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Found 4 results

  1. I was about to make another medium rover in my beautiful-as-heck underground base when a compound unit dropped into my vehicle bay. I thought I had actually placed it on the node only to see it drop in, but it's possible the cursor was jostled out of alignment and this ended up being a simple instance of failed collision detection (using mouse). FYI, this is a base I'd dug out. The floor is obviously uneven, and it's difficult to get some module platforms to stand in a way so their feet aren't buried in the floor. I also dug a hallway leading down (right) to a second hollowed-out space underneath, where more modules are set up and currently being powered. Unplugging and lifting the module made the compound accessible again (I couldn't click on it when it was inside the vehicle bay), but caused the other three to launch and bounce off the ceiling. Currently, all compound units are rescued and accounted for! Specs: Steam / Windows 7 SP1 i5 quadcore 3.10 GHz 16 GB RAM 1060GTX GeForce 3GBRAM Mouse/keyboard Only single-player thus far. Edit: this is Radiated, the third celestial body I have visited.
  2. Hi everyone! I hadn't played the game in a while, and I was thrilled to test the new version for research! I found myself in a weird situation where some of the materials I extracted were floating in the air... Fortunately, I could retrieve everything except for 2 energy --> see picture for that does anyone know how to fix this? I would hate to lose smth valuable or even worse, my rover...
  3. Hi guys! I was exploring a tunnel and I found twice the same object, a black and white marble --> see picture I thought it was an unidentified object, but it is not. There is no tag on them although I could bring them back to my base, and the research center doesnt allow me to start researching it. Does anyone know what it is or what it can do? Having both of them touch each other didn't do anything either... Thanks
  4. So, on a mining expedition a friend and I found this strange spherical artifact. Thinking it was something we could research, we hauled it back to base only to discover that the research machine didn't want anything to do with it. It can be placed on storage pads and I believe it takes up two nodes on the storage pad. I was wondering if anyone has ever seen this, I know the picture kind of looks like I photoshopped it in, I didn't, but I can provide more evidence of its existence if requested. Anyway, if you've seen it or know what it does I'd love to know. Right now we have just been playing soccer with it, but maybe it has a greater purpose. Thank you for your help! Stay safe and keep exploring friends!