease. So literally all you have to do, is take you're starting oxygenator, throu it on you're shuttle, grab some tethers, leave, go to glacio, land, drop teathers, find a cave, and start farming. Granted you will need a smelter, But thats ALL you will need. And you only need it to smelt 3 aluminum. 2 for he shuttle, and 1 for the thruster. So with all this out there, I honestly think ERA needs to take another look at research, Cause while I don;t mind being able to speed run through research, kinda defeats the purpose of LRSO and the RSC. So they could either reduce SRSO to give less bytes, make them no longer respawn, or significantly reduce the time it takes to research large objects. Something you spent bytes on, spent materials on, and spent time to aquire, should never become useless and obsolete. And thats exactly what the RSC is. Its only viability is early game, Only because RSO on sylva suck. Large objects = 350 bytes, small objects 16-60 bytes. If you have thoughts on this id love to hear them, Also ERA if you're reading this, dont kill me please.
  2. Bugs: Mouse/keyboard? Controller? Keyboard Steam? Xbox? Steam Bug 1: Large Platform B/Smelter Sinks What were you doing leading up to this bug? Setting up home base, smoothing out terrain with Ctl + Digging Tool (no mod) Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated. Smooth/flatten out the terrain. Place Large Platform B, with Smelter & two med storages on top. One storage was full of ceramic, the other was empty. Come back to it in about 30 mins to an hour (not sure if it's a timing thing) Use tool and "accidentally" carve a tiny bit under one foot of the large smelter. Re-smooth under the Large Platform B/Smelter (no mod, just with ctrl) Results: Everything sunk- cable came unplugged - All was lost to the 'Astro-Underworld' Bug 2: Full Med Storage Sinking What were you doing leading up to this bug? Setting up home base, bringing items back to the base, making med storages for resources. Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated. Had at least 1 full med storage with Zinc, 1 full med storage with Aluminum, 1 full med storage with Charcoal + some other stuff on med storages in an area together. Med storages were just on the ground (flat surface), they were not attached to a platform When the Smelter in bug 1 above sunk, it apparently decided to take some other unattached things along with it (they were close but at some distance from each other) Bug 3: New Tractor Sinking on a small mountain top What were you doing leading up to this bug? Drove the tractor up a small mountain trying out the new vehicle's handling of the terrain. Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated. Drive the tractor up a mountain Exit the vehicle on a mostly flat surface Gather resources near by and above the tractor Tractor either disappeared or sank (Character's back was facing the tractor at the time - the tractor was gone within a few mins.)
  3. When unpacking a Medium storage module (when the module is sitting on the Moon surface) causes the unpacked storage module to fall through the Moon ground and disappearing. The only way to avoid having it disappear through the ground is by picking it up (by left-clicking on it right after the unpacking animation completes, and manually dropping the unpacked module on the ground)
  4. Every time I try to pick up an object with two slots/attachments/things when it's attached to anything it plays the error sound effect. I was able to pick up a dropped researchable but after picking it up and dropping it again it stopped working. Hopefully I didn't explain this wrong.
  5. Summary: Glitch allows long distance interaction with anything. Description: Many people might be annoyed if this is fixed, but I am still reporting it. Normally you have to be close to objects like a research item, resource block, or a module that you can directly interact with to pick up or use them, however, I discovered that when you equip the terrain tool, you can pick up objects 50 ft. away (rough estimation), pull power cords out, and print objects. If this is fixed, it would be nice if there was an upgrade to the terrain tool to do this for a power cost. Platform: Steam Specifications: OS: Windows 10 home build 17134.165 CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Six-Core Processor 3.20 GHz GPU: Geforce GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5 RAM: Corsair 2x8GB DDR4 3000MHz Drive: 2 TB WD blue
  6. when you are on the game, you put your mouse over an object and click it, right? But with this bug, you do not get the blue ring like normal and you cannot select things either. Plz fix this devs.
  7. Could you please add a color option for vehicles and objects that are put on vehicles from the printer that like the drill head and medium+large+extra large storage parts for vehicles
  8. This is a bit of a strange concept, but what if there was a building system involving placing objects to be static, as well as a system or a tool that let you research natural objects (such as those big yellow pillars) and print them as a base material?
  9. So used vehicle bay to build a 3 man seat but it was on the shuttle and after it finished building i cudnt remove it same for crane built it on rover but its stuck wont budge when goto transfer it to something else also when useing the winch attachedthe hooky bit onto things but they wont move i end flipping the rover.
  10. Summary: - Steam - Can't exit space ship Description: After a two-player session, main player can't exit spaceship in next play, cause stuck objects under the main spaceship. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1607 CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600X Six-Core Processor 3.60GHz GPU: R9 290X OCII 4GB RAM: DDR4 16GB I'm not good with computers, so this is what i think i have (custom made by friend) -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. i read a lot of posts, the blog etc. i do not remember on which occasion, but i thing a developer itself mentioned the fact that within 3 hours exploring, over 1000 of objects are created and cause some performance issues. well i never did game play programming, but i did some core programming in my past, highest respect for the dev team. now what is this post about or its intention. yes many objects are created and some are hold active in memory, as one of you already mentioned, some need to deleted from memory, when not in range, for example on a different planet. now i am just curious how for example you store, you call them nuggets. the nugget has just a view parameters: color, appearance, load (1-100%), maybe resource type (if not connected to the color). when i attach a nugget to a storage module (only possible with nuggets which are at 100% exception it is a energie nugget), the energie nugget creates the requirement, that the entire object of the nugget is still active, the others do not. the storage module has 8 slots - if i attach 7 resin nuggets and 1 energy nugget, the storage module just has to hold, 7 IDs from the nugget types and 1 complete nugget with its current load for example 90%. currently it feels like, if i attach 7 resin nuggets and 1 energy nugget, and all objects are fully created in the memory, then the amount increases with every storage module i create and place. when the nugget object is destroyed when attached to a storage module and the nugget type is stored into the storage module, maybe some memory space is freed. i guess you dev guys already thought of that the storage module parameters: slots, appearance this sounds very simple i know, but from the programming view it is not. in general i like the idea of the enery nugget, maybe you can create an option or feature in the future to make them createable since batteries are either to big or too weak. i mean there is the big battery for the base and the small one for the astroneer. since you need 1-2 lithium for creating a battery, these are very ineffient. the big one works fine for the base, the small one fine for the astroneer, but in the moment, when you go underground, you only can recharge the truck or the rover with nuggets or a hugh amount of small batteries, when you run out of power. so the idea is split in two, one the ability to research and build a machinery were we can create energy nuggets and maybe an energy storage module which not automatically drains its attached nuggets if the battery runs low. the other issue is the amount of stones, so many stones, on some landing sights, the plants/gras is overwhelming. i had once such a landing sight, i felt at start more to be a gardner than an astroneer. i had to flatten the terrain and remove plenty of stones, before even thinking about exploring. i know the planet is autogenerated and the objects on it are randomized or at least follow some algorithms, but sometimes resource nodes, for energy, oxygen are placed somewhere in the air. looks funny. since the last version, it feels like the planet has grown, it is now even bigger than before. storms, storms are quite annoying, but make it interesting, but there are 2 things about the storm, first on some occasions the storm hits the landing sight so often, that you have trouble in moving forward or in exploring/expanding the base, second the storm hits the truck like a bowling ball, when you are in. happened to me many times, i fled into the truck and the truck was moved around like a ballon, even once i was tossed into a gap. yes there are strong storms, but the truck at least should withstand a little bit more
  12. I don't even know what is that plates, but they are just hovering there and when I dies, I spawn on them.
  13. First of all I had to say that even now the game is great, but we have to be honest : in a few hours we have seen 90% of the game. As you will see I think that the principal lack of this game is the number of craftable objects. Why ? Because we have all the vehicules/items in just a few hours. So here what my friend and I were thinking about : - More ressources !!! It's too easy to craft a spaceship - Extremely rare ressources only available on other planets ! - Alloys - More machinery, to extract more ore or to build a house and all the inside of the house, like a bed, a computer or whatever you could need in it. - Intermediary machinery to build some parts of the spaceship that you need to assemble later with the vehicule platform - The possibility to destroy platforms - Some lasers ! What for ? I don't know but lasers are always cool - The possibility to launch small satellites into orbit - A station in orbit where we could live, craft and go outside of the station to bring some new modules to the station - The station could be the only way to do some research, because we need to be into the void or something like that. About the difficulty : - I think that rare ressources should be hard to get, either defended by creatures to beat or because they are hard to find. Anyway the game has take a good start and has a huge potential, keep going guys !