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Found 1 result

  1. The Tox

    New Power (Nuclear)

    (This is inspired by SES’s statement ( may have been in a article) of having stuff based on achievements) So nuclear power. It’s been talked about a bit. Really it would be a large generator. See you could have an achievement that unlocks the LARGE GENERATOR. This allows you to have another way to power your systems. It would be a achievement that you would have to unlock every save. This keeps it from being overpowered. It would power your base using any resource, just ten of them. Depending on the quality( rarity) you get more time. It would power your base for 15 mins to 1hour. It would just provide continuous power ( until) it runs out. It’s basically the habitat’s power generator. It is a module that can either only fit on 1 entire side of platform c, on the entire large platform type a/b, or on the middle of platform type b. Similar things could be done with wind vanes and solar panels as this is just a large generator.