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Found 7 results

  1. Storm The storm did today the most damage it could ever do. At the start i dug holes to store certain nuggets, to keep an overview and some order Finally, when i was able to build i the small rover, i went searching for researchables around the base. then i noticed the storm was coming, i looked around and boy was i glad, it was about to pass by, but it went over my base. when i returned back to the base, well there was nothing left, well the base was still there, but all the nuggets from the holes were gone. looked like the storm sucked them entirely away. Vehicles - Rover / Truck i mentioned in one of my postings before, the rover is way to under powered, when you connect a second rover without a storage module on it and put 2 researchables on it, the rover drives like a slug, low and slow. so tried not to put on the rover the big storage module, i feared that the rover becomes unmovable. on my 2nd game run, i collected resources and researchables till i got the big truck. first i drove around and the steering felt wrong, you must have changed something to it. it is hard to turn around or even make a small curve. well i tried to adapt to this weird behavior and then when i put the big storage onto it, the truck begun to behave like if it was on the moon. the more i put onto it, the more it felt like it defies more and more gravity on the starting planet. the truck skipped, launched like if i used a ramp, became more and more unstable. if you put on a truck a big storage module and put 4 researchables on it, the truck feels like it will start any second up into space. Nuggets Well they simply float around, sometimes, sometimes less. that is annoying and weird at the same time. it does not matter if you are on the surface or deep underground. one time i placed a few nuggets on the same spot, moved away and when i returned, the were scattered all over the tunnel, some on top, some on the wall and some just in midair. Tethers first the become a dangerous obstacle, when you drive to close to them, they tip over, when the ground is edited by you, but when you hit them with the rover or the truck they stop you instantly or tip the vehicle over. requires now wider corridors/tunnels to be dug or to put the tethers on the side wall or the top of the tunnel. Research The research feels like in one of the prior patches. it does not matter, i always got the most useless researches at start. just happy to have build the research station and found my first item and what do i get, the big shuttle, then the small shuttle, tons of filters, the open 3 seat, the closed 3 seat etc. the augmentations are the hardest to get, today after 3 hours play, i was only the research the new augment, the others i have not seen since patch 198, possible coincidence but at the moment i live, build and explore without them. Crash today i accidentally repeated the crash situation. when your big truck is fully loaded and the front and the back is a researchable connected and you drive near any build base item, in the moment you get in range for the connection of the vehicle with base object, the item not only falls off, the game crashes, especially when you have a found seat connect to the front. this also can be repeated sometime, when 2 trucks are towed together and you try to connect anything to the free place and the item snaps to one or the two places were the trucks are towed together. Habitat the habitat on the truck on the big storage module they do not fit, well yes you can connect them, but in the moment you do, the truck does a lift off or bounces around like a rodeo horse. Control of the Astroneer the issue here is the same like with the rover truck, sometimes it is hard to simply turn around. also there is this funny 360° turn. sometimes for some unknown reason the camera makes a twist and turn instantly 360° which quite annoying. for example, i try to move forward and suddenly this turn happens, when camera has returned to its correct position your Astroneer is facing the opposite direction and then you have to fight again with the controls to get your Astroneer back into the direction you intended.
  2. i build my base inside a case and closed the front part to be save from the storm, but looks like ghosts are present on this planet.
  3. After loading a save game i just saw this
  4. Dug a shallow hole on moon/barren, dropped 2 nuggest of compound into it, went back to terran, to pick up some resin, when I returned was unable to pickup the nuggets of compound, was unable to select or grab them. Single Player Game. Typical for steam to crash/maintenance when i want to post a pic.. but i'm sure the text is enough.
  5. i read a lot of posts, the blog etc. i do not remember on which occasion, but i thing a developer itself mentioned the fact that within 3 hours exploring, over 1000 of objects are created and cause some performance issues. well i never did game play programming, but i did some core programming in my past, highest respect for the dev team. now what is this post about or its intention. yes many objects are created and some are hold active in memory, as one of you already mentioned, some need to deleted from memory, when not in range, for example on a different planet. now i am just curious how for example you store, you call them nuggets. the nugget has just a view parameters: color, appearance, load (1-100%), maybe resource type (if not connected to the color). when i attach a nugget to a storage module (only possible with nuggets which are at 100% exception it is a energie nugget), the energie nugget creates the requirement, that the entire object of the nugget is still active, the others do not. the storage module has 8 slots - if i attach 7 resin nuggets and 1 energy nugget, the storage module just has to hold, 7 IDs from the nugget types and 1 complete nugget with its current load for example 90%. currently it feels like, if i attach 7 resin nuggets and 1 energy nugget, and all objects are fully created in the memory, then the amount increases with every storage module i create and place. when the nugget object is destroyed when attached to a storage module and the nugget type is stored into the storage module, maybe some memory space is freed. i guess you dev guys already thought of that the storage module parameters: slots, appearance this sounds very simple i know, but from the programming view it is not. in general i like the idea of the enery nugget, maybe you can create an option or feature in the future to make them createable since batteries are either to big or too weak. i mean there is the big battery for the base and the small one for the astroneer. since you need 1-2 lithium for creating a battery, these are very ineffient. the big one works fine for the base, the small one fine for the astroneer, but in the moment, when you go underground, you only can recharge the truck or the rover with nuggets or a hugh amount of small batteries, when you run out of power. so the idea is split in two, one the ability to research and build a machinery were we can create energy nuggets and maybe an energy storage module which not automatically drains its attached nuggets if the battery runs low. the other issue is the amount of stones, so many stones, on some landing sights, the plants/gras is overwhelming. i had once such a landing sight, i felt at start more to be a gardner than an astroneer. i had to flatten the terrain and remove plenty of stones, before even thinking about exploring. i know the planet is autogenerated and the objects on it are randomized or at least follow some algorithms, but sometimes resource nodes, for energy, oxygen are placed somewhere in the air. looks funny. since the last version, it feels like the planet has grown, it is now even bigger than before. storms, storms are quite annoying, but make it interesting, but there are 2 things about the storm, first on some occasions the storm hits the landing sight so often, that you have trouble in moving forward or in exploring/expanding the base, second the storm hits the truck like a bowling ball, when you are in. happened to me many times, i fled into the truck and the truck was moved around like a ballon, even once i was tossed into a gap. yes there are strong storms, but the truck at least should withstand a little bit more
  6. Building a structure on top of lying nuggets should push nuggets out of the way (horizontally if possible). What can sometimes occur is a nugget gets trapped inside the structure resulting in the inaccessibility of that nugget and a constant sound effect of a "tumbling" nugget. Test Specs: Platform: Windows 10 Version: (Experimental Version) (updated on 2/19/2017) Save Type: New Save (created in this version) Player: Host (as opposed to Client)
  7. i just patched the game, deleted all the old savegames and started over. landed, looked around, started collecting, found at first some compound, placed them near the habitat, moved to a resin spot, gathered it, returned to the habitat, all nuggets gone