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Found 3 results

  1. Hey community and hey developers! I have some few suggestions and ideas I wan´t to share with all of you. I like my ideas but maybe anyone of you won´t like them, they are created with support of my opinion and style to play this lovely game. So please don´t hate if you see an idea you don´t like. I am a german so please don´t judge my grammar if its bad. "Unlock-tree" for the suits: You could unlock the new features with skillpoints. A leveling-system could be the right choice so you get an amount of skillpoints with wich you can unlock upgrades. But I am not sure about the system how you get new upgrades, somebody should think about this and make the right decision, I´m not smart enough to figure out a whole system Anyways, here are some few ideas for the unlocks. There should be more, maybe the community has some more ideas ... More storage spaces for the suit can be unlocked, the additional spaces would be on the sides and the bottom A jetpack would improve the way you explore planets or the environment in general, the jetpacks would use energy but it would come with an seperate battery that gets filled by the suit. If the battery is empty the battery from your suit would get used for powering the jetpack. We should think about the tools, of our suits, using the jetpacks energy. Maybe it should, maybe it shouldn´t. Let me know what you prefer! A longer connection to vehicles, shuttles or the base would be nice. This could be a useful unlock. The connections could deliver resources from you suit to storage segments on your vehicle or spacecraft automaticly. This would improve the mining or exploring missions/journeys. Upgrades that make your suit working in extreme weathers. I explain this in the "Others"-section. "Unlock-tree" for the base: Same thing like above, I´m not sure which system would be the best to use. Something like improved power management for faster power-delivery would make the base more high-tech and useful. Upgrades for the energy produceing gear for the base would make dealing with the base easy. Its a pretty similar point like above, but I think its still kind of different. If you could unlock larger base segments you can add bigger habitats or houses, bigger printers with which you can build bigger seats for cars or bigger storage segments. You´d also have a larger vehicle station so you can make bigger spaceships, shuttle. Building a spacestation by building station segments seperatly and deliver them to the station-construction-site, would be pretty special. So you see that you´d have more opportunities with bigger base segments! Observatories! I mean, I don´t have to explain why. Ideas for items: Having a beacon is nice. But how about placing a special one on a planet and getting information like how fast the planet is turning or how big its orbit is. This would make the space-nerds crying because of joy! The beacons should show the distance between me and the beacon. The first time I got to my "moon" I wanted to place some instruments on it for knowing how big its mass or its equator is. I would like to do this on all planets I visit for knowing in which world I´m living in. Binoculars. They shouldn´t waste a storage space, they sould work like your suit-tool: Press a button and use them. Maybe Telescopes would make sense. But on the other hand you could build one of the observatories I mentioned before. NPCs: New and rare NPC-races you can meet and trade with. These NPCs mabye have claimed planets and built villages, cities or tradeposts. A home-planet or a base on another planet with human NPCs would be cool. Especially NPCs could make the game more interesting. This is just a little pointing-out to something that could be epic and big. Others: More planets and sunsystems. Planets could get a unique profile like a very high or low temperature or special weathers so you have to upgrade your vehicles and your suit. Let us delete and move base-segments and stations. Its annoying that you can´t delete something after you have built it. Same thing for vehicle gear and the vehicles itself. I also would like to take off the gear and store it at the base if I don´t need it. So these are my few ideas I have after playing for about 11 hours. I hope some of you and especially the developers like what I have thought about. Tell me what you guys think about my ideas and inspirations. And finally some words to the developers: I really like what I´ve bought here! This game has such a huge potential and I am very happy that I have found this game because it is the game I have looked for for such a long time! Keep it up guys, you are awesome!
  2. Main Idea 1: PvP PvP combat is something I thought this game could use. If you look at the trello page, they'll eventually add server multiplayer support. I thought having weapons and such would be a fun add-on, but don't add any health bars, I like it this way. Weapon Smith: Have a weapon creator so that you don't just use 1 item in your inventory. Swords: There should be more uses for titanium than just tanks, so use it for swords. Add 1 titanium and 1 compound in the weaponsmith to make a sword. How you implement it to wield the sword is up to you. Guns: I don't think regular guns would fit this world, but laser guns most likely would. You could have multi-part guns that start out with a pistol, but you could add parts such as a scope, larger battery, silencer, etc. You would make this out of a battery, titanium, and compound. Mechas: Enter a vehicle that doesn't have any uses yet, but you can add a small drill, gun, or sword. Pretty much anything you desire. It could be bi-pedal or have wheels. It would be customizable in most ways. Turrets: If you've read anything in this then you'll guess what I'm going to say. A modular turret that needs power to shoot. You can place it anywhere and it tracks any players or monsters which is another idea that I will explain later. Main Idea 2: Buildings and Such Building: There should be ways to create your own building which is created with a room-maker or whatever you want to call it. You would start out with creating a platform, then on that platform, you add floors and more floors which are all made with compound or titanium, if you want more resilient or less resilient building materials. The floors would snap together and create a... floor. You would also have to create pillars before you add walls. Stairs would also be an add-on but customized by making every single step. That is my thought on building, rather than piling a bunch of dirt on top of dirt. Which brings me to my next idea. Multi-material Stacking: Instead of just shooting dirt, you could change the color of the material. Space Stations: This is a topic that I've been building up on. I think it would be very fun to make it so that you can build a space station that would be as customizable as a building. Miscellaneous Ideas NPCs: My friend has been bothering me about needing to fight monsters in the game. He said that it would make the game more interesting. Having aliens or other ways to die than spiky plants or fall damage. I also think it would be very fun to have aliens or whatever that drop items or fart rainbows, basically do anything. VR Support: Using either the Vive or Oculus make it so that you can have full room support or just sitting at your computer. Really, I don't care how you do it. Sleep: I think that you need to sleep after 16 in-game hours, and if you don't, you start hallucinating or something. You need to sleep in a habitat for 30 seconds so it isn't boring to regenerate your sleep meter.
  3. What better way to invest in your own settlement then to network with other NPCs from the same or other planets. Plus expanding your own settlement to house traveling merchants or companions would be a nice way to encourage people to actually want to go back home. These implementations would also make room for more achievements such as making a city for 10 or more NPCs or establishing 3 or more trade routes with other settlements. I guess the best way to start towards this path would be to add some interesting NPCs with programmable AI such as telling them to look for resources, make this building, or find more people to trade with. To go more in depth, these NPCs should be capable of learning what buildings you want by showing them things you've previously built or scanned from exploration: so perhaps you could call this some sort of blueprint mechanic. But this would be hard to do without some actual building mechanics which leads in to my next topic... Building mechanics are a must have! If you're looking for a specific style of building, perhaps the Terraria building mechanics with a 3D twist would fit pretty nicely. With the ability to flatten terrain, you can place floors and then walls and finally a ceiling with materials that you have collected or crafted. Before you place an item, it shows a preview. If you really want to get fancy, you could add some sculpting mechanics, not like the terrain tool, but perhaps more precise and smarter so you won't end up making holes in your building. And finally furniture or other kinds of decorations/utilities such as lights, seats, tables, etc. Sounds like a lot but I guess pre-built buildings would sound like a more practical solution and is bare minimum satisfying. I personally would be happy with that. And finally networking. This would be a great incentive to exploration because you can find new settlements with NPCs to trade with your own. With this, you can draw in resources, grow an economy, and bring the planet or maybe even the solar system to life. But how can one go about doing this? Well, I'm glad you asked! Setting up trade routes could be a breeze. First, the player would have to sign some sort of contract with the head NPC of another settlement. Then, you would have to craft signs that point and direct other settlements towards your own within a given time frame and that follows guidelines such as flat-wide roads and a sufficient inventory otherwise the trade is off and your settlement rep would go down thus discouraging other NPCs to trade with you. But what if your rep is too low? Don't worry, you could do tasks for these other settlements such as hunting and gathering certain resources or sending messages to other places. You could also increase your reputation by maintaining your own healthy settlement. The more happy NPCs, the higher your rep. You could also create even more settlements and throw them in to the mix. Just imagine looking down on your planet and watching everything come to life. But these are only end goals. I understand how hard it would be to actually add these features. Plus I'm not really sure if this would fit in to the style/theme of the game. In fact, I'm not entirely sure on what the whole idea is besides resource gathering and going to another planet. I hope this post gave you guys a good idea. Constructive criticism would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading!