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Found 4 results

  1. The first time I noticed this, there was a partial aluminum ore (lidite, or something like that?) in one of the "input" slots. It mostly wasn't an issue as I could use the rest of the slots. (Although when using all 3 slots at once, it ate 2 of my aluminum, only got 1) Thing is, it eventually tried processing the partial ore, and outputted a partial aluminum, effectively breaking the smelter permanently. While I have no clue what you would need to do to fix this kind of bug, could we get maybe temporary workaround? Maybe a keybind that will reset the state of whatever platform we'r
  2. During the experimental testing, i reported i bug. well the bug is a bug, but i found out what happened to the nugget and when it happens. it happens on the truck with the large storage compartment and storage module. what is required, you have the seat on the truck and one storage compartment and one storage module on it. depending on the option you have active on the suit, for example a beacon and no compound in the suit stored in, in the moment you take a seat one compound nugget will disappear from the storage of the truck. but it does not really disappears it moves into the sui
  3. Description: Poking at seeds first time, I put one down and it appeared to go half way into the ground. Then I picked it up because I could. After a little bit I noticed it was bigger than the other one while in the backpack. I also couldn't remove it; clicking that slot dismissed the backpack. After a few minutes or so it got big enough to start spiking and killed me. When I went to my body, the spiker was separate and no longer in inventory. Wasn't able to get this exact reproduction. While trying, I several times got shift-clicking the planted seed to become the "item in backpack fol
  4. Find there is to much abundance of resources... when i find aluminum in 2 minutes and its titled (rare) i disagree with it, possibly make rare things actually rare to find. or add different difficulties that govern less or more resource, still love the game though!!